Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Hundred and Thirty Dollars

Dang. That's kind of a lot of money.


I mean, it's not... in the scheme of life... but it is... in the realm of my everyday life.

Do I spend it? It would make my life so much better... but only for less than 24 hours.

Well, having written that out... I'm thinking... no.

Here's the deal... a few days ago I wrote about the exciting travel opportunity that awaits me later this week in.... wait for it............. Sioux Falls.

I mean, really, who wouldn't want to go to there? Okay, if we're being honest... me. I don't want to go to there. Except... that the Angsty Teen's marching band is performing there this weekend in competition.

Yep. Parade at 8:45 IN THE MORNING. THEN... a break until we perform at 3:15 in the field show competition.

Oh, yeah... that's not all... the top ten bands from the afternoon competition get to/have to perform/compete in the evening competition.

I will go to the parade... oh, wait... in case you forgot what the weather is going to be like... let me refresh your memory..
Well... actually... now? The weather is supposed to be MUCH nicer...

Oh, hey... that's actually improved one more degree since I last checked! AND the chance of rain that had been 60% and had jumped to 70% as of this morning? Woohoo! That's down to a 50% chance!!! AND the wind??? Well, never mind. That's a little worse than what I saw on the forecast a few days ago... except, really? It was up to 27 mph as of this morning... so I guess it's improving.

My thoughts were that it would be great to head to Sioux Falls on Friday. The Stern German could get the Angsty Teen out the door to the buses at 4:00 AM on Saturday...

I could get a decent room on Priceline for probably $55.

I would get a good night's sleep... and be there bright and early for that wondrous parade.

Then I had a fantastically, amazing idea. Why not book a room where I am already staying on Saturday night with Kati and the Angsty Teen?

I mean... I wouldn't have to check out of the cheaper rate hotel at 11 am... and wait to check into the Saturday hotel until 3:00...

What? I just checked the website for that hotel... Check-in time is at 4:00 PM??

I would have a place to go when the rainy, cold, miserable parade ended at 10:30... and I could stay there until the field show competition started... at.. well, it starts earlier, but we don't perform until 3:15.

So... is it worth it to spend $130 for this? Or, is it worth it t spend $65 more than I was possibly willing to spend to go to Sioux Falls on Friday night?

Who knows? Definitely... not me. I know if I didn't go... it would save money...  but does that saved money actually stay in any account???? Hmmmm.... what to do, what to do.

Any advice for me?

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