Friday, December 27, 2013


I guess today was Friday. Huh... go figure. I didn't take the time to blog all week.

I  played with this boy this morning... we baked cookies.

We made Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies to share with Kati.

But when Auntie Kati saw how much I let this boy taste all the ingredients... at one point he tried to stick his entire head into the mixing bowl to bob for dough... she chose not to try a cookie. 

I just sent them home with him... I didn't eat one either!

I've (nearly) survived Christmas. We have one more get together on Sunday. But tomorrow? Tomorrow is my birthday!

Today I decided to hit the cleaning of the house hard... Because tomorrow? That is not in my plan.

I really wanted to have help from my girls... but sometimes that's a bit tricky.

Kati had plans with a friend for coffee at 12:30 this afternoon... and now it is 9:00 pm and she just walked in the door. Glad I didn't wait for her to be home to help... I'm too tired to do anymore now.

I I bribed the Angsty Teen to help me. I told her I would give her $20 for one hour of solid work.

I pointed out that it was more than twice the hourly wage she makes working the the little gift shop in town where she occasionally helps out... and she was suddenly on board with the plan.

She was a pretty good worker... she didn't whine or complain much... and we accomplished a lot!

Then tonight after supper, the Stern German, the Angsty Teen, and I did a little more work. Yay!

Since tomorrow is my birthday... I'm starting off the day with mimosas... I'm not going to do any housework...  I'm not going to make anything... I want to be a bum.

I want to sit around...  I want to watch a movie... and... well, do whatever it is that bums do all day... except that I will make my family join me to eat lunch with my parents... Pretty sure that bums don't do that... although my brother ate with them last week... so I guess you could argue that point.

I will make mimosas, dinner plans, and a couple of fun drinks... but that's about it... I hope.

Wish me luck... things rarely turn out as good as I hope they will... but a girl can dream.

Friday, December 20, 2013

High Five for Friday

Fridays seem to come around pretty often... and here it is again!

Since it's Friday... that means I'm supposed to tell you my five highlights... so, without further adieu...

I will tell you what the top five things are that I survived this week...

I survived:
1. The recovery of the Angsty Teen from her wisdom tooth ordeal.
She didn't get dry sockets... YAY!
The cloth napkins I put over the ice packs coordinate nicely with my chair!
2. A really long Christmas choir concert.
There were about seven different choirs/ensembles... each sang several songs...
3.  My brother's trip to to town.
Someone who met him told me he looked old enough to be my dad.
That person is my new best friend.
4. Monday night with The Grand Boys.
This guy was just a little naughty... but so dang cute. And boy #2 laid in my arms for an hour and a half in his Lightning McQueen underwear... with a fever of over a 102... while his clothes and blankets were in the wash since he'd thrown up all over them.

He didn't want to wear any of the clothes i had... What a night.
"Oh, is this what I'm not supposed to pick up?"
 5. Listening to over twenty songs that high school kids arranged for instrumental ensembles.
The Angsty Teen pretty much just pretended to play because her mouth hurt. Some of the arrangements were so good... and other ones were kind of painful to have to sit through. Maybe I should've jacked one of that girl's Vicodin beforehand.

That's the list of the things I survived this week. It's been a long and busy week. Hope the weekend is a little quieter... but it probably won't be!

Have a great weekend! Kati is coming home later in the weekend... woohoo! It will be great to spend time with both my girls together.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Jar

If you were a music-listening person in the 70s and 80s.... then... you are old. Haha... I was going to say, "Just kidding!"... but it's probably true.

This song has been running through my head since last night. Thought I would share it with you so it can get stuck in your head, too!

It's not a bad song; in fact, it's pretty great. It's just that no part of it except the "She's gone."... which I have adjusted in my head to sound like "He's gone." is applicable to my situation.

I just keep singing that one line over and over. And, instead of it sounding like "He's gone."... it sounds a little more like "He's gone!" (Big difference... did you notice the exclamation mark?"

Well, maybe a little more like "He's gone!!!!!"

Okay, maybe a lot more like "HE'S GONE!!!!!"

