Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Turn That Down

Last night was a home boys' basketball game… with our wonderful pep band playing:

There were some junior high band kids in the mix… so it was a really big band night.

Also, can you believe all the moving around? Didn't they know I was trying to take their picture from across the gym??
Oh, and the arrow on the right? That's how tall the Angsty Teen is. Compare that to the arrow on the left… that's how tall the little junior high boy is next to her!! Kind of hilarious.

Anyway… since there were quite a few extra kids in the band… they had a great sound.

Well… I thought they had a great sound.

This guy?

Not so much.

His wife wasn't impressed either…
But… they did make a cute couple:
 And… we won the game… in spite of having almost no one in the student section...
Guess they were all in the band!

1 comment:

  1. hahahah hilarious that they were actually plugging their ears.

    That's a huge pep band. Ours was maaaybe a third of that.