Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Been so busy... Lots going on,
Haven't posted all week long.

Caretaking parents, teen, and dog,
There's been no time to write this blog.

Worked hard to get the house cleaned up,
I even spent time with that damn naughty pup.

Filled the garbage... Purged and chucked,
The stuff you wanted? You're out of luck.

The Stern German left the state to hunt,
There is no one here to scratch and grunt.

A good friend visited for a night or two,
There was fun to be had & lots to do.

Then I packed up clothes and grabbed some money,
We're heading off to someplace sunny!

The Angsty Teen is my traveling buddy,
She's definitely not a fuddy duddy.

If she gets lots of snacks... We'll both be lucky.
Because then this trip will be fun....and not sucky.


  1. Ahhh...where are you headed? Take me with you...I need SUN!

  2. haha I like your rhyming skills :)