Probably more like "HE'S GONE!!!!!"

Yeah, you're right. It's definitely more like "HE'S GONE!!!!!"

or "HE'S GONE!!!!!"

or "HE'S GONE!!!!!"

I think you get the idea.

Anyway, I think I pretty much survived my brother's visit... Although they haven't left town yet. But, I'm not slated to see them this morning. They said good bye to us all yesterday/last night. yipee!

If I had a jar like they have on "New Girl"...I know, right? Me referencing something current from a TV show? Well, it's not that current... apparently it's already on season three...

If I had a jar like they have on "New Girl"... If you don't know about the jar... they call it a "douche jar". Urban Dictionary defines "douche" as:
a word to describe an individual who has shown themself to be very brainless in one way or another

And on the show anytime anyone says something rude they have to put money in the jar... although... I think it's only Schmidt that ever has to put money in the jar...

That being stated... If I had used a jar like that while my brother was visiting...I would've made bank. He's pretty rude... and, unfortunately, not funny. Just straight up rude.

I'll have to keep that in mind for his next visit in three to five years.

But for now... I'll just keep singing my song...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making a List...

Got back from having lunch with my mom and the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy... a.k.a. my dad... and my not-so-great-to-be-around brother, his wife, son, and daughter who pulled into town last night.
I may or may not have pregamed... just a little... it may or may not have helped... Just sayin'.

But, I did take my mother at her word. She told me to take a break while my brother was in town because he could help them with stuff. I'm sure that'll go well...

At 10:30 this morning my mom called my house. I didn't answer... Remember? She told me to take a break... I was just obeying my mother.

When she couldn't reach me she called my new cell phone number. I was so proud of her for figuring out how to call it, I rewarded her by answering. 

We chatted for a few minutes... my goal was to keep it to less than five minutes. I succeeded. Yay, me.

She asked me when I would be over. I told her in a little over an hour. I would be there just in time for lunch.

I asked her how she was enjoying her time with A... a.k.a. my brother, a.k.a. her son... a.k.a. The Chosen One... she said he hadn't shown up yet.  Well, there's a big surprise. Maybe the "A" stands for something other than his name...

So since I was choosing to take my mom at her word... I didn't show up at all this morning. Just got there in time for lunch. When I walked into the dining room... my mom said, "Well, she's finally here." and the diabetic, geriatric, blind guy said, "You're really late." Huh... no, actually lunch is served now... so... I figure I'm right on time...

The idea of having someone else help them with stuff sounds great... in theory... but... I was kind of afraid it would just make more work for me in the long run.

After lunch... when we went back up to my parents' place... I noticed that my mom had a grocery list on the table... AND... she was ready to give it to me. What? I'm on break!!!!!

Three of the items on the grocery list had stars by them. My mom said they were the things that she "desperately" needed... milk; distilled water for the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy's CPAP machine; and breakfast sandwiches.

Also on the list? Waffles, syrup, eggs, bread thins, cereal, and.... wait for it... stool softeners. 

She said I could just get the three items that she had stars next to them... and I could get the other things in a few days.

That was big of her. Except for the fact that... I'm on a (much-needed, highly-desired) break.

There were other things on the list... but the one that made me smile a little was... stool softeners.

Yep, my mom needed stool softeners. But.. "You can just get them for me later. I have enough to last for three more days."

Hey, guess what? I 'm on a break... and I think someone else can buy the damn stool softeners so that my break can last just a little bit longer...

When I told my mom that I thought we should just add them to the list for A to get... She said, "Well, he won't know what to buy." Really? How many kinds could there be???

I said, "That's true... but don't you have a bottle you could show him." I mean, yes... he's an idiot... but... he's not a complete idiot. Well, that may or may not be true...

When my mom asked if I'd gone to the bank to get more money to buy their stuff for them...  I said I hadn't gotten there... I told her that I was pretty sure A could spring for the items and that she could pay him back later... or not... seriously? The things would cost less than $15.

So... my while mom presented A with the list of things needed from Walmart... I walked out the door.

I didn't go to the bank.

