Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thanks, Target

I have a confession to make: I don't love Target stores as much as the rest of you love Target stores.
Why don't I love Target?

The Target store closest to me has a lousy grocery section, even though they just remodeled the store in the past couple of years. No fruits or vegetables to speak of... and just about half of the items from the grocery ad are not carried in the store.

Another thing that's keeping me from loving Target is that the stores are always crowded when I go there... (that would be because of the rest of you that are shopping there...) and it is always a deal to park and get through the store.

But the main reason why Target doesn't really "wow" me is that I never find the end cap deals like everyone else always talks about. No 90% markdown on bedding... or silverware... or art work. I'm starting to think people that say they find these deals are just dirty, rotten liars...

So, even before the whole credit card information scandal that is going on, I wasn't in love with Target.

Enter said credit card information scandal... and now? Now, I've started to really dislike Target.

After hearing about the whole deal I decided to be proactive and cancel the one credit card that I knew I had used there in December.

Card cancelled... still no new cards have arrived. So, that's kind of a problem.

I have to contact Netflix and a variety of other places that use this account to charge monthly fees. But, I can't contact any of these places until my new card actually arrives with my new account number on it.

Yesterday I had to make a payment for this credit card. I went online to make the payment... but because the account is closed... it shows a zero balance... and I couldn't access any information about the new account and the balance there.  So I had to call the credit card company.

Calling a credit card company and trying to get to talk to an actual person is such a hassle. Plus, in order to make a payment on the balance that was transferred to the new account,  I needed to tell them the new credit card number (that I don't have yet) so they could link my old account to my online information. What a pain...

So, this is starting to be kind of a hassle. It's a bit frustrating.

And now, today I received an email from Target telling me that my personal information was probably stolen also... name, address, phone number. And they warned me not to give out any personal financial information to anyone over the phone or via email.

Really, Target? What's the worse thing that could happen? Thieving folks would have my credit card information and personal data? Oh, wait. They already do. So, thanks for that.

I'm really starting to hate Target.
Obviously MARvelous


  1. OUCH!!! TargeƩ isn't such a wonder store Down Under, luckily! It only has the bare basics of cheap and nasty shoes and clothing, and a scattering of books and homewares (if you really wish your home to have that particular look!) This breach of your personal details via hackers really seems to be a huge issue ~ you wonder how long they were aware of the problem before letting on. I'm sure they are working really hahaha-hard at sorting it all out ... keep the wine flowing ... J

    1. Target "down under" may be cheap and nasty, but it's not here. MN is home to corporate headquarters and it's actually (er, was) a really respected business. It is busy 90% of the time, and the smaller Targets that they try to put half-ass groceries in annoy me, but it's a good store overall.

  2. I never shop at Target, not that I don't like them, just never do. I happened to shop there during this by coincidence... lucky me!! No problems though...

    Following you now from A Lil Dash of Diva!!

    ~ Darlene


  3. I didn't shop there at that time, but I also usually use cash so I still feel the Target love.
    When I set up payments for things, like netflix, I use my PayPal account. PayPal will then auto-debit from your bank account. That way, if my credit card is stolen, I never have to update all these online accounts. It's a huge help.

  4. That sucks that you are having so much trouble with it!! They emailed you about it though? I shopped there once or twice in December but I didn't cancel my wasn't during the said dates.

    I hate when they only have a few dumb groceries. But I still love them

  5. Hi! I found your blog through the blog hop. I admit this is my very first time I have joined a blog hop, lol! However, back to my point (giggle) I agree with you. I really don't like Target either. I NEVER find deals at my local Target.


  6. I've actually read an article about that too, and that's really horrible and unreliable of them. Good thing I don't shop at Target, because I wouldn't want to experience being victimized by them. Thanks for sharing!

    The Loquacious Square