Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thirsty Thursday (Week 2)

I am going to link up with the people I linked up with last Thursday!
Obviously MARvelous
The above button is a way to read some blogs that are new to you. Good idea.
Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour is really fun! To participate I am supposed to give a recipe for a cocktail and then just write about anything and everything. Just ramble on and on. Don't really know if I can do that. Not sure if I am a rambler... wait... yep, I think I am...

I was actually planning ahead on this. Several weeks ago I had pinned this 
Strawberry Reisling Slushy recipe:

A few days ago I hulled the berries and took pictures... getting things all ready for this post. I was going to make this slushy! The frozen stuff is ready to be put in the blender with a cup of wine. But, as is the case for most you, my life rarely seems to go the way I think it will go. Really. Do you ever get to plan your life?

The slushies will have to wait another week. Damn.

Instead I am telling you to get a bottle of Kinky Liqueur because it can be used to whip up a quick cocktail (also because I didn't think telling you to get out a LARGE glass and fill it with wine counted as a cocktail recipe!).
This stuff is amazingly delicious! I haven't done a lot with it. But it is wonderful in some Diet 7-up Cherry Antioxidant pop (or "soda" if you are from the south?) over ice. Plus pretty glassware makes it even better!
That is the (really easy and delicious) drink recipe of the week. I don't have random musings to share. But if you keep reading I will tell you about the latest happenings in my life that made me unable to take the time to make the Strawberry Riesling Slushies. (Again... damn.)

The Stern German called me from work yesterday and wanted me to set up a doctor's appointment for him. (I didn't tell him, but by the time he explained all his symptoms to me he could've called the clinic and set up his own appointment.)

He was having "chest discomfort" and someone at work was telling him to go to the doctor. (Sure, listen to some guy, but not to your wife... well, he hadn't really mentioned these symptoms to me, but in general he doesn't go to the doctor no matter what I say.)

The Stern German went to the doctor over five years ago and was told he had high cholesterol. He was supposed to go back w/in a month and be put on medication if diet & exercise didn't help.

He is a guy.... a very typical guy...a very typical Stern German kind of guy... and he never went back. Nor did he really make any major lifestyle changes. (Plus whenever he ticks me off I make Fettuccine Alfredo for supper and give him beef sticks or crackers w/cheese & summer sausage for a snack.)

He always said that feeding him those foods would backfire because he is too ornery to just kick the bucket... he says he will just live in an impaired state and I will have to take care of him. Damn. (Just kidding... not about the not dying... just the impaired state.)

When he got home from work (what? take time off to see a doctor?) I drove him to a neighboring town to Urgent Care. They walked him over to the ER at the attached hospital when he told them what was wrong. After a few hours in the ER, they thought he should see a cardiologist ASAP & ambulanced him to Rochester to the Mayo Clinic just an hour away.

Today after lots of test they said that he is fine. His cholesterol is high, but there is no sign of any damage from heart disease. (And, yes, they did finally find his heart... even though, like the Grinch, it was three sizes too small.) He isn't really all that bad of a guy... at least not all the time. Deep down, he is really a great guy. He has mellowed a lot over the years... and I have grayed a lot over the years.

They are saying he might have a pulled muscle. He thinks it might have been from straining to take his too-tight rain boots off of his hot, sweaty feet after turkey hunting all day. Seriously?

On the plus side, he plans to get to a doctor and start taking better care of himself. He will live for freaking ever.  (yay...there goes the plan for our husbands to kick the bucket and my best friend and me to get a condo in Florida when we are old.)

The Stern German will be around for a long, (long, long, long, long, long) time. Pretty sure he is on to me about all the fatty snacks. I'm not too I guess I do say "Cheese and salami for you tonight." after he ticks me off. But pretty sure fatty snacks are his love language...

Oh, well.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting (Week 5)

Weeks sure go by quickly and I really don't feel that I get much accomplished. I probably do... just not things that are very measurable.

Pinterest? I rarely take time to go on there and browse, which is too bad. There is some great stuff on there! Glad I am able to once again link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple. Here are my favorite pins this week:

There are a lot of pictures in this pin. They are all pretty clever.
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Sounds like a Libertarian way of thinking!

