Friday, November 30, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 31)

It's already Friday... The Angsty Teen is finishing up her last day of finals for the trimester... Who has trimesters? Oh, I mean besides us... and she is done at noon.

Dang. That means she will be home all afternoon... on the plus side, since I have to pick her up at noon I don't have to eat lunch with my geriatric parents... so that's always a good thing.

Not that eating with them is always bad... but I'm usually with them... or at least one of them... usually my father... EVERY SINGLE COTTON PICKIN' MORNING. So by lunch time I am more than happy to head home to get something accomplished in my own house... or to just sit and do nothing... I've heard it both ways.

Anyway it's time for me to tell you the five best things of my week:

1. I think I finally figured out how to do a screen shot from my phone.

 Tweets from last night...
That's a big deal. I could do it on my old phone, but when it had to be replaced... with the same phone... but apparently a slightly "improved" model... I couldn't take screen shots anymore... I Googled it and tried a variety of methods, but nothing worked... FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK.

2. I've found some great ideas of things to do from blogs I read:
Empty wipe container....
Isn't he adorable... and so focused.

Kept the Grand Boy busy the whole time I made supper...  

3. It's Finals Week... wait, that's not a highlight... the trimester is over... wait... that might not be a highlight either... that means no school on Monday. I guess the good news is that I will get my dining room table back:
um...the glass of wine is mine...
Doesn't she have a table in her room? Pretty sure she does.

4. Made some great Chicken Black Bean Enchiladas for supper last night:
The cranberry margaritas that accompanied them were amazing!
5. I survived a week with a lot of doctor appointments for my parents: 
  • an appointment with my mom's eye doctor
  • a pre-op physical for my mom
  • a podiatrist visit for my dad
  • two physical therapy appointments (one for each of them)
  • a blood draw for my mo
  • an echocardiogram appointment for my mom
  • a chest x-ray appointment for my mom
It has been a crazy week... but it's really not all that different than any other one.

I'm hoping to not go to see any doctors for a while... oh, wait... the Stern German has appointments on Monday, both of my parents have physical therapy appointments next week, and the Angsty Teen has a dental appointment... this is my life. Are you jealous?

Hope your weekend is great... what am I saying... I hope my weekend is great! 
Join me on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate for The (Original) Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
Incorporating Color

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas...

This would totally be true... except I didn't put up any Halloween decorations! Anyway... time to get crackin' on Christmas... especially on Christmas gift lists.

Okay... not so sure anyone, except Kati, in my family reads my blog... which is really how I would prefer it to be... although, last week when the Angsty Teen asked me how long I had been blogging... I said... "Since about April"... and the Stern German said... "Thirty weeks."

Really? Pretty sure the only way you would know that is if you read what week it was that I was linking up for the GBU...

That means the Stern German might be reading this... Hi, honey! (damn)

Well, I'm deciding to put this newfound knowledge of mine to good use...

Here are a few things I would like for Christmas:
(Hey, Stern German man, if you are ever going to read my blog... today's the day!)

1. World peace... haha, never gonna happen.

2. This picture for above my piano...

Since my girls and I have been to each of the 48 contiguous states... except I am a terrible parent and have never taken the Angsty Teen to Disney World so she hasn't been to Flo Rida... I thought I would enjoy looking at this print every day of my life. It would make me smile.

It's for sale at my favorite gift shop in town... and the owner will give you 20% off, dear...

Actually I told Kati that I could probably just make it... it's a pretty simple drawing... I could trace a map... but she abruptly said, "No, you can't." She knows me well.

3. A Silpat Mat
This would be great for something... some kind of baking... I've seen all the famous people on Food Network use one, I'm sure.... But the problem is that I don't know what size I need. I guess I could go and measure the pans I would use it in... but I'm tired... not now.

4. A metal spatula... like those two at the bottom of this set...

This set is from Rachael Ray's stuff... don't always like watching her... pretty sure I'm just jealous because it seems as if she's usually had more wine than me... But, this whole set might be nice... I already have lots of orange stuff in my kitchen. I wish it didn't have her name on it...

