Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five for Friday

Once again... it's Friday. I just realized that it's my Half Birthday! Dang... that means I'm half way to  51! Bring it on.

Weeks fly by... and next thing you know... another month is gone.  Here are the highlights of my week... the last week of June.

1. Today we are going to harvest a few radishes...
My dad at his table top garden.                                                             I don't even like radishes... but... others do.
2. I don't think we need to worry about the Angsty Teen getting a Minor...
Kati and the Angsty Teen gave the Stern German some 12 year old Scotch for Father's Day. 
We went with Scotch Aversion Therapy for the teen...  Crushed it.

3. A Pinterest project turned out well for me!
That isn't usually how it goes...
Under the Sea supper!
Clearly, I was more thrilled with the end result than this guy was... Sorry, buddy...

4. I had fun with the Angsty Teen at the MOA (Mall of America)... & before that I got a haircut.
Good haircut... no makeup.
Great Happy Hour at Cadillac Ranch...
Cocktail/Lemonade and delicious apps
5. We had a fantastic supper last night.
So, so, so, so good...
I had made an Asparagus/Broccoli Tart earlier in the day. I reheated it and served it with a Caesar Salad and crusty French bread. Oh, and the Stern German and I split a bottle of  Simply Naked Chardonnay... so delicious! (Felt like a Food Network star... Well, not Paula Deen... but that's another story... )

 (And, yes, the Angsty Teen was totally grossed out by the name of the wine... well, she was especially grossed out when the Stern German pretended to take his shirt off and be "Simply Naked"... Glad I'm budgeting for therapy for her.)

Hope your week was good... or maybe better than good.

What are you doing this weekend? Wanna come over for supper? I'll make something delicious!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Second Half

Yesterday I shared the first half of an article entitled "22 Things You Should Never Do Again After 50".
Some of the ones in the first half I'm not so sure I agree with... Stop doing JELL-O shots? That's on my list of things to try... (And, yes, Stephanie... I'm sure you're right when you say that I will not-so-secretly love them... that's why I'm waiting to try them... This could be dangerous.)

Well, here's the last half of the 22 things I shouldn't do now that I'm over 50... and some of them are dumber than the ones on the first half of the list:

12. Xtreme bingo cruises. I think I could pass on that one anyway...

13. Collecting owls made of shells, frogs made of ceramic or lawn gnomes made of anything- really, really anything. I agree with that one... but I think it should apply to anyone under age 50, too.

14. Playing basketball in high heels. Not something I would try. But, since this list isn't just for women... that really makes me wonder...

15. Throwing a wet T-shirt contest. Throwing a wet nightshirt contest. Really? You think at age 50 I would have to purposely work to lose a wet T-shirt contest? The girls are hangin' lower every year... nobody wants to see that... Trust me.

16.  Getting publicly and verbally excited about the number of stamps in your passport, zeroes in your paycheck, capital letters before or after your name (unless they're H.R.H.), number of names on your phone favorites list, number of people you could have married, the size of your acreage... or the size of your... anything else. Okay, that's kind of a long...  and strange item on the list... Maybe they are just trying to tell you to contain your enthusiasm.

17. Explaining your personal role in the fact that your kids "never really got into any of that stuff..." Huh?

18. Explaining your personal role in the fact that your kids got into an Ivy League college. Okay...

19. Explaining your personal role in starting te rumor that Paul was dead. Wikipedia explained that one to me here.

20. Single-spacing your Christmas letter. I get this one! Well maybe there are two reasons: 1. No one wants to read a lot about your life.
21. The Dougie. I'm not a dancer. I wish I was... but growing up in a fundamentalist home... dancing was considered a major sin. 

22. Giving up ---- ever. I disagree. I think it's okay to give up sometimes... It's good to know when to call it quits at times... Thoughts?

That's the list... I'd better go cancel my entry into the Dougie Dance Off... Pretty sure the Angsty Teen never wants to watch me do that dance anyway...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

After Age 50

As much as I hate to admit it... I'm getting old.  Well, I knew that... but... I'm feeling old.

Somedays the aches I wake up with catch me off guard. Really? That body part hurts? That's new.

Not that I thought I wouldn't age... eventually... but... as time goes on... I realize that the time for getting old... is... um... now. Damn.

I've been getting mail from the AARP (American Association of Retired People) for a few months. (Hey... I'm not that old... yet.)
It was kind of funny when the Stern German started getting those letters about seven years ago... but... now? Not that funny.

Today I found an article online... and, no. AARP didn't email it to me.

It was entitled "22 Things You Should Never Do After 50"... and it was on the AARP website.

Before I even read the article... I started coming up with my own list...

Rollerblading? Skydiving? Riding a bike without a helmet? Eating a big, juicy steak? Bearing children?

Bearing children is definitely on my list of things NOT to do at my age...

Wonder what those folks at AARP think I shouldn't do...

