Monday, January 13, 2014

Could This Happen to Me?

There was a news story from a few weeks ago that made me reevaluate my life. Did you hear about it?

Well, apparently this lady went into a hospital, told the staff she was pregnant, and said she was having difficulties with the pregnancy.

The doctors couldn't find a heartbeat for the baby so they decided to perform an emergency C-section.

The problem? Well... here's the headline:

These were the questions that immediately came to my mind:
  • How is that even possible? 
  • Was she just really chubby?
And... most importantly...
  • Could this happen to me?????
Well... apparently the doctors believed she was pregnant because... and I quote....  "she had the symptoms associated with pregnancy like an enlarged abdomen and nausea."

I guess I could kind of see how that happened... I mean, she'd convinced herself she was pregnant... and she had a belly on her...

You could read the whole article here.

Even though I would never try to convince myself I was pregnant... at age 51, that's just not what I'd like to be doing with my life for real or pretend... but... I'm slightly concerned that this could happen to me...

I mean, what if I fell down a flight of stairs, was badly injured, and unconscious?? Would the paramedics take one look at me an say, "She looks pregnant."

Then the doctors wouldn't be able to find a heartbeat on the baby and they'd perform a C-Section????

I doubt, at that point, that they'd even think that in order to prevent me from suing them they should do a little Lypo...

Dang... this sounds like a terrible situation...

I'm gonna quit writing this post... set down my glass of wine... and get to the gym.

Not really joking.


  1. That is scary. Crap now I feel like I need to do sit ups. Although since I had a hysterectomy but had it vaginally so I don't have any scars on my stomach it MIGHT be funny to see the doctors faces when they open me up and find nothing. Then they better give me lipo.

  2. I think here in the states they'd probably x-ray and other things before jumping in with surgery. It's still pretty freaky though!!

  3. I only just joined a gym a month back ~ trust me, take the wine with you ... J