Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday! (Dirty Rotten Liars)

Looky (lookie? Spell check doesn't like either option) here... I'm actually going to give you a recipe...

This is the recipe I (basically) followed... Pappardelle with Corn from the Food Network website. I usually have pretty good luck with their recipes.

However, those Dirty Rotten Liars stated that the total time for this recipe was 20 minutes.. that is broken down as seven minutes for prep and 13 minutes for cook time.

Dirty. Rotten. Liars.

This took me three freakin' hours to make. This is the finished picture:
These are my ingredients (took me ten minutes to put these together):
This is my favorite ingredient (took me ten minutes to drink the first glass):
Before I heated the water... I filled the pot... then I had to answer the phone. It was my geriatric mother... needed to talk to her... needed to explain to her that even though she heard that the Kings won the Stanley Cup... that didn't mean that Tiger Woods had won anything... (That took about 20 minutes.)

I heated the water (that took about 12 minutes right there):
The recipe said to add the corn and cook it... I added asparagus, too. (That took about six minutes,) Then my cousin called. She needed to talk to me about the fact that her father in nucking futz.... seriously? No sympathy here... that is my life. (That took another 20 minutes... think I am up to
Then, the Angsty Teen came home and was all upset about something that had happened to her... talking her off the roof took another 13 minutes...

The recipe said to start cooking the other stuff next and wait on the pasta. Really? The water was hot, my kitchen was freakin' hot... time to cook the pasta. It was pappardelle... never bought that before.. but I had seen it at Trader Joe's... and knew I had seen some recipes to use it in. That took about ten minutes.

You could really use any pasta.
Once the pasta was done... I had to go out and tell the damn dog to shut up. (Ten more minutes.) Then I cut the corn off the cob... and sliced up the green onions. Then I went back out to lock the dog in the garage so he wouldn't bark at the same people that walk by the house every single day....
Cut up the big tomato.. the grape tomatoes were too expensive.. Added the corn & onion... But then the Stern German came home and needed to talk to me. Another twenty minutes. Really? I am kind of busy here.....

Then Kati called me and wanted to talk to me early in the day instead of in the evening. Her phone service is lousy... so, since she had a signal.. it was good to talk then. Another 20 minutes...

I finally threw in the pasta, pasta water, broth, and wine... this all took another ten to fifteen minutes...think I forgot to get any basil from my yard...

Added some fresh grated Parmesan... it is fun to grate... but you could use the stuff in a bag.

 This is what the final dish looked like:
It was DELICIOUS!!! I was really impressed... even though it took me three hours to make.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 14)

Yep, it is Monday... sorry about that... but it really isn't my fault...

It is time for me to link up with Kati and Kate for the GBU from my weekend... here goes:

The Good:
(And the Stern German bought me a new box of Crisp White! Both of these are good things.)

Kati used this image last week and I thought it was the best one I had seen:
I had heard that Iran was protesting one of the logos because it looked like it spelled "Zion." If this was the one... that would be a stretch.

My favorite events would have to be beach volleyball and swimming... so far. Actually even skulling sculling is mildly interesting if you drink enough wine.
The Bad:

Yep, that would have to be the bad part of my weekend, too. I sat down in the basement for hours upon hours. I never really watch tv... and I was so sick of sitting there... by the end of the opening ceremonies (which really did seem to last forever) I was sprawled across the couch with my head on the Angsty Teen's lap... just couldn't get comfortable... way too much sitting for me. Even a couple glasses of Crisp White didn't help all that much...

The Ugly:
Nope, it is not that the Olympics are on... although... did you see water polo? Too many Speedos...

The Ugly would have to be that I found out that the Stern German is able to break into people's houses... with a credit card... how is that even a real thing? Thought that was a made up thing.

My friend who is out of town asked me to go to her house and get her son's medication and mail it to her. Their spare key wasn't where it was supposed to be.

We looked all around and tried all the doors... all locked up. I checked the hiding place for the key from a couple years ago... the key was there... but all the locks had been changed.

I was thinking that she could fax me a photocopy of her key and I could go to Walmart and have been cut a key from the photocopy... I think that's a real thing...

