Saturday, September 21, 2013

Say a Little Prayer

I don't usually blog on Saturdays... but this is the day I'm taking the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy to his 65th high school reunion dinner.

He's all gussied up and ready...
And, I'm nearly ready... well, as ready as I'll ever be.

 I'm hoping that some of you will see this and keep me in your prayers... You could pray for:

  • headaches to stay at bay for the Angsty Teen... and me
  • marching band to go well here in town for the Angsty Teen
  • my sadness at missing this fun band day
  • large bladder capacities
  • frequent restroom sightings
  • tires that stay full of air (one was nearly flat yesterday... so it could be a bit tricky)
  • tanks that stay full of gass
  • pants that stay dry
  • blood sugars that stay normal
  • wheelchairs and walkers that don't malfunction
  • wardrobes that don't malfunction
  • good conversation
  • that a fine time will be had by all

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Love your sense of humour - think you are going to need it during your day ...