Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 22)

It's Friday... not sure that is a big deal to me... that means that the Stern German and the Angsty Teen will be home over the weekend... but let's hear it for familial obligations and school activities that will keep the aforementioned duo busy and out of the house for part of the weekend! (I sound like a horrible person...)

Here are five of my highlights from my week:

1. The Stern German has been out of town all week for work.

Pro: I didn't have to cook real meals... & he wasn't home at 2:20 pm every single day.
Con: The Stern German's BFF needed my attention... constantly.
Riding shotgun... thinking he's all that.
2. I learned what Gangnam style is:

Pro: Kind of catchy... definitely fun.
Con: The tune is stuck in my head.

My girls (last weekend) did a little number for me...

My phone says the video was uploaded to youtube twice... but I can't get it to show up on youtube... maybe you won't get to see it... that's sad.

This might work...

Nope... dang.

Maybe this will work... woohoo! Looks like it will work! My video posting skills along with my video recording skills need a lot of work.

3. I was grateful that this wasn't my job...

Pro: It could be fun?
Con: Just about everything you can think of in regard to this job.
Lots of fresh air, but...
17th floor... no thanks.
4. I still made some good food... even though I didn't have to!

Pro: It is fun to cook... for fun!
Con: It is not fun to clean up the kitchen even if you were cooking for fun.
I made two different kinds of meatballs; roasted a turkey; made corn, potato, & chicken chowder, and...
fresh salsa
 and I roasted red peppers.

5. I cleaned out my closet! (I emptied everything out and started fresh.)

Pro: Found some things I didn't remember I had.
Con: So much work...
Before                                                   After
Everything falls on the floor... and just stays in a heap...
Ta da! (Gotta love $2 crates)
Purging! Garbage and things to donate...
Okay... I'll be honest... this was all garbage. I had two big bags of things to donate, too.

Also, I found this:
Yep, a little cashola...

I was sooo excited... but then I looked at the front of the envelope...
Really? She must have owed me money??? (We'll see if
she actually reads my blog and tries to claim the money.)

It was a lot of money... wish it was mine... oh well... if she doesn't claim it...

Have a great weekend! Check back on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate to tell you:
Incorporating Color

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kind of hating my life...

Thought it was gonna be a good day... no one peed their pants, no one shat their pants, no one fell...

Now it is 8:30 pm on Wednesday and it isn't such a good day anymore.

That's all I got...

All I want to do is scream and drink wine... not necessarily in that order...

But I have to be the responsible adult. Dang.

It really was a pretty good day... until 5:00 pm... so that's a big deal.

Then I lost any kind of time I thought I would have to finish anything... and I had started a big project.

Here's a little about my day...

This is the time the dog woke me up for the second day in a row... he is lucky to be alive (the Stern German is out of town so this is all me):
Damn dog.
I let the dog outside for a few minutes... brought him back in the garage... went back to bed... dog barked again... dealt with him again and put the bark collar on him... fell asleep for about 30 minutes... alarm went off... time to hang out with the Angsty Teen... made her a Spinach Fruit Smoothie... got her and two friends to band before 6:30.

Came home... tried to go back to sleep... dog started barking... went out to the garage... showed him the remote that goes to the bark collar... clicked the button that made it beep... he looked genuinely surprised... like he had forgotten that he had that thing on... he shut up and laid down. I guess he is smarter than I thought he was...

Fell back to sleep for about 40 minutes... alarm went off... soooo tired... finally got up... spent time with the four-legged beast... got ready for my day... went to see my geriatric parents... chatted for a few minutes... took my dad to work out... took my dad to Walmart... came back to their breakfast room and had him help me make some meatballs for meatball subs for supper tomorrow night.

(That makes my time with my father sound so easy... but I will give you more details another time.)

Got him down to lunch... said good bye... that is my favorite part... because it was only 12:30 when I got home and the Angsty Teen wasn't going to be home for several hours... and I was gonna tackle my closet.

This is one of those projects that has to get worse before it can get better... and it did. By the time I had everything out of the closet... and everything vacuumed and dusted... and it was time to start putting the two foot pile of clothes on my bed away in an orderly fashion... my house phone rang...

It was my mom... she needed some help...
The first sentence of this post wasn't really true anymore.
So, there went the rest of my night... between getting laundry in for my mom, getting their bed remade, heating up the Angsty Teen's supper, getting her to Walmart, getting my parents' stuff in the dryer, getting the Angsty Teen to a band sectional, fielding a phone call about a choir fundraiser, getting the loads out of the dryer and folded and put away, talking to the Stern German on the phone, chatting with Kati on the phone, trying to get my new phone to do a screen shot like my previous one did, spending quality time with the damn dog, spending time with the Angsty Teen, baking the meatballs, getting a load of my own laundry done, unpacking all the meatball making equipment, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning up the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, and finally getting a few things put away in my closet... the night was over... and I still hadn't written this post...

A lot of people tell me I will get my reward in heaven for all the help I'm giving my folks... but I think I would rather have cash... now... really. Please?