5. Another large rubber spatula from Pampered Chef...

Pampered Chef

Well, the one I have is fine... sometimes two of them might be nice... but really, I just want another one once mine bites the dust... so I guess I don't need that now.

6. Gift certificates

What for? Um... my favorite restaurant... um... Pier 1... Target... but really? As soon as I get a gift card for some place... I never find anything I want there... so... maybe #7 is really the best choice.

7. CASH!!! Show me the money!

That clips always makes me laugh.

With enough cash I could just go buy all those things when I find them... and stock up on wine... and go out to eat... and shop for clothes.

Actually this sums it up pretty well:

What do you want for Christmas? If you are one of my daughters... don't even answer that... it's too late. I've already done most of my shopping. If you are my Stern German... no need to answer either... already stocked up on the coal...

Obviously MARvelous

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I'm Loving...

Today I'm going to link up with Jamie for a new Wednesday thing...

What I'm Loving Wednesday!
I'm supposed to tell you things I've been loving lately... so, here goes!

I'm loving the Vegetable Curry I made this week...
...especially topped with Greek yogurt and cilantro!
I'm loving that the Stern German's Grand Boys know/like us. 

This little guy always needs to check to mouse at the computer at the public library to make sure that there is a red light on underneath it... every week... several times each visit!

This guy is learning to be game for whatever adventures I've planned for him... even if he doesn't want his picture taken!
Puppy Chow!

He measured out everything... but his favorite part? Sampling the chocolate chips... you know, quality control and all... and sticking his already licked finger in my powdered suger container and licking it off... "It's gooooooood, gwamma!" Might need to throw that container out.

I'm loving that the Angsty Teen has finals this week...

She is spending a lot of time studying! I was loving this because I was thinking that this meant the house was kind of quiet...

But, unfortunately, I'm realizing she isn't studying in her room or in the basement... but in the dining room... which is open to the living room... which is where I'm sitting... with her new New Direction cd playing pretty loudly and with constant, constant, constant narratives about how the studying is going... Did I mention constant?

I really want to say, "Shut up and study!" But that would be rude...

If I wait for a while... she will be done for the night... and the house will be quiet!
Down for the count.
I'm loving that next week is Kati's birthday and I'm going down to celebrate with her!!!
This picture is when I celebrated her 21st birthday with her... that was great.

And... this is what I'm loving on Pinterest:
Actually, I couldn't find this on Pinterest... just saw it on Facebook!

If I was a teacher I'd have to get me one of these:

And although I'm not a cat person... I am an alcohol person...

Aside from the capitalization issues... I think this is funny. I've never watched the show... but it might make me feel a little better about things!

 Hope your Wednesday is great... what am I saying? I hope my Wednesday is great!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lots of News

I've got a few new things to tell you about:

1. New linkup
This is a new linkup I found from Leslyn's Lovely Life blog. In theory it would be a great way to share any new music you have found. Unfortunately I don't even know how to find new music. I will work on that for next week's linkup.

I think I will really enjoy checking out the music that others put on their blogs for the linkup.
Leslyn's Lovely Life

This week I will post a video from a Minnesota band that I posted months ago. The drummer is from my town. His brother graduated with Kati... so that makes her almost famous... haha.

I couldn't find any video of the band actually performing this song...  and I'm not really a big country music fan, but... I kind of like this song.

2. New decision... again
When I woke up this morning I remembered that last night I decided I was going to do some sort of workout when I got back from driving the Angsty Teen to school this morning.

So I put on a sports bra and workout clothes before I left the house... sometimes just getting a sports bra on is a workout... but, really.

I put my UGGS on my bare feet and drove the child to school. When I got home I went up and found a pair of socks in my room (pretty sure 99.4% of my socks are in the Angsty Teen's dirty clothes pile in her room) and grabbed my tennies from the back door and headed down to the basement.

I did remember to take a pair of reading glasses down with me... last week I had to abort the workout plan because I couldn't read anything on any of the remotes and I decided that by the time I had gotten that far along in the plan I had already sweat enough.