Here's the link for the article. And, here's what they had to say:

1. Parkour. Pretty sure I can give that up... I don't even know what that is... 

2. JELL-O shots. Can't really give up JELL-O shots if I've never, ever had one, now... can I?
Guess my goal of things to do before I turn 51 is to actually make and try a JELL-O shot. And, Stephanie... from Bourbon & Glitter should probably show me how to do that.... Check this out.

3. Karaoke after midnight. I'm pretty much home well before midnight on any given night... no worries.

4. Karaoke after JELL-O shots. That actually sounds like fun... clearly, I should be walking away from that business.

5. Trying to break a plank with your head. I never wanted to try that even before I was 50...

6.  (Intentional) mud wrestling. Well, as fun as it sounds... um... no... it sounds awful... I don't think I would enjoy that... or the process of cleaning mud out of the crevices of my body... and since I'm a bit chubby, there are a lot of extra crevices.

7. Crowd surfing to the mosh pit. I haven't been to a lot of concerts... but crowd surfing never seemed all that appealing... Although it did look like fun at the end of Rat Race.

8. Joining the circus. Joining the ashram. The circus kind of scares me... Well, clowns kind of scare me... and the ashram? I don't know even what that is...

9. Drinking champagne from your son's girlfriend's shoe. Okay, well, I don't have a son... I do have a stepson... but he's married... he better not have a girlfriend.

10. Drinking champagne from your daughter's boyfriend's shoe. Who would think this was a good idea. Although a boy's shoe would hold a lot of champagne! Hey, Kati or Angsty Teen, any takers?

11. Drinking champagne from your own shoe. Why are these three things even on the list? Is this a real thing? Do people do this? Pretty sure my Keens wouldn't even hold champagne...

Well, that's enough for today. That's half of the list of "22 Things You Should Never Do After 50"...

I'll share the other eleven things with you another time.

What would you recommend I not do after the age of 50?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maybe... Tomorrow?

Thought maybe my pictures would "Bump" tonight... but I was wrong.
Thought I could just email them to myself... but doing one picture at a time is taking forever...

So, I remembered that this guy (His name was probably Martin... I think I have dealt with three guys at the Apple store at the Mall of America named Martin...) helped me figure out a way to upload (or is it download? No, it's probably upload...) pictures from my phone to my computer by attaching my phone to my computer with a cord.

I actually found the cord right away... that's kind of impressive. Well, I keep it in a basket right next to my chair in the living room... but I'm surprised it was where it was supposed to be!

So... here we go... I plugged it in... and nothing is happening.

I have an Apple computer... but an Android phone...

I know it isn't a simple process, but something should be happening...

This is tricky business... and it's not working for me... yet.

I'm pretty sure my phone is supposed to recognize that it is attached to the computer and ask about something... What does it ask me? Hmmm... I haven't done this for a few months...

I think it asks me something about USB something or another... maybe it will work in a few minutes... I know that it will work... I'm waiting... quite patiently, might I add, and... nothing.

Nothing, yet, either...

And, still... nothing.

I had a few...

Huh. I walked away from my computer for a minute or two... and have no idea what I was going to write.

"I had a few..." drinks? I wish.

Vacation plans? Hardly.

Thousand dollars saved up? Hahahaha. I'm hilarious.

Pretty sure this post is already long enough and I haven't even said anything...

Here's the picture I emailed myself tonight...
I snapped this picture at a funny angle... I took it over to Picmonkey and tried rotating it... but that was worse... oh well.

I do like the picture of my girls, Kati & the Angsty Teen, enjoying... or at least not hating... some sisterly bonding over their respective laptops... No one looks too annoyed with the other or too annoying yet. Must have been early on in the weekend!

No, it was a good weekend... it flew by quickly... and who knows? Someday, I might be able to show you pictures again...

But for the sake of health and wellness? Don't hold your breath... or, as one lady where my parents live said, "I got so tired from holding my breasts."

Yeah, don't hold those, either.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Weekend... But Not Really

It is Sunday night. Weekends seem to fly by...

Kati was home this weekend. It is always fun to see her.

Okay, this post isn't exactly going as smoothly as I had hoped it would...

I have tried "Bump"-ing photos to my computer six different times over the course of the night. Each time it shows on my phone that it was successful... but all three times my computer doesn't show the pictures.

I know I'm technology-challenged, but I don't think this is my fault. I sent the pictures to my computer the same exact way I always do. Well, I TRIED sending the pictures to my computer the same exact way I always do... but...

This is frustrating. Now I keep getting this message:

Hey, my screen shot worked... well, I mean, I was able to take the shot... sometimes that's a little tricky for me and my phone to get done...

I emailed this picture to myself... and it... finally... showed up... But I don't think I want to spend an hour sending one picture at a time to myself and waiting forever for them to show up in my inbox.

I have a headache... It's late... I'm tired...

