Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I just got back from our high school's homecoming coronation (I was disappointed when I realized it didn't have anything to do with a Corona Nation... but that's another story.)

Anyway, here are the five highlights of my week:

1. I get to spend my Friday morning with the middle of The Grand Boys again.
Last week we watched trucks, skid loaders, and conveyor belts
at the Birdseye corn plant for an hour and a half!
2. The Angsty Teen is finally back to doing her eye exercises to help w/her concussion headaches.

3. I was able to make it to the monthly cooking class... I love going there.
I made Stuffed Pepper Soup... so good!
4. It's homecoming in our town! Today's the parade, a BBQ, and the football game.
Every year farm boys drive their big tractors to school... but this really made me laugh...

5. The Stern German is going out of town for the weekend.
It will be a little quieter around here... except I still have to take care of his dog. Dang.
Yes, I might miss his cheerful countenance.... but then again...
Hope you have some fun things planned for the weekend. I have another marching band competition on Saturday... so I think the weekend will be over before I know it... and then the Stern German will be home... yay.


  1. Visiting from High Five for Friday - that stuffed peper soup looks amazing! A cooking class sounds so fun. Have a great weekend :)

  2. OMG that soup looks delicious!
    Just found your blog!!
    now I am following!
    looking forward to reading more!!