The week before that when I tried to play a Just Dance DVD the controller bar fell off the top of the tv into the great Abyss of a Thousand Wires... and I couldn't get it out. Sometimes you gotta know when to walk away...

I digress. I found the remote for the tv... sometimes I'm pretty impressed with myself that I can even find that sucker let alone operate it...

The tv was playing stuff from the Angsty Teen's Wii. "Don't panic," I told myself. "Think, think, think... you know how to get out of this..." Sometimes encouragement is crucial.

I found the button on the tv remote to switch from AUX to TV and got it turned over. At that point I nearly pulled a muscle patting myself on the back... so dang proud.

Since I had glasses down there I was able to:
  • find a good DVD workout to do
  • find the DVD player remote (also not an easy task)
  • turn the DVD player on
  • open the DVD player
  • get the DVD in straight
  • close the DVD player
  • find the play button
Things were going along quite well... but something wasn't quite right. The dvd wasn't showing.

Then I remembered that there were those three cables on the back of the tv that go to the Wii that need to be unplugged... and there were three identical cables from the dvd player that needed to be plugged into those same openings. Damn. I hate those cables... especially if they fall behind the tv cabinet...

It is always helpful for me at this point to say aloud the color pattern from nearest to farthest away... such as "Red, yellow, empty spot, empty spot, white." If I say the pattern outloud twice I tend to be able to get the new cables plugged into the right spots... even with glasses on it is kind of dark behind there.

Maybe along with my socks and tennies and glasses I need to bring down a flashlight?

Okay. Got all that done.

Time to put on my shoes and socks. I noticed that the Angsty Teen had a tennis shoe in the basement... in the middle of the room, no less... but only one. Weird... oh well, sometimes I just don't get that kid.

Anyway I got my socks on and grabbed my tennis shoes... but then I realized that I only had one shoe down there. Apparently I had grabbed one of the Angsty Teen's tennies. Except only mine can really be called tennies... hers should be called twelvies... in my defense it is kind of darkish by the back door... and I didn't actually have the glasses on at that point.
Not identical in any way, shape, or size!
Back up the stairs to the back door to replace her shoe for mine. Back down the stairs. I finally got my shoes on.

I was definitely on a roll. Readjusted my ponytail... got the kettlebell...  It was a good thing that the kettlebell was just sitting out by the workout DVDs or I might have spent forever just looking for that thing. After I dusted it off and put on workout gloves... I started the DVD.
The ceiling is low and the tv is close... gotta be very careful.
By this time I was pretty proud of myself... and pretty winded. Just kidding... I was hardly breaking a sweat.

I did the whole warm-up portion of the workout AND I started Workout #1. Then I looked at the clock... and decided that due to time constraints and out-of-shapedness constraints it was time to be done for the day.

3. New thing
Several months ago this great website called Shabby Apple asked me to consider becoming one of their affiliates. I kind of kept forgetting about it and never really checked into it.

I finally sat down yesterday and figured out part of the deal. Feel free to click on the links below to check out their clothes.

They have a lot of classic looks, some fun things, and they're the kind of clothes where you won't be constantly tugging at the necklines or hemlines every time you wear them.

Dresses from Shabby Apple
There's a site wide sale going on... 20% off by using the code "Joyful Season."

Little Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple

Wow... kind of a long post. Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Tuesday is great.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The (REAL) GBU! (Week 31)

Hey, it's Monday... and time for me to once again link up with Kati and Kate to bring you The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my weekend!
Incorporating Color
If you want to read about the crazy drama about this link up last week, click on Kati's name and/or Kate's name and read their blogs today.

1. It was Thanksgiving!

The Good: Kati was home and it was fun to be together.
The Bad: We ate Thanksgiving dinner where my parents live... but my folks liked the food.
Never did get a picture of all of us.. but look at the beauties with lipstick on...
Lots of sub-par food... or should I say lots of soft food? The dinner came over from the nursing home... not so good... turkey roll, creamed corn, institutional dressing, instant mashed potatoes, and canned gravy! (Sometimes I take shortcuts... I really like Stove-Top Stuffing... but this was lacking.)

