Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been a good week… here are my five highlights:

1. We've watched a lot of the Winter Olympics.
Such grace, such style… but, Angsty Teen? You don't skate. In fact, just doing this… the Angsty Teen fell down… so pretty sure doing this on ice would causes permanent injury!

2. I was able to attend my monthly cooking class!
This is always one of the best parts of my month. One of the things we made was Spaghetti Carbonara.   
So good!

3. Presidents Day + a Snow Day + a 2 Hour Late Start= A Short, Short School Week
Who knows? Maybe school will be called off today too. There's a blizzard out there as I write this… so, maybe...
4. We've eaten some great food.
This Cheesy/Potato/Chicken/Bacon bake was delicious! We made it at my cooking class on Wednesday… and I made it for my family for supper on Thursday night.
The Stern German and the Angsty Teen DEVOURED this
5. The Stern German and I had a hot date at the boys' basketball game to watch the pep band!
I wrote about that earlier this week. (Read it here.) It was loud and it was fun.

Every time I look at this picture and see the height of the Angsty Teen compared to the height… or lack, thereof, of the junior high boy next to her… I just laugh out loud.

That's my week in review. Hope you had a good week, too. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Yum that chicken and bacon and potato and cheesiness sounds amazing!