Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Little Squirrely

Everyone in my family loves squirrels...

Well, sort of.

Kati loves to hate them.... because they are wild beasts. She's not a fan of those things.

I love to see them from afar... because I dislike rodents of all shapes and sizes.

The Stern German would love to be out in the woods shooting them. I guess they taste like chicken.

The dog would love to be chasing, catching, and dismembering them.

The Angsty Teen? Well, that picture of the white ceramic squirrel was a Christmas gift to her from Kati. That child, the Angsty Teen... not Kati, loves squirrels.

She would love to romp with them in the woods... or in our yard...
Yes, both the Angsty Teen and the dog were watching the same squirrel...

Maybe the Stern German should've put a hand on the Angsty Teen's shoulder to calm her down and hold her back...

Down, girl. Stay.

Have you seen the movie Rat Race? This clip makes me laugh out loud.

Maybe someday the Angsty Teen will be a Squirrel Lady... Dang, I hope not... someone's gotta take care of me in my old age... and I'm not living with squirrels.


  1. haha this doesn't surprise me, but ew..I hate squirrels!

  2. My favorite part of Rat Race!! I'm the same as the Angsty Teen, I love them. My mom feeds them organic nuts so they sit on her windowsill staring into the house and wait for breakfast every day. If she leaves the door open, they come in the kitchen looking for food. They're little pets at this point.