I didn't go to Walmart.

I didn't do anything but drive home.

Oh, I did do one other thing... I rued the fact that my mom's pee pads weren't on the Walmart list. That would've been pretty great...

I hate buying those things.

Monday, December 16, 2013

More Hours in the Day

It's the week before the week before Christmas.

I felt like I was on top of my game in November... Well... only in the area of gift buying.

I was probably on top of my game as far as baking and decorating too... but only in my head since I had actually started either of those things yet.

It can feel a little overwhelming... what will all the stuff to do to get ready for Christmas. But this is a week that actually has double the number of hours in a day. I should be able to productive beyond belief!

What? Why? I'm sure you are wondering how I'm going to get double the number of hours in my days.

It's kind of a secret...

...but I can tell you.

I might have try sell this idea to other people... so don't tell anyone until I get my patent.

The reason? My brother is coming to town.

I know what you're thinking...

"Wow... that's great. He must be going to help Sally. I bet he is going to do everything for their mom and their diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy dad for the next week so Sally can get stuff done. What a great guy!"

That would be great... but if that's what you thought... you are dead wrong.

Actually, dead, dead wrong. That might be a poor choice of words... one can only hope... just kidding...

My brother is pretty much unhelpful and not fun to be around... and... well... never mind... that's a post for another day.

So... what's my secret for getting more hours in my days?

Well, last week... when my dad asked me how long my brother is staying... I replied, "Huh... guess I wouldn't know that since he hasn't called me about the visit. He just told you and his family were coming when you happened to call him last week."

I continued, "But I'm pretty sure... that no matter how long he stays... it will feel like for-freakin-ever."

The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy laughed. So, at least he gets that my brother is awful to be around.

So, see? I'm thinking that the two or three days my brother and his family will be here will actually feel like at least two or three times that many days.

In theory, I should be able to get a lot of work done in all the extra time that I will have!

Day after day after freakin' day... so much time... so much work to do...

I probably should've carb loaded last night...

Oh, and if you want your days to slow down... where one day will seem as long as two or three days... so that you can increase your productivity also? Just let me know! I'll arrange for my brother to visit you.

Friday, December 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

I haven't blogged all week. It's been crazy. With all the stuff that has gone on this week, I'm not really any closer to being ready for Christmas than I was a week ago. Dang...

Plus, it's Friday the 13th... so that's rather unfortunate... but really? I'm thinking that things couldn't possibly seem more bizarre than normal.

Oh well... I'll get my act together... eventually. Or not... either way... Christmas will be here on time!

Since last Friday... here are five of the highlights from my week:

1. I was able to celebrate Kati's birthday with her!
2. Santa came and visited... and we determined my dad had been naughty this year.
Pretty sure that's not the real Santa...
3. I was able to go and see the Angsty Teen's singing group perform...
I think the pic's a bit blurry...  or maybe I need to wash my glasses... but I'm too tired to care! Sorry.

4. This little guy came and played on Wednesday.

  • baked chocolate chip cookies
  • read books
  • played with trains
  • didn't pee our pants (I think he was worried about me on that one...)
  • watched a John Deere tractor video
It was his idea of a perfect morning... And, he learned what happens when you blow on a big bowl of flour. Hilarious.

5. The Angsty Teen is recovering from having her wisdom teeth out yesterday.
What song comes to mind when you see her picture? This is what I started singing to her:

Antibiotics every six hours, alternating different pain meds every three hours, and ice packs every 45 minutes... this is kind of an exhausting job! But she's been doing great... so that's good news.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Friday, December 6, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!

I am at Kati's... I drove to Omaha to celebrate her birthday. We had a nice evening going out for dinner and meeting up with a friend of hers for dessert.

Now Kati is at work... and I'm at her apartment... by myself... as in alone... all alone.

Not gonna lie... I'm pretty excited about my day...

I do believe I am:

1. Not wiping anyone's arse.
Sorry, guys.... not today.
2. Not taking anyone to to any doctor's appointments.
Last week? There were four doctor appointments and next week there are three... but none today!

