Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forging Ahead

My parents wanted to pull some money out of an annuity which was in my dad's name. The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy has a tough time signing his name... but it can be done.
Because of my dad's blindness my mom requested all of the paperwork, made sure it was completed and signed, and submitted it.

When the envelope came which should have held the check my parents were waiting for... it contained a letter instead.

The company stated that since my dad's signature looked so different on the withdrawal papers from his original signature 35 years ago that they were not sending the money at this time. The company said that my dad would have to sign the paperwork again and get his signature notarized.
My mom was not pleased... her angry, indignant rant went something like this:

We need that money. It was supposed to have been here by now.

Why would they not think that was his signature?

Do they expect a blind 83 year old who had a stroke to be able to sign his name like he could when he was 50? 

What are they thinking? I'm so angry with this company. 

Now you're going to have to take him to get this done.

Dad needs to get his signature notarized. 

You don't need one more thing to do.

How will you do that? Where will you go?

This is making more work for you... more work all because they don't think that's his signature!

She went on... and on... and on.

To which I responded:

  • The money will get here.
  • It's okay... you don't have any major expenses right now.
  • I'm sorry it didn't get here.
  • I'm surprised they had an issue with his signature.
  • It's okay... we'll get it taken care of...
  • We'll find a place to get his signature notarized... Maybe over at the nursing home office someone is a notary. Or, we could just go to the bank and have it done.

I told my mom that I was really surprised that this company didn't think it was my dad's signature when it was.

I mean... yes...  his signature looks a lot different than it used to, but it still has the same characteristics of how he makes his letters and crosses his "t".

My mother looked at me and said, "Well, I guess they didn't think it was his signature... because I signed his name... but I did a really good job of copying his handwriting."

Yeah, well.... apparently, you didn't.

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