The Ugly: So many dishes.
At least these are all clean!
I cooked a lot of food over the past few days: two turkeys that we could have for supper one night... with lots of great leftovers, mashed potatoes, dressing, Eggs Benedict, vegetable curry, turkey hot dish, turkey stock, lasagna, gluten-free lasagna... so much good food.
veggie curry
2. The Stern German planned a surprise party for my birthday.

The Good: Several of my friends met us at my favorite Mexican restaurant. 
Another Good: My birthday isn't for a month... and I can relax now!
I wouldn't love a big surprise party... that sounds kind of exhausting.
My girls at my party...
The Bad: The Stern German had given one of my friends the cash for the bill. 
Why is this bad? Well, all the women were super-impressed with his plan...but their husbands will be mad at him because their wives are swooning over the Stern German's plan... and wanting their men to be so generous and thoughtful.

The Ugly: One of my friends was already pretty much feeling no pain by the time she got there. 
That didn't go so well... you know you've had way too much to drink if your friends replace your margarita with a little margarita and mostly ice water... and you don't notice.
mostly water...
3. The person I've been linking up with on Wednesdays apparently gave me a three hour deadline to change my post from last Friday... because my post was negative. 

The Good: I didn't actually check my email for several days... so by the time I read the threat I didn't even have to deal with it!

The Bad: I probably wouldn't have changed anything anyway... 

The Ugly: This whole situation has shown me a less-than-positive side of blogging.

Oh well, I never got that many page views as a result of that link up anyway. And if you consider one bad interaction with three bloggers out of the hundreds and hundreds of great blogs out there... it's a pretty great group of people!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! If you have a blog, consider linking up with:
Incorporating Color

Friday, November 23, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 30)

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty good!

Here are five the best parts of my week... in no particular order...

1. Kati's home, her back is better, and we did our own version of a Turkey Trot race...

The Angsty Teen and I walked and Kati ran...we saw two bald eagles....
That was pretty cool.
... it was a beautiful day to walk/run around the lake.

2. Thanksgiving dinner was pleasant... a little drink beforehand helped tremendously....
Grandma loves it when we all wear lipstick...
3. This week had some beautiful days! Really? 70 degrees in late November?

My garden boy got my tulips planted... all 80 bulbs... in clumps around the front steps.
He's not all that stern.
Wasn't so sure this would get done yet this year!

4. We don't really need any of the major deals at Walmart on the Black Friday sale!

Instead of being in line for about three hours like we were last year waiting for a big ticket item... we just really wanted movies and a few other small things this year.

It was kind of like White Trash Day at Walmart... but really. White Trash Day and a high school reunion for Kati all rolled into one... well maybe more of a middle school reunion because lots of these kids didn't graduate from high school.

Saw several people that looked like they could be related to Honey Boo Boo's mom...

I'm pretty sure that compared to a lot of the people we saw at Walmart... we all look pretty good... all the time.

5. I'm glad that my daughters have integrity.

Specifically, this whole linkup stealing thing is crazy... This is something that Kati and Kate have been dealing with this week.

It's unbelievable to me that someone upon being told that the same exact linkup they just started was one that someone else had been doing for seven months... wouldn't cease and desist... or take someone up on their offer to co-host the existing linkup...

or that they think because they have more followers that they can do what they want.

I'm glad most bloggers aren't like this... but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you come across people like that.

Oh well. I hope you have a great weekend. Happy Friday!
Join me on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate for their original:
Incorporating Color
If you have a blog, feel free to link up with them... tell us all about the GBU of your weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I posted this:

and, unfortunately, it's true for a lot of us!

My girls and I were going to be running a race this morning in the Twin Cities... but Kati hurt her back.. and we decided to skip the race this year... so sad... haha!

Glad she is doing better... and kind of somewhat glad to not be trying to fit the race into our lives...

Katie got home last night... I cooked two turkeys and made stuffing... and made a great red sauce with Italian sausage.... almost ready to assemble the lasagne for supper!