3. Not pushing any wheelchairs or loading walkers into cars.
You would think I would have totally buff arms by now. That is not the case.
4. Not repeating what I say until it is heard and understood... I said, "Not repeating what I say until it is hear and understood!"
She's very sweet... but most days can't hear worth a lick.
5. Possibly day drinking... just a little... and watching mindless television... or maybe even taking a nap... People do that, right?
Who am I kidding? I don't nap... and I don't sit around doing nothing... but it could happen.

We'll see... Who knows how I will spend my day.

But, barring any crises at home... I will be here with Kati until Sunday. So... no butt-wiping for a few days... at least that's what I'd like to think!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kati!

Today is Kati's birthday! And, hopefully... if the weather cooperates... by the time you read this... I will be on my way to visit her for a long weekend. Woohoo!

Kati, I'm proud of you for so many reasons...

... that you love Jesus...
... that you are a kind sister to the Angsty Teen...
... and that you learned, early on, how to smile and be ready for a pic even if the baby wasn't ready...
... that you are fun to travel with... (or that you are a fun person with which to travel...)
 ... and that you are a fun person in general!

 Cheers to you! Happy Birthday! I love you abundantly.

See you tonight!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas is Coming

Yep, it's true... I'm not necessarily behind schedule on the Christmas preparations I need to do. I mean, the living/dining room area is decorated enough and packages keep arriving nearly every day from Amazon. So it's all pretty much good.

The tree is up... and the lights are on it. And, when it came time to decorate the treeI realized that year after every-dang-year the Angsty Teen says she wants to help put the ornaments on the tree... and then I wait... and I wait... and I wait... and in the end... I end up doing them by myself because she is never in the mood to help after all.

This year I asked her if she wanted to help with the tree or if she wanted me to go ahead and drink copious amounts of wine and decorate it on my own. (Okay, that's probably not how I worded the question to her... that's just how it sounded in my head.)

She said she wanted to help.

Yep, that's what she said.

Pretty sure that girl is a dirty, rotten liar.
Dirty. Rotten. Liar.
Because she never did help with the tree. Well, she helped a teeny, tiny  bit.

She helped put the first ornament on the tree. It was a comical replica of the dog we no longer have.

We didn't cry when we put it on the tree... so that's progress... at least for the Angsty Teen. I wasn't sure if she would cry or not... but I was pretty sure I wouldn't cry.

I thought I would just be ever-so-slightly relieved that the damn dog wasn't barking liking a maniac in the middle of the night from our heated, attached garage... where he reigned supreme... at the end of the hallway... just down from our bedroom.

After that ornament was on the Christmas tree, and the Angsty Teen put approximately two more decorations on the tree... she proceeded to go sit at the bar counter and work on a project for band.

I guess I should be impressed that she put about three times more ornaments on the tree than she did last year. Just think... next year she might put up almost ten of the dozens and dozens of ornaments we have.

Anyway... now the tree is decorated and... yes... the bottle of Pinot Gris is gone... and by some strange quirk of fate... I'm not even mad that she didn't help. It's probably the wine.

I do like wine.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Not Part of the Plan

Thanksgiving with my parents went off without a hitch. My dad was positive he could make it up the stairs... and I wasn't so sure... but he did it! The Stern German had built a ramp that he was ready to pull out of the garage, but he didn't have to get it.

The meal was delicious. No one fell. No pants were shat. But, I realize, looking back, that a comment I made on Stephanie's blog yesterday... was ill-timed... or prophetic?

I wrote: My Thanksgiving is shaping up to be fine. Pretty sure there'll be some arse wiping... but as long as there's no one falling or dying... it's all good.

Well, no one fell... but...

The Stern German and I took my dad back to my parents' place while the Angsty Teen hung out with my mom at our house. Then we came back for my mom. The Stern German helped me get my mom home and then he went home... just as the Angsty Teen was coming over to bring me home. (I had told her to give me 15-20 minutes because I was going to help my mom change their sheets. The Angsty Teen didn't actually hear me say how long she should wait... so she came a little early... which was good.)

