Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Hope you've had a good week… here are my highlights:

1. It's Valentine's Day and the Angsty Teen is home… no school.
Pretty sure she'll want to hang out with me… oh, wait…
Not even sure I remember what she was doing on the floor… She's a little crazy.
2. Got a rental car for $69 for a week… through Thrifty.  (They don't know I exist…)
I'd already booked it for $196… for a compact car. But rebooked it… I just saved over $125!!

3.  Really? Guys are skiing BACKWARDS!!! 
This Olympic event was crazy to watch… the mens' free slope? or free style? I don't know what it's called… but it was bizarre to watch. I didn't know that was possible...

Just heard them say "Men's Ski Slope Style"… whatever...

4. We had an amazing supper last night….
except maybe Chicken Caesar Salad isn't really a "man's meal"… again… whatever...
Oh, wahhhh.
This is the bread I made:
It was delicious.
5. I was able to talk to Kati a bunch yesterday. 
Always fun to get to chat with that girl.

Anyway… Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your day is special. Hope my day is special… don't think the Stern German has done a good job of getting ready for this day… but… I could be (would like to be) wrong.

Have a great day/weekend!

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  1. My boys and I did our usual chocolate-covered strawberries for Daddy on Valentine's Day...because I can never think of what else to get him, and that's a great tradition with our boys anyway, right? Happy Valentine's Day!