I know I have seen this before, but I have never remembered to try it. Definitely would keep the top of the can paint-free.

Yesterday I wrote about trying this recipe...

But mine turned out like this:



Everything I made with the chicken, black bean, and corn mixture was great!

Happy Pinning, everyone.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Today is Tasty Tuesday/Tuesdays at the Table! I am linking up to give you a recipe that I found...and made...but didn't actually follow the recipe for... big surprise there.

Once someone I had just met was bragging up her enchiladas. She was going on and on (and on and on and on) about how everyone wanted her to bring them to potlucks, how great they were, blah, blah, blah. (By this time I was a little bored with the conversation but thought that since I loved to make enchiladas I would engage a little longer.)

I asked her what she put in her enchilada sauce and she said, "I don't give out my recipes." Well, okay, then. When I told my daughter, Kati, about the conversation she said, "Clearly she doesn't know you. Her recipe would be safe, because you couldn't follow one to save your soul." So true.

The button won't get you to Tuesdays at the Table, but this will! (I couldn't find the code for the button...and I was confused.) 

Found a recipe that looked good on a a website called Six Sisters' Stuff. They have some good stuff on there. This is the recipe I found:

I thought it looked like it had possibilities, but that it needed something more. (Plus, I always put in a lot of cheap filler in my main courses!)

Here is what I made:
Chicken, Black Bean, & Corn Lettuce Wraps!
Ingredients: Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, taco seasoning, black beans, corn, cilantro, and lettuce Not shown: 1/2 lime, shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream
 Heat up the skillet and add a couple swirls of oil.
 Put the thawed chicken breasts in the pan and sprinkle lots of taco seasoning on the side facing up.
 Turn the chicken breasts after about five minutes. Add taco seasoning to the other side. Cook for five minutes on the other side. (The smaller two breasts were done, but the larger one wasn't. It didn't matter much because I cooked it through at the end when I heated it up with the other ingredients.)
Cool the chicken and shred it with a couple of forks.
 Add the can of rinsed and drained black beans and the corn (slightly thawed, thawed, or frozen is fine... kind of depends on how long it takes you to get to this point of the process!).
Mix it all together and heat through!
It looked like it was lacking a little bit... so I added a few spoonfuls of salsa to pull it all together. I ended up adding about a cup.
That looks much better...much less anemic!
Then I chopped up a handful of cilantro and added that along with a the juice from 1/2 of a lime.
 I served it with iceberg lettuce leaves and we made lettuce wraps with the mixture, shredded Mexican cheese, salsa, and then topped it with sour cream. (I accidentally deleted that picture from my phone.)
The salsa I used was from a batch I made with a friend a few months ago. This batch was Yosef... kind of hot, but not nearly as hot as Xavier the month before... Go, Xavier.

As you can see, we used a lot of Yosef when we pimped out this meal.

The lettuce wraps were pretty tasty! I probably should have given the Stern German some tortillas because things wrapped in lettuce don't really constitute a meal, in his opinion, ESPECIALLY if the main "meat" is chicken. So, I encouraged him to put the chicken mixture on chips and top it with some queso that I made from melting Velveeta Queso Blanco with some milk to thin it down. He really liked the chicken mixture on chips.
This was delicious! I will do this again.
If you need to make sure this recipe is gluten-free, just make sure that your taco seasoning is gluten-free and that any chips you use (not those Artisan ones...) are just plain old corn or white corn tortilla chips.

And, there was some of the chicken, black bean, corn, salsa mixture left for my daughter, Kati. (Click on her name to check out her Tasty Tuesday recipe. I think it was going to be for Cheesy Grits! Yum.) I put it in the freezer and will give it to her when I see her in a week and a half!
The only thing that would have made this meal any better would have been a jumbo margarita on the rocks!

Just found another interesting link up:

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 5)

Happy Memorial Day! It is such  sobering holiday, but for the most part we think of a day off work.

My town has a parade/memorial service. It is a great way to remember and think about some of the sacrifices that local veterans have made. I won't make it this year, because I would have to take my dad and there aren't any bathrooms nearby. Maybe next year...

