Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweet 16 Recap

Thanks to those of you who wished the Angsty Teen "Happy Sweet 16!" yesterday. She hasn't actually read that post yet... but she will...& maybe I'll let her thank you on the blog... then again? Maybe not.
So many red velvet and white cupcakes....
Here's a brief recap of that girl's big birthday weekend...

Thursday: Indoor Marching Band Concert
She had to be at school around 5:00 pm and left with me for home around 10:00 pm.

Friday: Indoor matinee and evening show
She was at school around 6:30 am.The band performed most of the Indoor show for the elementary/middle school students in our town in the morning.

The Angsty Teen had a full day of school... then she had to be back by 4:45 pm to get ready for the evening show. There was an "after" party and got she home around 1:00 am on Saturday.

Saturday: This was another full day.
The Angsty Teen slept in a little bit... but had to be at the high school for Science Olympiad by 9:00 am. She thinks she is a science fiend.. Don't you have to be a detail-oriented person to be good at that sort of thing???

Anyway... she was able to rest a bit Saturday afternoon... and she had to be back at school by 4:45 pm to prep for the last show.

After the show there was a party at the school for the whole band. I had baked more than ten dozen cupcakes for this event!
And a few frosting shots for those that can't have gluten...
After the party the Angsty Teen went to a nearby town with people from her section to eat at Perkin's.

She arrived home around 2:30 am Sunday morning. She slept in. I picked up the cake my mom had wanted me to order... and then we all had Sunday dinner with my parents. We do that most weeks.

My mom was soooo excited about the Angsty Teen's birthday... that she stood up... gave a little speech and led the entire dining room of over 25 people in singing Happy Birthday to the Angsty Teen.
The Stern German and my geriatric, bariatric, diabetic father aren't listening at all.
The Angsty Teen was looking gorgeous and being particularly sweet. The Stern German was being antagonistic toward the girl... a little bit...
And I was busy taking care of all of the details of the weekend for that girl.

Did she have a geat birthday weekend? Yes, I believe she did.


  1. What a busy teenager! And what a special party with your parents !!

  2. She does look exceptionally sweet in those photos. Not one weird face! I cannot believe you made that many cupcakes, that's so impressive!!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend for her. I was very confused looking at the cake trying to figure out who Carly was...then it dawned on me haha