Friday, January 17, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Friday is here again... already. Time to tell you about the five highlights of my week.

1. I had a little break from my life... because I kind of lost track of the geriatric, bariatric, diabetic guy when he was on his workout machine... 

I had a 40 minute break from my life!
2. The Stern German has been kind of hilarious lately... but not according to the Angsty Teen...
He's trying to blend into the wall...just like... the Pink Panther movie. Do you remember that scene?

3. I made everyone participate in a little Forced Family Fun... clearly that went well.

4. The Grand Boys had fun painting. 
I let them use brushes, feathers, corks, and hands to paint... The Stern German was stressed out by this!

5.  Today I get to spend a few hours with this guy. He cracks me up.
Hope your week has been good. Yesterday we had an early school closure because of crappy weather... so all of the Angsty Teen's after-school activities were canceled... We had a nice, quiet evening at home.

And, I didn't make anyone play any games...

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