Friday, December 20, 2013

High Five for Friday

Fridays seem to come around pretty often... and here it is again!

Since it's Friday... that means I'm supposed to tell you my five highlights... so, without further adieu...

I will tell you what the top five things are that I survived this week...

I survived:
1. The recovery of the Angsty Teen from her wisdom tooth ordeal.
She didn't get dry sockets... YAY!
The cloth napkins I put over the ice packs coordinate nicely with my chair!
2. A really long Christmas choir concert.
There were about seven different choirs/ensembles... each sang several songs...
3.  My brother's trip to to town.
Someone who met him told me he looked old enough to be my dad.
That person is my new best friend.
4. Monday night with The Grand Boys.
This guy was just a little naughty... but so dang cute. And boy #2 laid in my arms for an hour and a half in his Lightning McQueen underwear... with a fever of over a 102... while his clothes and blankets were in the wash since he'd thrown up all over them.

He didn't want to wear any of the clothes i had... What a night.
"Oh, is this what I'm not supposed to pick up?"
 5. Listening to over twenty songs that high school kids arranged for instrumental ensembles.
The Angsty Teen pretty much just pretended to play because her mouth hurt. Some of the arrangements were so good... and other ones were kind of painful to have to sit through. Maybe I should've jacked one of that girl's Vicodin beforehand.

That's the list of the things I survived this week. It's been a long and busy week. Hope the weekend is a little quieter... but it probably won't be!

Have a great weekend! Kati is coming home later in the weekend... woohoo! It will be great to spend time with both my girls together.

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  1. I'm glad you survived the week, it's an impressive list to have gotten through, especially with the brother in town!