Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Payback

That drive I made last weekend to take my dad up to his 65th high school reunion? Well, the town they had the reunion in is the town my paternal grandparents lived in throughout my growing up years.

We visited them about once a month... I loved that town. 

It always seemed like a long drive up there... probably because it was... it was about a five hour drive.

Here are a few things I remember about the drive:

1. My brother coming over on to No Man's Land (the middle of the back seat) and bugging me.

2. Getting car sick and throwing up... should've aimed it towards him.

3. Telling my dad I had to go to the bathroom... but not getting to stop forever!

4. Never, ever, ever getting to stop to see Paul Bunyan's Sweetheart.

That's Paul Bunyan's Sweetheart in the picture above. When I was growing up I LOVED that statue. I always wanted to stop and see her... and at that point we were just an hour from grandma's house... so my dad would never stop.

Or maybe it wouldn't have mattered where we were in our trip. He didn't want to stop... so we never stopped.

And I mean... never.

Sometimes we'd be driving through her hometown of Hackensack and my dad would distract me by calling my attention to something on the other side of the road.

Sometimes he'd act like he was going to stop... and then keep going.

Sometimes he just acted like he never heard me ask if we could stop.

So now as an adult I stop there every time we go through that town. My children beg me not to stop... but I stop anyway. I love that statue...

So... yes... we stopped there on the way up to the reunion... because I was driving... because I wanted a picture with my friend...
Bonding with my friend...
And because maybe it felt good just to even the score a little, tiny bit...
Probably the only picture EVER of my dad with that statue!


  1. Hahaha! I love that you stopped anyway. Being an adult means you get to win :)

  2. haha that's funny, now that you are the driver you get to stop every time :)