Friday, December 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

I haven't blogged all week. It's been crazy. With all the stuff that has gone on this week, I'm not really any closer to being ready for Christmas than I was a week ago. Dang...

Plus, it's Friday the 13th... so that's rather unfortunate... but really? I'm thinking that things couldn't possibly seem more bizarre than normal.

Oh well... I'll get my act together... eventually. Or not... either way... Christmas will be here on time!

Since last Friday... here are five of the highlights from my week:

1. I was able to celebrate Kati's birthday with her!
2. Santa came and visited... and we determined my dad had been naughty this year.
Pretty sure that's not the real Santa...
3. I was able to go and see the Angsty Teen's singing group perform...
I think the pic's a bit blurry...  or maybe I need to wash my glasses... but I'm too tired to care! Sorry.

4. This little guy came and played on Wednesday.

  • baked chocolate chip cookies
  • read books
  • played with trains
  • didn't pee our pants (I think he was worried about me on that one...)
  • watched a John Deere tractor video
It was his idea of a perfect morning... And, he learned what happens when you blow on a big bowl of flour. Hilarious.

5. The Angsty Teen is recovering from having her wisdom teeth out yesterday.
What song comes to mind when you see her picture? This is what I started singing to her:

Antibiotics every six hours, alternating different pain meds every three hours, and ice packs every 45 minutes... this is kind of an exhausting job! But she's been doing great... so that's good news.

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Look at her singing group performance! Such attitude, I love that little diva.

  2. Oh man hope she is feeling better after her teeth extraction. No fun.