On her way out of the garage door, the Angsty Teen stopped to pet the dog... her beloved dog... that we've had since she was a preschooler. He was having a tough day... he has had those lately... but he always rebounds and is fine the next day.

Well, between the time the Angsty Teen left the garage and the time that the Stern German drove into the garage... a time span of ten minutes at the most... our dog took his last breath.
It's been a pretty sad evening around here. The Stern German and the Angsty Teen loved that dog tremendously.

I liked him a little... okay, probably way more than a little...

But, on a positive note, he went pretty quickly. He didn't suffer. He died quite peacefully. We didn't have to make any decisions about putting him down.

He was a great pet for the Angsty Teen. He loved her unconditionally.

He was the Stern German's best buddy. That dog loved the Stern German whole-heartedly.

Now, who will jump for joy and bark in enthusiasm when the Stern German drives into the garage after work?

I'd better step up my game.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's the night before Thanksgiving...

  • the wild rice dressing is made... 
  • the green bean casserole (for the Angsty Teen) is ready to bake... 
  • the jellied cranberries and whole cranberry sauce from the cans are ready to serve... 
  • the Reindeer Relish (it's a combination of fresh cranberries, apples, and oranges) and a savory cranberry chutney is ready to go...
  • The Stern German's wild turkey (not to be confused with the bourbon of the same name) is ready for the oven...
  • a regular-Joe turkey is also ready (because leftover turkey is the best!)
  • the pumpkin pies are cooling
  • the wine is chilling... 
  • and so am I!
We are bringing my parents to our home for Thanksgiving. My dad hasn't been here since his stroke nearly two years ago. And, it's been quite while since my mom has been here. She is excited to see my house and any changes we've made to the furnishings.

The Stern German built a ramp for the front steps... although my diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy of a dad insists he can walk up the 4-5 steps even though he's hasn't done that many steps in two years and he refused to practice going up any steps this week...

The Angsty Teen is ready to be engaging and charming for her grandparents.

Kati will be missed. Actually, she is already. But, I'm sure her Thanksgiving will be nice, too.

In advance, I'm thankful that...
  • no one will have shat their pants by day's end...
  • no one will have fallen getting in or out of the car... (A couple of years ago my mother fell walking past the car and kind of fell under it. It was tricky business to extricate her from the side quarter panel without running over her.)
  • conversation will have flowed as sweet and plentiful as the box of wine I have stashed in the basement fridge will have flowed into my hidden goblet in the kitchen.
Sometimes I don't like my life very much... but I do have a lot to be thankful for.... or for which to be thankful... sometimes it's easy to miss the forest for the trees... whatever that means.

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkeys, Baby!

When my kids and stepkids were little we used to make turkeys each year out of fudge striped cookies, chocolate cream drops, candy corn and frosting. They looked a little bit like turkeys... and they rarely stood up... and yet everyone loved them.

I had the great idea to make them this week with the residents at the place where my parents live. Thought I should probably do a practice run.

So, last night with The Grand Boys this is what we made:
Not a perfect head... maybe someone nibbled on it?

I replaced the chocolate candy.... thought of using a mini-Reese's, but thought it might not work... with Rice Krispie-type treats. I made a batch of rice cereal bars and scooped them onto parchment paper with a medium sized (vey well sprayed with non-stick spray!) scoop.

I also put a little brown food coloring into the marshmallow mixture.

Then the boys got to work with the frosting and candies...

Okay, well... the youngest one just got busy eating his cookies...

Now I'm off to make them with the geriatric group. 

Pretty sure the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, bind guy will just eat his cookies, too.

Friday, November 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

As I sit here writing about the five highlights of my week... I'm not so sure that all of these were high points... maybe some of them were... but some of them were just entertaining!

1. The Stern German survived his colonoscopy.
It's all behind him now... okay... I guess it was all along... butt... The best line of the day? When I gave him hand gel before he ate his snack in his little recovery room. I looked at the nurse and unwittingly stated, "I'm a little anal about germs."


