Thursday, January 23, 2014


Apparently, #Minnearctica has been trending on Twitter for a few weeks now. And after seeing that this was the forecast for last night... I think they might be on to something!

I made it to my cooking class... had a wonderful time... and made it safely home again. The roads were just fine. But somewhere in there our district canceled school for today.

I hear the Angsty Teen stirring upstairs... soon she will be down. And while I have visions of us baking cookies, making chicken pot pie, watching Psych together? She will have visions of sitting in the basement alone watching One Tree Hill or The Suite Life of Zach and Cody (yes, I know... two totally different shows!).

While I dream of a calm, peaceful day... she will come down and want to talk to me... dramatically... about how many layers of clothing she has on... about how cold the house is.... and/or about how tired/hungry she is feeling. The volume and level of angst increasing exponentially with each topic.

There probably won't be any mother/daughter bonding again today... Maybe she will have fond memories of me letting her do what she wants today... along with fond memories of me not making her bake cookies but just letting her eat cookies.

Well, here she comes...
... might be time to add a little something special to my cup of coffee.

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