Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Germany's Senior Citizens

Bahahaha... This picture made me laugh out loud.

Apparently a bunch of residents at a "nursing home" (which, based on how vibrant these people look must be more like an assisted living facility than what I would call a nursing home..) in Germany recreated some famous movie scenes.

Pretty funny.

Some of the movies they used? Rocky, The Blues Brothers, The Seven Year Itch (that one's pretty good), Saturday Night Fever, Dirty Dancing, and there's also a picture of someone being James Bond.

I didn't know any Germans had that much of a sense of humor. Just kidding. Sometimes the Stern German is hilarious... in his own mind, at least.

Click on this: Recreated movie scenes to watch the slide show of all their shots.

Looks like these are some spunky folks.

Which one is your favorite? I'm not sure I could choose one favorite. There are a lot of good ones!

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