Friday, November 29, 2013

Not Part of the Plan

Thanksgiving with my parents went off without a hitch. My dad was positive he could make it up the stairs... and I wasn't so sure... but he did it! The Stern German had built a ramp that he was ready to pull out of the garage, but he didn't have to get it.

The meal was delicious. No one fell. No pants were shat. But, I realize, looking back, that a comment I made on Stephanie's blog yesterday... was ill-timed... or prophetic?

I wrote: My Thanksgiving is shaping up to be fine. Pretty sure there'll be some arse wiping... but as long as there's no one falling or dying... it's all good.

Well, no one fell... but...

The Stern German and I took my dad back to my parents' place while the Angsty Teen hung out with my mom at our house. Then we came back for my mom. The Stern German helped me get my mom home and then he went home... just as the Angsty Teen was coming over to bring me home. (I had told her to give me 15-20 minutes because I was going to help my mom change their sheets. The Angsty Teen didn't actually hear me say how long she should wait... so she came a little early... which was good.)

On her way out of the garage door, the Angsty Teen stopped to pet the dog... her beloved dog... that we've had since she was a preschooler. He was having a tough day... he has had those lately... but he always rebounds and is fine the next day.

Well, between the time the Angsty Teen left the garage and the time that the Stern German drove into the garage... a time span of ten minutes at the most... our dog took his last breath.
It's been a pretty sad evening around here. The Stern German and the Angsty Teen loved that dog tremendously.

I liked him a little... okay, probably way more than a little...

But, on a positive note, he went pretty quickly. He didn't suffer. He died quite peacefully. We didn't have to make any decisions about putting him down.

He was a great pet for the Angsty Teen. He loved her unconditionally.

He was the Stern German's best buddy. That dog loved the Stern German whole-heartedly.

Now, who will jump for joy and bark in enthusiasm when the Stern German drives into the garage after work?

I'd better step up my game.


  1. I saw a tweet last night that made me suspect this had happened :( I'm so sorry to hear that you lost such a special member of the family!

  2. I am so sorry to hear :( I really hate how short of a time we get with our beloved pets. My childhood dog died when I was the Angsty Teen's age. I was heartbroken, I'm sorry she's experiencing the loss.