2. The Angsty Teen survived a super-sized sneeze that brought her to her knees.
I heard the sneeze and a loud crashing sound... Thankfully she wasn't injured... but I did look longingly at that Corona box behind her. It has denote-able items it in. Dang.

3. The Grand Boys survived a painting adventure.
The Stern German was just as determined to keep the paint brush out of the youngest boy's mouth as the boy was to put it in his mouth. Who do you think won?
The bottom pic is a bit blurry... but, look... we made brown!
4. I survived my week of hauling people to various clinics and hospitals.
What did that entail? My geriatric mother's four doctor appointments, the morning-long procedure for the Stern German, and several trips with the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy to work out and to Walmart.
My reward!
5. I baked/made about 12 dozen Christmas treats in two hours! 

For my stepdaughter's photography mini-sessions this weekend, I made:

  • Sugar cookies with colorful sugared tops
  • Pretzels dipped in almond bark and sprinkled with colored sugar
  • Frosted mint brownie bites
  • Peanut butter fudge with marshmallows

I might have to try this closer to Christmas time for myself. I never do much Christmas baking... but... when I put my mind to it... I can git 'er done... apparently!

I seem to have survived another week. Hope you survived yours as well.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Big Day

The Angsty Teen showed me this stupid video several months ago. But I thought of it as I wrote this post...

Today is a big day. Well, not for me, thank you, Jesus. But it's a big day for the Stern German.

He is having his very first... drum roll please... colonoscopy! Woohoo!

I convinced him to change doctors... he's never really had a doctor until last year (probably a good idea to get one before you are 60!!!) and while I think his cardiologist from Mayo in Rochester is top notch... the regular doctor he ended up with in the neighboring town seemed to be a dud.

Excuse me? The patient's wife had to (finally) call to ask when you were ordering blood work that was supposed to have be done several months earlier? Not great.

So the Stern German went to see the nurse practitioner that the bariatric, geriatric, diabetic blind guy sees... Okay, yeah... he doesn't "see" him... but it's his care provider. Better? He seems quite thorough and capable to me... no, not the bariatric, geriatric, diabetic blind guy... the doctor!

Now we are here... It's the big day. Yesterday and again early this morning the Stern German drank as much as he could of the product called "Go Lightly" before he was gaggin'.

The Angsty Teen happened to walk by the bathroom while he was in there for the twelfth time last night.... and the Stern German let out a disgusting burp-y, barf-y noise.

The Angsty Teen hollered in to him, "Wrong end." That was helpful, to be sure.

Anyway, "Go Lightly" appears to a product on the market that is completely misnamed.

Other options? Well, let's see... Crap Constantly? Poop Persistently? Pooping in Perpetuum?  Voiding Veraciously? Rip 'em Repeatedly? Emptying Endlessly? Boweling for Dollars? Devotedly Dunging It? Earnest Excretions? Steadfast Stools? Crappin' 'til the Cows Come Home?

Well... there we go... any other ideas?

The good news? After all this is done the Stern German needs to have someone at home with him for the rest of the day. So I get to stay home!!

Except for my mom's appointment in the afternoon to get a cortisone shot... but that hardly counts.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Life

Yesterday is over.
That's good news. It was a day filled with stuff I needed to do for my parents including several medical appointments for my mom.

The day with my parents started with me running over to warm up their car then get my mother to the clinic for some lab work.

My parents don't live far from the clinic... Hey, this is Smalltown, USA... we all live close to everything.

I sat in the waiting area... well, ah... waiting... for my hard-of-hearing mother to get done with her lab work.

When my mom came out of the lab... she told me... well, she announced to me... and to anyone and everyone within earshot of the entire waiting room how it went... and since she used to be a nurse... she only uses correct verbiage for any and all medical situations...


I nodded my head and made soft, sympathetic noises (which I now realize she couldn't hear). I was grateful that we had gotten through this loud, grand announcement quite quickly.

But she wasn't done...


Yep, not done. And not one to give up... she loudly continued...


In my head I just kept thinking, "Please be done. Please be done. Please be done." Nope, still not done.


Oh, Beverly...

"BUT WHEN I STOOD UP THERE WAS A LOT OF URINE!!!" she finished happily.

