Thursday, September 5, 2013

Picture Day

Tomorrow is Picture Day for the Angsty Teen.
Around these parts it seems like Lifetouch has a monopoly on that business. Maybe they do everywhere.

The Angsty Teen is concerned about this:
Really? She's never cared about the actual lump... but now she's concerned about the incision? (It looks a lot better than that now anyway!)

I told her to turn the other cheek... and not worry... There are always retakes in a few weeks.

Over the years I've learned a few valuable lessons when it comes to picture day. I'll share them with you:

1. Let your child wear whatever (within reason) he/she wants to wear.

It's their picture. You want them to like it. When they are younger you can steer them toward the shirt/top you think would look best on them. As they get a little older you have to choose your battles... and I learned a long time ago to let this one go.

2. Don't try any new hairstyles on picture day.

This is an important rule for girls. If you have the urge to curl, braid, etc. give it up. It won't turn out the way she wants... just keep it simple.

3. Have your child practice smiling... just a couple of times.

This was an important one for the Angsty Teen when she was little. She used to smile for any and all pictures by sticking her front teeth behind her bottom teeth. Not a good look.

4. Don't stress out.

It'll all be fine.

5. Don't give an opinion on the pictures when your kid brings them home.

I've learned that it really doesn't matter one bit what I think of the pictures when they come back. What matters is that my kid likes the pictures. So when she walks in the door and shows me the pictures I never, ever, ever say that I like them or that there's something wrong with them.

I just ask her what she thinks...

And the good news here? The Angsty Teen is overflowing with self-confidence. She always likes her pictures and thinks they are great. So... then I like them too.

Who am I to argue?

The sticky-out hair, the goofy grins, the Justin Bieber shirt all make for unique, memorable pictures...

Besides... there are always retakes.
Obviously MARvelous


  1. I don't think the incision looks bad at all, and if its healed even more than the pic she will be fine. Lifetouch has a monoploy here too. I never buy school pictures becuase they are boring and not very good quality and over priced.

    1. My girls have pictures next week and I already have anxiety about it. haha

  2. Haha I love that she has so much confidence, she's probably going to stick the scar towards the camera on purpose!

  3. Lifetouch used to have a monopoly in Chicago too but now there is another one called HR Imaging and they have so many options form different backgrounds to, names added, to touch-ups that it can cost a small fortune from them.

  4. Thanks for the tip ;-) The girls brought home simply beautiful pictures the past years, but they are still little. Hope there won't be too bad battles later on ;-)