Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun in the Sun

The Angsty Teen and I made it safely to Los Angeles last week.  And, Friday was nearly over before I realized it was Friday and that I hadn't blogged!

Here's what I would say have been the top five things we did while the Angsty Teen was in LA with me:

1. Venice Beach
It was a gorgeous day when we were there. When I was in that area the next day it was foggy & chilly.
The Angsty Teen was finally convinced to take her shoes off... "I'm just not a beach girl." Well, trust me... the sand you've been on in our town is nothing like this.
Don't you love her white feet from marching band?
2. UCLA Philharmonia
This is what the Angsty Teen chose to do. She's pretty classy.
3. Hollywood Walk of Fame
In case you can't read this... it's John Stamos' star. No, he wasn't on my flight eating yogurt, so that's unfortunate.

4. A little bit of shopping...
This was the view from the shopping mall on Hollywood Blvd.

5. A lot of hot tubbing!
The hotel's website never mentioned a hot tub!!!!
The Angsty Teen and I had a pretty great time in the Los Angeles area. The time went quickly and on Saturday morning I got her to the airport and checked in for her flight home.

She didn't think she should miss school/band this week... which I understand. Soon Kati will fly in for her big Jeopardy! adventure.

And. I'm. still. here. Woohoo!

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  1. Looks so fun! Bummer about missing Mr. Stamos on the flight ;) Your daughter is going to be on Jeopardy?!? So cool!!