This is why I drink.

Friday, November 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

It has been another crazy, crazy week. I'd like to think that next week will be a little better... but you know the definition of insanity... don't you? It's attributed to Albert Einstein.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   
Well, I guess that pretty much sums up my life and my outlook... dang... that's unfortunate.
Anyway... here are the five high lights of my week:
1. Kati's Jeopardy! Teachers Edition episode aired.
The Angsty Teen and I watched the show in the breakfast room where my parents live.
My dad couldn't see her... but he loved listening to her!
2. The Angsty Teen passed her driver's test. 
She has a license... to kill... or to get around town. (I've heard it both ways.)
No... none of these are her actual license pic.
3. In the past week I've made/cooked:
  • 12 dozen cupcakes for the Angsty Teen's birthday
  • 4 dozen more cupcakes for a brassline party
  • a 12 pound turkey
  • 4 dozen pork and/or bean and corn tamales (That was a lot of work... but so much fun!)
  • Risotto at the assisted living place where my parents live for a cooking class
  • Mummy hotdogs with The Grand Boys (hotdogs wrapped in crescent roll dough)
  • Carrot soup (Tasted great with Tandoori seasoning added to it!)
  • 4 ingredient g-free Peanut Butter Cookies with the middle of The Grand Boys
  • Wild rice soup (The Angsty Teen's fave.)
  • Pork roast 
  • Two angel food cakes from scratch
  • and probably a few more things I don't remember!
4. The Stern German was out of town for a few days... but now he's home.... 
At least when the dog barks at 4:30 a.m. (the Stern German's normal wake-up time) I don't have to deal with him! (The dog... or the Stern German! Woohoo!)

5. I'm going to get the he** out of Dodge for the weekend!
Gonna go visit one of my best friends who lives five hours away... I'm so excited!

Today I will have the middle of The Grand Boys for the morning... and then I'm heading out.

Let the weekend begin! Hope your weekend is as relaxing and fun as I think mine will be.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jeopardy! Today!

It's here... the day when Kati's on Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament! Woohoo!

See her? In the back? Standing next to ALEX TREBEK? Looking totally adorable?? That's her!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweet 16 Recap

Thanks to those of you who wished the Angsty Teen "Happy Sweet 16!" yesterday. She hasn't actually read that post yet... but she will...& maybe I'll let her thank you on the blog... then again? Maybe not.
So many red velvet and white cupcakes....
Here's a brief recap of that girl's big birthday weekend...

Thursday: Indoor Marching Band Concert
She had to be at school around 5:00 pm and left with me for home around 10:00 pm.

Friday: Indoor matinee and evening show
She was at school around 6:30 am.The band performed most of the Indoor show for the elementary/middle school students in our town in the morning.

The Angsty Teen had a full day of school... then she had to be back by 4:45 pm to get ready for the evening show. There was an "after" party and got she home around 1:00 am on Saturday.

Saturday: This was another full day.
The Angsty Teen slept in a little bit... but had to be at the high school for Science Olympiad by 9:00 am. She thinks she is a science fiend.. Don't you have to be a detail-oriented person to be good at that sort of thing???

Anyway... she was able to rest a bit Saturday afternoon... and she had to be back at school by 4:45 pm to prep for the last show.

After the show there was a party at the school for the whole band. I had baked more than ten dozen cupcakes for this event!
And a few frosting shots for those that can't have gluten...
After the party the Angsty Teen went to a nearby town with people from her section to eat at Perkin's.

She arrived home around 2:30 am Sunday morning. She slept in. I picked up the cake my mom had wanted me to order... and then we all had Sunday dinner with my parents. We do that most weeks.

My mom was soooo excited about the Angsty Teen's birthday... that she stood up... gave a little speech and led the entire dining room of over 25 people in singing Happy Birthday to the Angsty Teen.
The Stern German and my geriatric, bariatric, diabetic father aren't listening at all.
The Angsty Teen was looking gorgeous and being particularly sweet. The Stern German was being antagonistic toward the girl... a little bit...
And I was busy taking care of all of the details of the weekend for that girl.