That's my night... my bed is heaped with clothes... my brain is tired... my dogs are barking... okay, really I just have one... and he is barking... time to go put him down... but just for the night...

Obviously MARvelous

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That's Slightly Pinteresting...

Time for me to show you some of my favorite things from Pinterest!

I mixed up a couple batches of this "paint" for the grandboys to use... but their mom picked them up early... so don't know exactly how it turns out... or if the one year old thought it was tasty... which I'm sure it wasn't... and I'm also sure he wouldn't care...

I will let you know if it last the week... and how it turns out!

When you have a child in The Sound of Music... this one catches your eye:
Better warn your girls, Michelle.

Then there's the Wizard of Oz. I'm pretty sure I've never seen that movie all the way through. Throughout my entire childhood I would get so freaked out over the tornado that I always left the room... by the time I came back I never thought it was worth watching I guess.

I know... that's kind of pathetic. But this made me smile:

Sometimes this is what I hear...

These things also made me laugh:

Oh, Mad Libs.

Last week in school one of the Angsty Teen's teachers told her class that one student a few years ago memorized over 100 places of pi.

Yep, that was her sister, Kati...  maybe we should make this sometime... like on March 14? Gotta find a recipe for gluten-free pi crust!

Cute wedding pic idea...

This is almost true:

Well, these are a few of my favorite things... besides the things I wrote about yesterday.

Time for me to go to go to the Angsty Teen's volleyball game... shoulda pregamed... dang.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Tasty Tuesdays

Not sure I am going to link up with my Tuesday folks anymore. Why? Well...

1. I don't think anyone new looks at my blog on those days.

2. I'm sure the person with the one site I link up with, even though she might be a very nice person, is just a lazy something or another. Really? You post a recipe once a week. How hard is that? One recipe a week... and she has like a bajillion followers. How does that work? (No, really, I want to know so I can imitate your style!)

My theory is that most everyone thinks they should be the next Food Network Star... and they post recipes for others to see... not to get recipes.

So today I'm not posting a recipe... Instead, I'll tell you about some things I like.

I like my haircut...
It won't ever look this good again... but really.
Yesterday my geriatric mother said, "Your hair doesn't look any different than it did before you got it cut." Okay, I can live with that... but then she went on to say, "Do you ever think of getting it cut short again? You were so pretty with short hair." Ummmm, thanks?

I like things that keep children entertained for a long time...
Liberace outfits for Christmas?
I like help watering my plants...
Thanks, buddy.
I like being in the know... except I never am!

Last night on the phone Kati explained to me that Amy Poehler was married to the gay guy from 30 Rock (such a funny show). I think she may have explained this to me a long time ago... but I'm bad at remembering things like that, I guess. 

Today while my dad was PT I picked up a People magazine... and saw this...
I just figured out you were married... geez.
I like not having school fundraisers... except that's not a real thing.

The Angsty Teen's school volleyball program sold cookie dough... for nets and jerseys. Really? Pretty sure I wrote a big old check for her to be able to participate. Nets? Jerseys? I'm thinking the school should be able to provide those.

So they manipulated motivated her to sell 40 boxes of said cookie dough so that she could get a free warm-up jacket. (She had just ordered a warm-up jacket... but this was even better than the one she shelled out $40 for apparently.)

If you can't beat 'em... (because really? that is frowned upon...) take 'em out to sell cookie dough. (And try to take them to houses of people that don't have school-aged kids anymore... that way you won't have to buy from their kids next week.)

Then one day...
 the dough is sent home...
And it needs to be delivered... NOW! Because it is frozen... and I who has that kind of freezer space?

We're almost done with that business... now (besides school calendars, band raffle calendars, burger fry tickets, and magazine fundraisers that are going on now... and remember... I only have one school-aged kid now) I will need to gear up for the frozen food sale... and the chili feed. I'm sure I'm forgetting some of them... but you get the idea.

How many times have you had to buy from kids selling junk so far this school year?

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 22)

Mondays sure seem to get here quickly. It is time for me to link up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color
 So here's what happened this weekend...

The Good: Kati came home!
See, Minnesota Bloggers? There's my picture in the background!
Former drum majors in the parade.. Kati's in there... but hard to see...
The Angsty Teen did a good job in the parade!
The Bad: The visit was really short

But there was enough time to be crazy...
Short enough visit to still like each other...

Too much fun makes him sleepy...
Err mer gerrrd, termerters!
The Ugly: Two things tied for this honor... 
Homemade fabric painted sashes the former drum majors were supposed to wear...
Our county fair float...
This was ugly and frightening... a ferris wheel with dolls...
I know people put in a lot of time and energy to make those two things I posted as "ugly"... dang.

Well, the weekend is over... how sad. One more day with Kati home would've been great.

Hope your week is good.

What was ugly about your weekend??

Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 21)

I can't believe I've been linking up with:
                    ...for HALF A YEAR! Time flies when you're having fun.