We are eating with my geriatric, bariatric parents at their assisted living place for Thanksgiving lunch. I'm bringing wild rice dressing. It's made... I even made my own croutons... for the first time ever... and it's in the fridge.

The turkeys I roasted are for us to nibble on throughout the next few days, for me to share with my parents, and for Kati to take home.

Tomorrow morning  I will heat the dressing up, pregame a lot  little, and head over for lunch with my family in tow!

This month I've been tweeting #thankful tweets... here is the list so far:

#thankful tweet: Day 1 - Thankful might be harder than I thot. Thankful for not having a job right life is crazy enuf.

#thankful tweet Day 2- Thankful that no one shat their pants yet this month... well, no one I'm responsible for. Really. It's a big deal.

#thankful tweet: Day 3- thankful for a quiet house for a small part of the day.

#thankful tweet: Day 4-Thankful for children who love me.

#thankful tweet: Day 5-Thankful for seat heaters in my car.

#thankful tweet Day 6- Thankful that I live in a country where I have the right, responsibility, & privilege to vote. Vote early, vote often. :)

#thankful Day 7: Thankful for the people who love me... (but not the creepy guy at the liquor store...)

 #thankful Day 8: Thankful for a husband who thinks I'm adorable.

#thankful Day 9: Thankful for the sunshine. It makes most things better....

 thankful #Day 10: Thankful for a beautifully warm Nov day...& for my teen. Happy Belated Birthday, Angsty Teen!

Day 11: #thankful that the snow today isn't at all like the Armistice Day blizzard of 1940. Several at lunch told stories about that day.

Missed #thankful Day 12: Glad we get to be part of the Stern German's grandboys' lives.

Day 13: #thankful for a godly mother.

Day 14: #Thankful for capable daughters.

Day 15: #Thankful for wine....or wine that tastes great! Great supper of split pea soup, homemade buns, and vino.

 Day 16: #Thankful for a clean basement & for the family members that got down there & helped.:-) ... the Angsty Teen and The Stern German!

 Day 17: #Thankful for good friends that i can chat with and catch up with after a long time of not being able to connect.

Day 18: #Thankful for a quieter-than-normal Sunday afternoon.

Day 19: #Thankful for not having to eat lunch w/my parents at their place. Too much togetherness & stress. I get to eat leftovers!

Day 20: Thankful 4books, tho time 2 read is nil & 4 new book out 2day. Shoulda put name on the list at lib sooner.

#thankful Day 21: Thankful that Kati is home safely... and that the rest of the weekend sounds kind of relaxing!

Day 22; #THANKFUL for my readers, my family, and a God who loves me abundantly.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Obviously MARvelous

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That's Slightly Pinteresting...

Tomorrow is the big day...

I like that card... except for the poor punctuation...

Apparently a lot of families go to movies after their big Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm not much of a movie goer... I tend to wait until they come out on dvd and then rent then five to ten years after the fact... if at all.  But apparently this movie is out:

I heard Lincoln was shot on location.  Too soon? Sorry.

Gotta watch what we eat over the holidays... don't wanna end up looking like this...

Now that is a shelf. You could decorate that business...

And this is definitely something to be thankful for:

Oh, third grade... I still remember what I wore that night... the memories haunt me... do you realize how long ago that was for me?????

So you think your parents are embarrassing? Well...

This dad used to dress up in a different costume every day to wave to his son on the school bus... I think the kid was 15!!!!! Haha... now I think he just does it once a week. Funny blog.

My cough/cold is pretty much gone... wish my doctor had prescribed this for me:
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Kati is heading home for Thanksgiving... and I'm pretty sure this sums up the things we will talk about the next few days:

If you are travelling for Thanksgiving, be safe. If you are seeing family, be drinking... just kidding... but not really.

I just went to The Vintage Apple blog to grab this button... and imagine my surprise when I saw that today she linked up with two bloggers to do The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly linkup... and those bloggers weren't Kati or Kate!

I would assume people wouldn't steal other peoples' ideas... and if you were told that someone had already used the idea (you may have thought was yours) months and months earlier that you would cease and desist. However... that doesn't seem to be the case. Integrity, anyone?

What would you do?