Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday! Here are the five highlights I can remember from my week... So much happens in a week, it's kind of hard to remember!

1. I survived having the Stern German home for two days this week.
He had two days of vacation to use before the end of January...
This was his "I'm Fun to be Around" face...
2. I met up with another Minnesota blogger for margaritas and nachos.
Brittany is a cute, young blogger that goes to college 30 minutes from me. It was nice to meet up. with her. I'd met her on two other occasions of Minnesota Blogger get-togethers.
(Forgot to take a picture... oops.)
3. I made Bay Scallop Risotto and Yukgaejang (a Korean soup) for supper this week.
Wine was served with each meal... and, yes, probably some whine was served with each meal, too.

4. Along with the weekend comes another chance at some Forced Family Fun!
I'm not a quitter... even though... you know what they say about insanity, right?
Options? Either a game or a movie or a tv show...  Not sure the Angsty Teen and the Stern German will be on board... but...

Any suggestions on what we could do?
5. This guy will be here to play for the morning! 
Last week was Pajama Day at his daycare... so he was comfy when he came to my house.
We made chocolate chip cookies.
He loved using a knife...
Well, that's all for now. Hope you have a great weekend.

Later today I'm planning on making salsa with my Salsa-Making Friend... yay! Should be a great time.

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  1. I know! As I was walking out I thought about how we took no pictures. Oh well that just means we'll have to meet up again :)