Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Much Angst

It is snowing… kind of… guess this is "Wintry Mix" and that's not one of my favorite things.

Along with the snowy, rainy goodness I've been dealing with a variety of life issues… my geriatric mom with her medical issues; the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy and his issues; and the Angsty Teen and her health - or lack thereof- issues.
Not a new dance move… this is the Angsty Teen elevating her arm...
The Angsty Teen has been having headaches again and last week she had to go in for an IV for some headache relief. The first nurse blew out the vein in her arm when she first tried to insert the IV needle. So now her arm is killing her. (Hence the elevating of the arm in the first pic.)

The arm… the headaches… the shoulder… the knee… the concussion… the... well… I'm sure I'm forgetting something. The past year has a long, long, long, long year with that child. Things have been going better… but… having headaches back is wearing me down.

She has been texting me about coming home from school today… I've been concerned about her. It has weighed on me constantly today… but then… she just sent me this Snap Chat…
Honey, you don't look Irish…
So... I'm going with "I think she's feeling fine." and celebrate with a drink… It's a little early… but really? Is it?


  1. Sorry you're going through so many health issues with your family!! :( I hope everyone is on the up and up soon!!

    Hilarious snap of your daughter...LOL

  2. aww hope you figure out why she is getting headaches so they can stop. they are never fun.