Monday, November 4, 2013

No Extra Sleep for Me

Saturday was the start of Daylight Savings Time. "Fall back" and "Spring forward" are the phrases I use to remember which way you set your clocks.
The Stern German can nap anytime... anywhere. It's a gift.
So imagine how excited I was that I was going to get an extra hour of sleep! Woo hoo! I love sleep.

The Angsty Teen had a sleepover with the other mellophone players. She hasn't done a sleepover in months and months because of her headaches, her meds, and her need for tons of sleep.

(READ: She is always at home.... always... Did I say, "always"? Because, I really meant... ALWAYS!)

She was excited about the sleepover... and so was I. I would have a quiet house in the evening, the Stern German would go to bed pretty early, and I could get to bed early myself... and because of DST I would be in bed a whole hour before I thought I was in bed.

At midnight (or really 11:00 pm) I was finally crawling into bed... face washed, moisturizers applied (Remember, I'm aging at a rapidly alarming rate... been 50 for nearly a year!), teeth brushed and flossed, pillows arranged perfectly... and then I quickly checked my phone before I laid down.

There was a missed call from the Angsty Teen... and a text message.

She wanted to come and get her tennies. What? At midnight? NOW you need your tennis? Nothing good ever happens after midnight when you have a group of teens... that's what I've heard.

I called her back. She was already at the door... waiting for me to come and let her in the house.

I opened the door... and five teenage girls spill into my darkened living room... And that room stayed darkened since I didn't know there would be anyone but my own teen at the door and I answered the door in my jammies... with no bra on... Nobody wants to see that business. (Well, okay, somebody does... but he was asleep.)

The girls had been out chalking cars... and a police car had been following them around town for a while... so they drove to our house. Such a good idea to lead the cops here...

Apparently the girl who was driving had too many passengers... so the girls were nervous about getting pulled over...

Anyway, the girls pulled up into our alley and the police car waited for them at the end of the alley. In other words, the po' po' were in the 'hood. (I'm pretty ghetto...)

So, (I'd say "to make a long story short" but it's already too late for that...) I drove some of the girls in the Angsty Teen's car back to the house where they were staying.

Then, I was back home getting ready to get into bed... and the Angsty Teen sent me another message. One of the girls couldn't find her phone. Could I go check by the front door?

There was no phone by the front door. So I decided I would go back outside and check the Angsty Teen's car. No phone.

I called the Angsty Teen to tell her I couldn't find the phone... and as I'm talking to her... I look down and see a glimmer of a white iPhone in the leaves next to the car.
This is what it looked like in the light of day.
That girl is lucky I didn't run over the phone when I pulled in or out of the parking spot a few minutes earlier.

I took the phone out to the girl.

So by the time I got to sleep... it was already after 1:00 am... so... no extra sleep for me. Dang.

But I did get mentioned in a tweet which was favorited by several of the Angsty Teen's friends:

I think the Angsty Teen and I need to have a chat about a few things...


  1. Wow you are a nice mom! Pretty sure my mom would have said that we can get the phone tomorrow and to leave her alone haha

  2. Haha! You are such a good mom!! At least they can turn you, right? Better than them getting into trouble with nowhere to go!