Here are the highlights from my week:

1. I met up with the Minnesota Bloggers and I got to meet MICHELLE!
It seems as if I owe her a glass of wine at the next event...
good job, oh You With the Delicate Touch!
2. I (finally) got a haircut!
3. Taking care of the pee cup was not my job! 
In the past week and a half I have had:

  • three regular doctors' appointments for my geriatric parents 
  • an Urgent Care visit with my mom
  • an Urgent Care visit with my dad
  • a visit to the ER with my dad
  • a pre-surgery appointment with my dad
  • an out-patient surgery appointment for my dad
  • a physical therapy session for my dad
  • two physical therapy sessions for my mom
  • a surgery follow-up appointment with my dad
  • multiple follow-up phones calls for both parents
  • a full day of appointments with the Stern German at the Mayo Clinic
  • a lab appointment with my dad
When we got to that last appointment and the lab person tried to hand me the above-pictured pee cup... I said, "Hell, no. That's not my job." Well, I said it in my head.

I just shook my head violently at the guy...I think I got whiplash... and pointed back at him. Gotta draw the line somewhere! I'm not touching the ding dong.

4. Last night was Parents' Night for volleyball for the Angsty Teen.

About an hour before the Angsty Teen had to be back to school for her game she told me she needed to stop and get us a card for Parents' Night.

I imagined we would go to Walmart... she wouldn't have any money... I'd have to give her money... to buy me a card... that then I would feel obligated to keep forever. Forget it.

I told her to just hand us the standard carnation and candy bar. (It's not my first time at the rodeo... I remember how this goes.)

But apparently, due to those damned budget cuts and in spite of our exorbitant activity fees and all of the not mandatory but really quite mandatory fundraising we are to engage in... there were only flowers and candy bars if the student bought them to give to their parents... or if the parents bought them to give to the student to give to their parents...

I told her to forget it... to just act like she likes us... I told her that would be enough of a gift for me... and well within my budget. (I figured giving me a box of wine would be frowned on...  I would've been happy to buy that for myself)
Nothing to give...
5. Kati's coming home for the weekend!
She was a drum major in high school and she is coming home to...
  • see her family (me) and a couple friends (also, me)
  • live out her lifelong dream of riding in a parade (at the big marching bad competition our town hosts this weekend... that lifelong dream may or may not be a real thing) 
  • sell her not-so-old cell phone to her sister
  • watch her sister in marching bad (well, maybe that's a reason)
  • let me ply her with good food and drink (gluten-free Snickerdoodles, anyone?)
Hope you have a great weekend! Check back on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making.... FRIENDS!

Guess what I am? Yep, that's right...
Minnesota Bloggers
Tuesday night I met up with a few other Minnesota bloggers! I drove 1 1/2 hours to get to them...
I was definitely going the right way during rush hour in Minneapolis!
A few of us met for a quick bite to eat before the main event:
The old lady and Kelly
Becky and (another) Kelly
Aren't they adorable? So young and perky... I walked in and told the hostess I was looking for a group of young women with thin bodies, glossy hair, & translucent skin. She immediately directed me to the booth where these beauties were sitting. Did I call that or what?

After dinner we drove over to the Paint Pub to meet up with a some more MN bloggers... 
What I was most looking forward to, besides hopefully not painting a picture that would turn out so poorly that they wouldn't let me take it home because they wouldn't want anyone to know where I got it, was meeting Michelle from You're my favorite today,

I've been reading her blog for a while and most days she makes me laugh out loud... and, yes, some days she makes me pee my pants just a little. (See told you I needed that sign from Walmart!)
Yay! We met!
We were the first two to belly up to the bar and get some wine... and by the time we had our second glass, my painting style (or lack thereof) was increasingly relaxed. 

The group had chosen to paint a picture of the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis with the downtown skyline in the background.

I thought the basic outline would be sketched in for us... Kati and I had done something like this when we were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras over her spring break. Those pictures were lightly sketched in for us... but not these! 

What? Me? Paint a picture on a blank canvas? I could probably do an abstract version... but nothing that was supposed to actually look like a real thing.

I can hold my own in a game of Pictionary... but that's the extent of my artistic talent...

Michelle and I shared our painting table with these lovely young things:
Melissa and Dawn
And, surprise! At the end of the night my picture didn't totally suck! Woohoo!
A fine time was had by all...
The Minneapolis skyline? Mine is more of an approximation that an exact replica. (Where I live no one will know if I have an extra building or am missing a window.)

This was a great group of people to hang out with. Even though I'm old enough to be everyone's mother... well, except Michelle, I could be her (much) older sister... I had a great time.

On my long drive home I had to stop for gas. It took the person several minutes to finally get the pump flipped on for me. When I went in to pay I told her that I had a text that gives me $.05 off a gallon.

She looked at me and said, "Are you on pump seven?"

I turned to look at the pumps...
and said, "Aren't I the only one out there?" Girl, don't quit your job... pretty sure your options are limited.

Obviously MARvelous