Thursday, October 31, 2013

Too Much

I know that my days are too busy. I have way too much crammed into each hour... but I'm not sure how to fix that problem... or if it can be fixed.

There are too many people needing too many things from me too many hours of each and every day.

And there's kind of a huge price for getting to get out of town last week... so many things that need to be caught up on.

Yesterday I woke up at 6:00 am to pack the Angsty Teen's lunch and drive her to school... and she had a debilitating headache. After much deliberation I finally ended up sending her back to bed for an hour.

Thought I might try to get a little extra rest... but, after I laid down and started to relax I received a text from the Angsty Teen... who was upstairs resting... wanting me to email her band director that she wouldn't be there for the brassline practice before school.

I was wide awake at this point...

What else did I do that morning?

I finally got the Angsty Teen to school.

I called the Ford dealer in town about a leaky tire on my parents' car and set up a time to drop it off.

I called the oral surgeon's office to make an appointment for the Angsty Teen 's consultation appointment for her wisdom teeth extraction. Set up that appointment and one for the actual procedure.

I called the dental office where we go and set up two appointments for my mom to have a crown prepped and seated.

Phone calls like these just eat up so much time.

I took my parents' car into the shop and lined up a ride back to their place where my car was.

I took my mom to a doctor's appointment... and it took roughly two hours.

And, this was all by 11:00 am.

No wonder I'm exhausted. No wonder I'm overwhelmed. No wonder I haven't had time to blog.

Maybe next week will be better....


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  1. You must sometimes feel like escaping in the middle of the night. If you ever do and need a partner in crime, let me know.