Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long, Long Days

I haven't written a blog post since last Friday. I had a great time with my girls over the weekend. Kati and I watched the Angsty Teen's marching band and the three of us spent the night together in Sioux Falls... but now, the night away doesn't even seen like it happened.
Sioux Falls, baby!
As of today... it's been three years since we moved my parents to the town where we live.

It has been a long three years in many ways.

Well, I guess the days are long... but the years are short. Yeah... the days are unbearably long sometimes.

In the past three years lots of thing have changed in our family...
  • Kati graduated from college and found a great job.
  • The Angsty Teen went through junior high and is in her second year of high school.
  • The Stern German has mellowed out a little bit more. 
This week I've been feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed. I've been hating my life just a little more each day...

I know I need to be more purposeful about taking time for me... but... that's easier to do when no one is home... and by the time I get home from being with my parents, sometimes there's only 30 minutes until the Stern German gets home from work... and then 20 minutes after that I have to head out to get the Angsty Teen from school.

And then everyone is home... and there's always so much work to do in my own home.

Between doctor's appointments, grocery runs, physical therapy appointments, banking, etc... I'm feeling kind of swamped.

Oh, and I have to buy my mother's pee pads at Walmart.
I'm not a fan of going through the checkout with those... or walking around with them in my cart... and it always helps if the Angsty Teen is with me and she shouts out some comment about if those are the right pads for me...

Things will get better again... they always do. It is good that they live here... I think it would be even more difficult if they didn't... yeah, we'll go with that...


  1. You are such a sweet daughter for taking such amazing care of your parents all while trying to take care of your husband and daughters. I still love that saying...the days are long but the years are short. Hang in there, mama! Pour a glass of wine and give yourself at least 5 minutes peace each day!!

  2. Ohhh angsty teen - really though, your life would be so much more boring without her, she's a gem. Me time = wine time. That should relax you.