Did she have a geat birthday weekend? Yes, I believe she did.

Sweet 16

Yesterday was a big day in the life of the Angsty Teen.
She turned 16! Sweet 16 and never been... kissed? Missed? Hmmm....

She says it's "Never been kissed." It's her story... she can tell it however she wants.

In honor of her joyful spirit and crazy personality, here is a small photo tribute to my baby... and, to quote Dr. Seuss:

“You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” 

Good luck on your driver's license test on Wednesday, Angsty Teen! I love you tremendously.

Friday, November 8, 2013

High Five for Friday

These are the top five things I survived this week...

I survived:

1. Having The Grand Boys here Monday...
This guy was a little out of sorts after being at daycare for most of the day and then with us for four hours... It was just too long of a day. And, yes, that is pizza sauce on his head.

2. Writing a letter of recommendation for this girl for the National Honor Society...
Her dad is an English teacher at the high school... probably my girls' favorite teacher... but knowing that he would read the letter made writing it a little stressful! (And, btw, he thought it was great! Woohoo!)

3. A week with the Angsty Teen and the Stern German...
 Sometimes that takes a lot of work...

4. My first attempt at making a Bahn Mi sandwich...
It was pretty tasty.
5.  The first night of Indoor... which is a larger than life indoor marching band show we do each year.
This is the brassline feature with lights in the horns... pretty sweet.
That means it was a late night... and now I'm going to bed. Friday I have the middle of The Grand Boys for the morning...  Gotta get my rest if I'm going to keep up with him!

Hope you had a good week!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hearing Fail

Yesterday I went to my parents' place to get my dad. I was going to take him to work out at the PT department at the hospital and then take him to Walmart. (All the while hoping upon hope that The Kit wouldn't be needed.)

I got there just as my mom was sitting down in the breakfast room getting ready to begin the chair aerobics dvd that someone was trying to get started on the dvd player. (She does this 2-3 times per week. Good for her!)

I went in and chatted with my mom for a few minutes. (And by "chatted" I mean I talked really, really loudly to her... and she answered me... really, really loudly.)

One of the ladies who was working on the tv/dvd player turned to my mom... who was way in the back of the room... and asked her if the video was loud enough for her. (At first my mom didn't hear her... so I told my mom that Wilma- what a great name- was asking if the dvd was loud enough for her.)

My mom said, "Yes, I can see it fine." (Um... mom? That's not what she asked you.)

The lady once more asked my mom about the volume... This time she asked, "Can you hear the video?" (My mom saw the lady was talking to her.. and so she answered...)

My mom replied, "No, you're not in my way." (Okay... you were really close that time, mom.)

As I chatted with my mom I commented on her sitting in the far back of the room. I knew in the sumer she sat back there under the air conditioner vent so it would cool her off. (My mom is hot...)

I said, "You are sitting awfully far back." My mom said, "I can't stand for the exercises that require standing." (What?? That doesn't have anything to do with what we're talking about... Well, that doesn't have anything to do with what I was talking about!)

I (You've heard the definition of insanity, right?) tried again... "Mom, there's no need to sit back under the vent... there's no cool air coming out of it this time of year."

She responded, "Oh, I don't mind cool air. The cooler the better."

This is why I drink...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today I was going through a bag of stuff I had stashed in a corner before I went on to California with the Angsty Teen and, after she left, Kati. And, I found a present.

I got to open a present!

Woohoo! I do like presents.

Well, I like presents that people put thought into choosing for me.

My girls do well with giving me gifts. The Stern German? Well, let's just say there is a bit of room for improvement.

So imagine my surprise when I found something in with my stuff that was rolled up in white packing paper and taped shut.

It wasn't beautifully wrapped...

But it was in my stuff... so I figured I could open it up:

What could it be?
I slowly unrolled it...
 What did I find?

Something I'd been wanting for a long, long time! 

Ceramic Asian spoons! Great colors too.
I burst out laughing because as soon as I saw them I vaguely remembered buying them at Pier1 a couple of days before my trip.