But  when I came into the garage to tell the Stern German that idea... he was putting his Cabela's credit card back in his wallet... and the house door was open...
Seriously? Pretty sure this little trick of his will somehow land me in the slammer... wouldn't mind the break from my life... but don't think they would let me bring my box of Crisp White... dang.

I asked the Stern German where he learned that little felonious trick.. and he said, "All I can say is that my father was wrong when he said that my college education was a waste."
They both look so innocent... 
What? Who is this man? How did I not know that he could do this.... Wonder what else he has been hiding from me...

Have a great Monday! Would love to hear the GBU of your weekend!
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Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 13)

It's Friday! Time to tell you the five highlights of my week. We've been home a few days... I think I will show you five of my highlights from our trip to DC.

I liked:

1. The monuments, memorials, and museums, etc. (That's a lot to lump into one category!)

2. Arlington National Cemetery (Glad we paid $8.75/person for a tour... would've been too much walking after the long days we spent walking all around!)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Memorial for the Space Shuttle Challenger

This burns at JFK's gravesite.
3. The fact that Georgetown Cupcakes were actually better than those at Sprinkles!
So happy with her Red Velvet cupcake!
Stopped here one day because the lines were way shorter.
Cupcakes from Sprinkles
(And so glad that the cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes didn't look as much like eyeballs... or boobs as these from Sprinkles!)

 4.  That the Angsty Teen was willing to be in some pics with me on the trip!
At the World War II monument
At the FDR monument
 5. The fact that the Angsty Teen has a great sense of humor...
We saw these signs a lot...

 5.5 That the Angsty Teen FINALLY made it Maryland.

She has now been to 47 of the 48 contiguous states... one left.... Florida. What kind of parent doesn't take their kid to Florida? Oops. (Kati guest posted for her friend... she talked about a lot of our trips and some of her favorite places... read about that here!)
Hope your weekend is great! Check back with me on Monday for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my weekend... I better start planning a trip to Florida...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Home, Sweet.... what?

I'm home. Brought the Angsty Teen with me. So that's too bad... just kidding...
No, there wasn't a Colonial woman on the wing... I looked. 
The Angst Teen didn't lip off a whole lot on the trip... except for right when we arrived in DC. We were very hot and sweaty and having trouble finding the shuttle to the hotel...

She said, "This is going to be a fun trip. Wish I was home." (Shoulda brought my flask...)

I (actually, quite sweetly) replied, "I'd be happy to book you a flight home tomorrow. You'd just have to pay for the flight."

WHAM! That girl changed gears so fast I thought she was gonna hurt herself. I guess Money is her love language... pretty sure it isn't Quality Time... at least not with her family!
Not amused
So all the way home... while we were getting packed up, to the airport, on the plane, switching planes, and driving back home all I heard was, "I'm so tired." and "I just want to be home to veg out." These were the typical comments of the day. (Again, a flask would of come in handy here...)
Once we were home the Angst Teen was off to marching band practice for over three hours (that was actually brilliant planning on my part).

She came home to let me know that she was going to go run/walk/bike around the lake at 5:45 a.m. with her friends. (Didn't need the flask... just  my box of Crisp White....)

Huh. I thought she was so tired that she could barely be kind... but what do I know? Clearly, not much.

I really, really wanted to say, "Hell to the no... get to bed and sleep in... you're tired and ornery." But, I didn't say that... because I am (slightly) smarter than I look. (Hence, the box of chilled Crisp White...)

Instead I said, "Figure out what you can handle. I'd love to see you get lots of rest after this trip because you seemed really tired today, but do what works for you."

The Angsty Teen loves being in charge of her life.,, of anything,,, and everything, really...

So she had four of her friends meet up to bike around the lake and then they went to someone else's house for a while.

She got home at 8:15 this morning and she was so happy... Why? Because she loves being in charge... of anything... and everything... It makes her happy...

When she got home she even picked up some dog poop without being asked...

She also announced that she was going to clean her room and bathroom later in the day...

(I was thinking a trip to Urgent Care was in order... clearly she had whacked her head on something... or she had found my box of Crisp White...)

Maybe I am a wimp, maybe I choose my battles, or maybe I am smarter than I look...

yeah... probably not.... but smart enough to have a chilled box of Crisp White handy.

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I promise to actually make something other than a semi-happy Angsty Teen for "Pretty Things Thursday" next week!