Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friday with G-ma

Last Friday I spent most of the morning with The Grand Boy who just turned two years old.

I didn't think he would want to get out of the car and leave his brothers, his cousin, and his mom to come be with me...  BUT I WAS WRONG! He was so excited to come be with me! Yay! He likes me!

And the baby? Well, he's only one, but when he figured out that his brother was coming to play with me and he wasn't getting to come along... he started to cry...
No, I didn't take a picture of him on Friday... but he did look just like this!
They think I'm fun!

How did the two year old and I spend our morning?

We sorted rigatoni that I had dyed the night before:
I was surprised at his level of concentration... He pulled out all the red and orange ones.
We read lots and lots of books. We did the same truck puzzle over and over again.

We found a digger at work to watch, and we walked by the firetrucks at the station:

We ran to Walmart for Reese's PB cups and brownie mixes...
We made one brownie mix, laid down a row of the Reese's PB cups... minus the two he bit into... covered all that with another recipe of brownie batter and baked. Delicious.

Too bad there's not a future for this boy in turning pro in the area of unwrapping Reese's PB cups...  He is totally gifted in that area... and look at the great stacking job he did in the bottom left picture!

I taught that boy how to crack eggs... I showed him how to tap an egg on the counter and use his hands to open it up.

He got the cracking on the counter part... but then he held the cracked egg over the bowl and crushed it in his cute, chubby, little hand... And there weren't any eggshells in there... go figure. I'm sure I wouldn't have the same luck if I tried it that way!

I don't think I impressed his mom though... She said that he cracked an egg for her yesterday... at the grocery store. Oops.

Obviously MARvelous

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  1. So cute! Looks like you two had a fun day. Those brownies sound delicous