It is time, once again, for the GBU & I am linking up with Kati and Kate for:
Classy Living
The Good:
On Friday night I drove up to St. Paul for a Saints' baseball game. Didn't realize they had been around for twenty years...but I had always heard how much fun the games were... plus my friend, Jodi, and I had free tickets from when we didn't-really-run-but-mostly-walked in the 5k Running of the Pigs in April.
In the cheap, cheap seats...
 Well, okay, in the free seats! (We were too cheap to spend money to upgrade.)

                     Wisconsin brats with the works!                               Petey P. Cup and me!                          
                                                                                 We're Facebook friends.
The Bad: 
Well, this was a tough one... because this week both my bad and my ugly were pretty awful!

Here was my view from the cheap seats at the baseball game. 

Nice silky panties, lady... but maybe it is time to buy some hip huggers... just sayin'. Yet, this wasn't the worst sight for my eyes...
This guy desperately needed a longer shirt and/or jacket... but the worst thing was watching his woman caress his chub. Made me kind of nauseous.... but I kept my brat down! 

The Ugly:
I got a tweet today from Cooking Shares that talked about shrimp skewers with spinach and feta pesto. I was intrigued by this because I had shrimp in the freezer ($5 at Aldi!) and close-to-rotting spinach in my fridge.... and I had just bought some feta at Aldi, too. I was actually going to follow a recipe! Mark this day down in history (clearly this is not something I am known for!).

So, I made it. Spinach, lemon juice, olive oil, and feta...wait... I thought I bought feta, but I guess it was blue cheese. Almost the same thing. They are both pungent cheeses.

But if I was going to use blue cheese I remembered that I had a really old chunk of blue cheese in the fridge. It was a little, ok, a lot, moldy, but really? It is blue cheese, it has veins of mold running through the whole thing. So, I cut off the mold on the outside and crumbled it in the food processor.
Mixed it up and...
that is some ugly cheet.
 Once the shrimp were done I thought I would be brave and try the shrimp with the pesto.
The Ugly of the weekend? Well, obviously how the pesto looked...but also, how it tasted. Not something that made the shrimp any better. The shrimp were fantastic all by themselves... think I will chuck the pesto... and to think, I even followed the recipe... well, sort of...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jenny's Living Room

Thoughts from last Saturday:

In Fargo. Sitting in my friend's living room. It is 9:30 Saturday morning.
It's the day of the Fargo Marathon. Her house is a block away from the marathon route in Fargo. There has been a a loud band playing for over an hour and a half. I am sure it would be fun to be down there WATCHING, as opposed to running in, the festivities, but I am sitting in her great living room in my pjs drinking coffee from her Koerig. Plus, it is about 65 degrees and windy. Maybe a great day to run, not to observe.

Last year I was here and ran, and I use that term loosely, the 5K the night before the marathon. I am really not a runner... pretty sure this is true:
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

But, on the bright side:
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

 This year I came up to go to a wedding the night of the 5K. The reception was across the street from the Fargodome where the 5K starts and ends. Dang. That was unfortunate as far as traffic went.

So, I am the only one awake in this house right now. How can you sleep through a band? Also, not sure the vocalists are all that great. But, the music sounds pretty good. Karaoke?

Nope, walked down to the end of the driveway to look.. I am still in my jammies (and, yes, Angsty Teen, I did have a sports bra on so my bidness wasn't just floppin' around in the breeze... Does that make you happy?).
Yes, I can tell that it does.

Guess it is a live band. Three hours is a long set. Three hours is a long time to listen to them. But, I am enjoying my morning.

I do love everything in my friend's house. Thought I would show you her perfect living room. It's great.
I am starting facing the back of the room and turning clockwise...
This next pic is a little dark...
Closeup of the artwork in the second picture:
These pieces are to the left of the couch in the first picture.
She just has some great stuff and I always love sitting in her house. It is kind of calming.

Actually, the longer I sit in her living room hearing the band play down the block, I might have been a little overly generous in my first analysis of the band's musical ability. Really? Hotel California? The problem with that song is that, especially if you can't play it well, it lasts forever. 

Well, it finally ended.

Smashmouth? Much better. "Hey now, you're a rock star."

Happy Saturday!