Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dressing Like a Girl

The Angsty Teen likes... well... she likes comfort. I mean, I think we all do; however, the Angsy Teen wears sweatpants or yoga pants to school all the time.

When I say "all the time" I mean ALL THE TIME. She might choose to wear jeans to school one day out of ten.

Over half of the times when she wears sweats/yogas,  she wears printed t-shirts and comfy sweatshirts. This girl does not dress to impress. She dresses for comfort. She's pretty confident just being herself.

There are times, like yesterday, when she looks like she actually tried to look like a girl. Yes, she had on yoga pants but she also wore a cute t-shirt, a nice scarf,  and her warm, cute UGGS.

She looked adorable.

I know from Intro to Psych that correlation doesn't necessarily prove causation... but...

Prom is coming. Well, not until the end of April... but, the asking has begun.

As a sophomore, the Angsty Teen could go to prom if she was invited by a junior or senior guy... or girl, probably... but I don't think that's where we're at... Even though it's only January, the asking has begun in earnest.

The Angsty Teen would, apparently, like to go to prom. A couple of her friends are going and there are a few groups that would be a blast with which to go to prom. (Look... didn't end that sentence with a preposition!)

Yesterday after school she commented to me, "If I was serious about wanting to go to prom I probably should've started dressing like a girl a lot sooner... that way someone could've seen I had potential as a cute prom date."

She might be right... but that girl's no quitter.

Today she actually wore cute skinny jeans and a cute girl shirt. She also kicked it up a notch by wearing mascara.

As she left for school I said, "Go out there and get yourself a prom date." and I gave her a hug.

That's when I noticed that even though she dressed like a girl and wore makeup like a girl... it was still all about comfort for that girl.

Really? Child, you didn't even wear a real bra.

Good luck, Angsty Teen. How do you expect to get a prom date wearing a boob-smashing sports bra?

But then again... I'd like to think there is a guy out there who thinks the Angsty Teen would be a great prom date just because of who she is... a person who would likes to be comfortable, is fun-loving, and hilarious.


  1. haha i hope she finds a hottie.

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