Monday, August 12, 2013

Wash Your Hands

Over the course of the weekend I spent time doing food projects with both the oldest of The Grand Boys and with my 83 year old dad... the Diabetic, Bariatric, Geriatric, Blind Guy.

Let me tell you how it went...
  1. Made the 4 year old wash his hands... with soap. Yep, same for the DBGBG.
  2. Made the 4 YO rewash/resanitize his hands after picking his nose. Yep, same.
  3. Made the 4 YO wash his hands again after he went to the bathroom.  Yep, same for the DBGBG.
  4. Made the 4YO rewash his hands after licking his fingers.  Ditto.
  5. Repeat #4.  Yep, same for the DBGBG.
  6. Repeat # 3.  Yep, the same.
  7. Got the 4YO to at least keep on his Spiderman underwear when he decided to remove all of his clothing... You don't want to know. Actually, the DBGBG kept his clothes on. Yay.
  8. Made the 4YO rewash his hands after he had his hands down his underwear. Thankful the DBGBG didn't do that. Not thankful that he didn't wash his hands... but that he kept his hands out of his underwear!
  9. Made 4 YO keep one cupcake away from the ones for his birthday party after he licked the top of it and declared, "It's good!" Nope, didn't have to do that with the DBGBG.
  10. Had to wash the measuring cup after it was licked.  Yep, same for the DBGBG. (Well, it wasn't licked... but he kept reaching in the in cup to take out Rice Krispies to snack on... and licking his fingers... so the cup kept getting washed.)
  11. Had to clean up the floor several times during the process.  Yep, same for the DBGBG.
  12. Had to do most of the work.  Yep, same.
  13. The 4 YO stayed interested in the project longer than I thought he would.  Likewise.
  14. Ended up with a great finished product.  Yep, same for the DBGBG.
I only had to throw away one bowl of rice cereal due to a sneeze which landed on it... then I washed the bowl, the measuring cup, and the hands one. more. time.

The Grand Boy and I made Slime Cupcakes with dirt and worms. 

My dad and I made a giant Rice Krispie Bar with 84 cups of cereal... one batch at a time for the Angsty Teen's marching band dinner.

Those kids ate the whole thing... and, as of yet, there haven't been any reports of anyone getting sick from eating our food... so that's good.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm crying laughing at this.
    You must go through a lot of soap...