Monday, January 20, 2014


Go, Peyton!
I spent all... and I mean ALL of Sunday at a volleyball tournament with the Stern German watching the Angsty Teen play and ref matches.

We left town before 7 am and returned home just before 6 pm.

It was a long day. It was a very long day.

Did I mention it was a very, very long day?

I didn't go to church.

I didn't eat lunch with my parents (but we ate with them yesterday... so that's all good...).

I didn't do anything productive or spectacular on Sunday.

I didn't watch any football... just a lot of volleyball.

But... even though I didn't watch any football... I kept coming across the word "Omaha" throughout the evening. Saw mention of it on Facebook and on news pages.

I like Omaha... a lot.

Why? Well, that's where Kati lives... I like Kati... a lot!

And it's where Warren Buffet lives (not to be confused with Jimmy)... but I've never met either one of them.

And, I like Kati's life.

She lives in a pretty great apartment complex.

She has a great job.

She drives a wondrous car.

She has good friends.

She gets good prices on milk and yogurt. Not even sure how she does that.

Back to the topic at hand... Apparently, Peyton Manning said the word "Omaha" over 40 times during his playoff win over the San Diego Chargers.

A Sports Illustrated article said that a group of eight Omaha companies pooled their money to give him $800 for his charity for at-risk youth. You can click on the link in the previous sentence to read the entire article.

So I guess I missed all of that... but I did get to watch over 30 volleyball games... but the only time Omaha was mentioned was when someone asked me what Kati was doing these days.

And, much to my disappointment, no one paid me any money for saying "Omaha"... so that's too bad.

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