Wednesday, November 19, 2014

He's Gone to a Better Place

Remember my dad? The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy? Well, he's gone to a better place.

Yep, he's gone to the other side.

The other side of town, that is.

He had been in the nursing home since July. He hated it… and I can't say that I blame him. The facility is 50 years old and has never been updated. He shared a bathroom with another resident… and the bathroom was almost too small for his walker to fit into it.

Not a great place for him. But the option to go back and live with my mom didn't seem like it was in the cards either. He just needed too much care.

Then I heard that the three-year-old memory care facility on the other side of town takes people without memory issues. (Well, I mean he has basic 84 year old memory issues, but he's not Alzy… so that's good. Is that an offensive term? Can I say that?)

Anyway, he moved in there about a month ago. He is soooooo much happier. And my mom is glad he is there if he can't be with her.

I'm exhausted from running back and forth to the two places… and from running my mom back and forth every day for a visit… but for the moment… Going to the other side of town has been good.

Maybe I'll eventually find time to blog again regularly… but probably not. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

So Far, So Good

The Angsty Teen is surviving band camp! She's at school for 13-15 hours a day this week… tired child.

People ask me if she's been having headaches… I say, "I don't know."

She hasn't complained of a headache… and I've learned not to ask if I don't have to ask. If she has a bad headache I'm pretty sure she will tell me… loudly and in no uncertain terms, actually. (You know that's right.)

I actually don't know if it is a direct result of the acupuncture treatment she had last week… or if it's a result of good food from the Farmers Market.

And, no, I don't mean all the wonderful veggies… I'm talking about the cotton candy.
Sugar is her Love Language
Any acupuncture believers out there?

Friday, August 1, 2014

That Girl

The Angsty Teen is dying from marching band workouts… specifically her abs, her buns, and her quads are dying. She was kind of bragging about this plank thing they had to do for a long, long, time…

So the Stern German, after being at a physically demanding job for an exhausting 12 hour day, challenged the Angsty Teen to a Plank Off.

An old, tired, 58 year old v. an athletic, spastic 16 year old… hmmm… Would love to hear how you think this will go...

This is the craziness that defines my life:


Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Wonder...

In looking back at my calendar for the past two months, it's easy to see why life feels unmanageable.

During the month of June:

  • My mom was in the Emergency Room.
  • My dad, a.k.a. the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy, was in the Emergency Room.
  • There were 16 different appointments… doctor, dentist, Physical Therapy, & blood draw. 

In July:

  • The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy went to the ER twice, 
  • The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy went into the hospital for a few days
  • The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy went to the nursing home. 
  • The Angsty Teen and I spent three hours in the ER due to a migraine she couldn't shake.
  • There were 17 different appointments… doctor, dentist, Physical Therapy, & blood draw.
Some of these appointments are in our town… others are:
  • 20 miles east
  • 60 miles east
  • 30 miles west 

The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy is still in the nursing home and doing pretty well. He may get a chance to get home again…

Add all of this to just trying to do regular life, and I can see why I'm weary beyond belief…

...but at least I'm staying well-hydrated…

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

C'mon, Shawn

I do love to watch Psych… but,  I don't actually know anyone named Shawn… I don't think. Well, I do know one kid named Shawn… but his name is spelled "Sean" instead.  Not even sure how that comes out to be Shawn… but it does.

So a few days ago at my gym… (Don't I sound athletic!!) This sign was posted by the free weights:

Wait for it….. (haha!)

Even though I don't know this guy, he apparently he needs to get his act together at the gym…

Aside from punctuation and capitalization errors, it's pretty funny.

I'm glad there wasn't a sign with my name on it!

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Usual Drama

Hope your face doesn't stay that way…
That would be unfortunate.
My life is just a little bit crazy. Well, it's more than just a little bit. That's why I haven't posted anything lately. It's been a nuts summer… but I'll spare you the details... for now.

The Angsty Teen has been full-on dramatic this summer...

But summer is winding down here… and marching band practice starts today! (Bye, honey!)

Band practice isn't full days... yet… just a five hour day. So I got up to help the Angsty Teen get out the door for a full morning of marching band.

This is a little of what it entailed:

  1. Listen to her piss and moan about her section.
  2. Listen to her gripe and complain about her pains.
  3. Deal with headache issues (hers…and maybe mine…)
  4. Help her talk through her knee issues.
  5. Make her a protein shake for breakfast.
  6. Fill her half gallon water bottle using water and the giant ice cubes I made last night.
  7. Make new giant ice cubes for tomorrow.
  8. Listen to more bellyaching.
  9. Get her out the door.

Actually, all of that is done. It is 7:30 in the morning.

I'm going to sit and drink a nice, hot cup of coffee.

Yay, me! I blogged!!! Kind of proud of myself.

Well, haven't hit the "Publish" button yet… obviously. My phone just rang…

While the Angsty Teen remembered her meds, her athletic tape, her water, her music, etc… she did forget one thing…

So I just got back from a quick run out to the high school in my PJs… to bring her….


Yeah, she might need that...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Go, Gophers


I am a mega-fan of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

I didn't know that I was such a great fan… but… apparently, I am.

How did I discover this little-known fact?

Well, let me tell you… as succinctly as I can...

Yesterday I did something I've never done before. No, I didn't purchase Gopher clothing… or a Gopher window sticker for my car…

I done got my hair colored.

It's been colored before… but only by me. But I am going on a trip this weekend… and I wanted to look better than normal. (As if that is even possible… apparently…)

I went to a stylist whose work I've seen and liked. (That that was a good idea.) I had her color my hair all over and then do some subtle highlights.

Anyway, when she got done I thought everything looked great. I headed home. When I looked in the mirror in my bathroom… which had much better lighting… I was surprised at how purple-y, brown my hair was... and at how golden the highlights were.

I made a cocktail… and sat on the porch with the Stern German. He said it didn't look purple-y… and that the highlights weren't too golden… that it looked good. (But remember… he's the guy that says I look beautiful in the dim light… so…)

Then the Angsty Teen got home and joined us on the porch. Her first comment? Are you a Minnesota Vikings fan or a Minnesota Gophers fan?

Purple and gold??? Maroon and gold??? Upon closer inspection I'm going with maroon and gold.

Go, Gophers.

I'm going to go on Amazon and buy one of these to wear for the next few weeks...