Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Probably a Dumb Move

Tonight is my cooking class!
This is Andrea, another Minnesota Blogger.
Her mom leads the class and has it at her house.
I have to drive nearly two hours to get there... and it is a cold, blowy, snowy, windy day. Well, it's not snowing.... but it is blowing the snow we already have around and around.

Not sure coming up here was a bright idea... This is the forecast for tonight:

Dang. That's cold.

But... I'm already around the metro area... Sitting at a restaurant... sipping something delicious... waiting to head another 15 minutes north to my class. It doesn't start for an hour.

Someone back home asked me what we were making tonight.

Um... Don't know. Don't care.

It really doesn't matter.

I've come up to this class nine or ten times out of the past year. These women who have been getting together for nearly five years and who are either related to each other or have been friends forever... have been extremely welcoming.

We always make something delicious. We always drink a glass or two of delicious wine. We always have fun.

And this is the highlight of my month... really. So. much. fun.

I'd like to think it's cheaper than therapy... but with the price of gas these days, it probably isnt.

Oh, well. This is my mini-vacation. And by "mini" I mean mini.... small, miniscule. Priceline wouldn't cooperate with my cheap, cheap bids... so I'll head back home tonight.

But for now, I will enjoy every minute of my evening... and pray that I get back home safely.

Let the cooking begin!

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  1. Hope you had fun. It's good that you get to have some you time :)