Thursday, June 1, 2017

Back to Blogging!

Hello! (I'm not even sure to whom I am saying "hello!"... is anyone still out there?)

Last year brought four HUGE life events my way and, of course, all that day-to-day life entails kept me hopping, as well. Here is a brief recap of those cRaZy life events in chronological order:

 1. My dad, the geriatric, bariatric, blind guy, passed away a little over a year ago. The last few years had been overwhelming dealing with all of his health and care issues. (So, not the worst thing that could have happened.) My mom is doing well... I would even say she is thriving! Yay!

2. The Angsty Teen graduated from high school! Senior year activities and festivities inundated our lives. And... then we had to get her off to college in the fall...

3. Kati got married! So, this happened three weeks after the Angsty Teen graduated from high school. The wedding and reception were so much fun! I have never been the Mother of the Bride before.... only the SOB... (we are going to assume that means Step-Mother of the Bride).

4. My father-in-law passed away. He had been in a memory care facility and didn't know his family at all. So, not the worst thing to happen, but still a stressor!

So, after surviving the past couple of years, I am back to blogging... and reading blogs. Haven't done any of those things for a long, long time.

How are you?

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