Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Hey... guess what!!! I took time to blog... and I remembered that it's time for a HF4F post! Yay, me.

Now I just have to think of the five highlights of my week...

Well... here goes:

1. We survived the "Polar Vortex"...
School was closed for two days because of super cold temps. This picture was taken when it had warmed up to -16 degrees... with a windchill of -43 degrees!

2. The Angsty Teen started winter volleyball.
It's been over 11 months since her concussedness... just hoping she doesn't use her head like that again...
Too much togetherness?
3. The Angsty Teen found her &%$#  retainers...
She hadn't used them since she had her wisdom teeth out... at first, because she couldn't... but... apparently she hadn't used them the past couple of weeks because she couldn't find them.

"Where were they?" you ask???

They were in a bowl of animal crackers... which was on the floor... by her bed... I guess this was her last crunchy snack before the surgery... Great place to keep them...

4. We had some good food and delicious drinks...

5. Everyone is pretty much healthy!
We survived three different dental appointments... so that's all good.

Hope your new year is shaping up to be stellar. It's been crazy around here and I feel like I'm always way behind. So... blogging hasn't been a priority.

Maybe I'll get back to this!


  1. YAY I missed you. And I really miss Kati. That photo of the retainers is hilarious, leave it to Angsty Teen! I've also missed her antics so much, who would have thought?

  2. I'm hoping the Sports Medicine Dr will release my oldest (let's call her angsty tween!) to play spring volleyball...she had/has a stress fracture in her lower back. Who knew these sports could be so dangerous?! I mean, my daughter is only 12! She had a friend on her volleyball team in the Fall who got a concussion very early in the season and had to sit out the whole season. It makes me nervous!