Friday, March 7, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been another CrAzY week. But it could always be worse… I think. - Lately, there have been far too many drinkable moments...
Everyone in my immediate family (Kati, the Angsty Teen, the Stern German) are mostly healthy and pretty darn happy… so that's all good.

But… my parents are not doing quite so well and the week has been long dealing with everything.

So here's a countdown that has to do with five things about my week:

FIVE various doctor appointments this week!
One every day (either Physical Therapy, Primary Care Provider, or Endodontist!)… it's been kind of a long week.

FOUR different family members had these five appointments…
So, five various appointments for four various family members.

THREE separate towns… yep that's three separate towns where I had to go for these five various appointments for four different family members! (This is sounding like a children's book with lots of repetition!)

TWO appointments in two different towns had to do with the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy…
He's decided his leg hurts and he can't walk… (and it is sore… but… time to suck it up, Buttercup…) After meeting with his Primary Care person we were referred to Physical Therapy… plus his toenail needed to be removed due to something totally separate from the not-walking thing. So then we had to go to a podiatrist… never a dull moment.

ONE really tired person….  that'd be ME!

I'm kind of wiped out… But I'm pretty sure this week was just a warm-up for next week.

On Monday I will be going to three separate towns for three different family members for three various appointments.

All of a sudden this week doesn't seem so bad...

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