Friday, September 6, 2013

HIgh Five for Friday!

Once again, it's Friday... seems to come around every so often, doesn't it?

Here are the five highlights of my week:

1. The Angsty Teen had her first day of school!
I really love public education.

Those aren't her real school clothes... she has band...
We leave the house at 6:15 am for marching band... dang.
This is what it looks like outside at 6;15 am!
2. I made lots of delicious food...
Clockwise from top left:
1. Cheese/hummus Happy Hour tray
2. Fresh salsa and a fresh-squeezed lime margarita
3. Pork fried rice with lots of veggies!
4. Mostaccioli with roasted cherry tomatoes
(and freshly grated Parmesan... and delicious, crusty bread... and a bottle of red wine... yum.
3. The Angsty Teen decided how she is going to wear her hair for picture day today...
She's sexy and she knows it...
Just kidding.. I think she was curling her hair and had it clipped up to curl the bottom layer. Such a good look.

4. I get to spend my Friday morning with this guy! 
He might be coming to G-ma's to play every Friday morning!!!
He's the middle of The Grand Boys. His older brother goes to preschool... (He's four years old)... his younger brother (who is one) usurped this boy's position as baby of the family when this guy was one... So I'm thinking he needs some special time where he is top dog.

5. I brought this chair home! 
It's a pretty great chair.
The Stern German bought himself a new toy a few weeks ago... so I decided that fair is fair... and this needed to be mine! The Stern German concurred... He hated the wicker chair that was falling apart... Works for me.

Those are the high points of my week.

Tomorrow we spend the entire day at two different marching band competitions in the Twin Cities.

It will be a long day... but the good news? We will get to eat at a great Thai restaurant that we discovered last year.



  1. I LOVE that chair! Glad you got to bring it home :) And yay marching band! I met my husband in marching band lol