And, the dog? The dog is, who is supposed to be quiet all night? That thing is barking like a crazed beast in the garage...  I just let him outside about fifteen minutes ago... but now that he's locked back up for the night... he's ticked off.

Everyone else in this house is sound asleep... I should be, too.

I think I'll try this again tomorrow... maybe I'll be able to tell you and show you pictures about my weekend then!

Right now? I've got to go deal with that &*#! dog. Oh, AND my box of wine is gone... this is definitely a sad, sad situation...

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Friday!

The past two weeks have been crazy with doctor/dentist appointments for various family members and me, workouts at the physical therapy department for my dad, and an ER visit for the Angsty Teen thrown in for good measure.

I've been to doctor and/or dentist offices 17 times in the past two weeks. No wonder I'm weary.

I'm glad this week is ending on a good note. Here's what's been or will be good:

1. Kati's coming home for the weekend!
The Angsty Teen and I are both pretty excited about this. I haven't seen that girl since April.
Well, this isn't a picture showing how excited she is to see us... but... we're pretending it is...
2. Two wonderful young women I know are getting married tomorrow!
a. Kate at Classy Living is marrying Walker in New Jersey.
b. Emily, who I've know since she was five, is marrying her high school sweetheart here in our town.

I wish them both a very special wedding day! (Keep calm... enjoy your day!)

3. We had quite a bit of time with The Grand Boys this week.
We saw them on Monday night for our usual time, Wednesday night to celebrate the Stern German's birthday/Father's Day, and last night for the oldest's first T-ball "game".

This was our GAK-making project. Remember that stuff??

4. The Angsty Teen has been quite pleasant and delightful this week.
Pretty sure she's  up to something....
5. I played this sweet word over two double word spots on Words With Friends... 113 points!
It has something to do with being a beneficiary...
I want to be one of those!
That sums up the highlights of my week... Well, there was some wine, a Corona or two, and some special lemonade thrown in there somewhere... Those were highlights as well! 

Also, today is Summer Solstice... not sure how to celebrate that one! 

I hope you have a great weekend!
xoxo Rebecca

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Earlier this week a girl that I was friends with in elementary school posted this picture on Facebook:
This picture was taken about 40 years ago. That's depressing.
It is a picture of four 3rd and 4th graders with our teacher. She was actually the best teacher I ever had.

Kind of an awful picture of me... I'm the tall kid in the back row next to the teacher. Not sure what I was doing... grimacing or something.

I was really tall. I'd kind of forgotten that I was that much taller than everyone else.

I was telling my mom about the picture. We started talking about the two new teachers at that school that year. My brother had the other new teacher. He was in 7th grade, his teacher was adorable, and all the junior high boys were in love with her.

That year my brother wrote an essay about going deer hunting with our dad and uncles up in northern Minnesota. He described how they all slept in a small hunting trailer... and that they had eaten beans for supper. He didn't think that was a very good combination...

Actually, my brother wrote "Unluckily we had eaten beans for supper."

His sweet, naive Christian school teacher who had just graduated from a nice, conservative Christian college crossed out the word "Unluckily" and wrote in "Unfortunately".

Apparently luck didn't have anything to do with it.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not a Great Day

Yesterday was a long day... a very difficult, long day.

By the time I got home after spending the morning with my geriatric parents... getting my mom to and from the dentist's office and my dad to physical therapy and Walmart... I was ready to be done with my day.

But, I had a dental appointment of my own. I had two fillings that needed to be redone. One of them was just four years old... don't they come with some sort of guarantee? Apparently, not. No guarantee... unless it's the guarantee of pain/discomfort and that I have to pay for the filling all over again.

Here's a brief run down on the appointment:

Went in with a headache Not a good way to start...
Numbed both sides of face Could you crank that needle around under the skin any more than you did?
Student-teaching situation with dental assistant - I'll get paid to train you... and even though you won't know what you're doing, you'll work for free on people who still pay me their full fees. Got it?
Waiting forever for dentist to come back... He's working four different rooms at once.
He sings... I'd forgotten that... Please don't sing along with the music in your office... especially right in my face...
More numbing
Dentist leaves
More waiting
Student teacher assistant person wants to chat with me
And chat with me and chat with me and chat with me and chat with me
More waiting
Splitting headache
More chatting
Dentist returns
Drill LOUD
Head pounding
Numbness wearing off on one side
Dentist tries to go faster to get it done while it is still somewhat numb More numbing would be a good idea...
More pain
Student teacher assistant needs a lot of guidance. Why is she practicing on me? Am I getting a price break here?
Taking forever
You get the idea...

That kind of sums up the whole dental experience. Then I went home to recuperate...

2:45 pm - Sat on porch... alone... with a cold drink.
2:47 Stern German asks if I want company. I do not.
2:48 Finally alone again.
2:50 Angsty Teen comes out to ask me a question.
2:52 Finally alone again.
2:53 Stern German comes out to put letter in the mailbox. Asks me questions.
2:55 Finally alone again.
2:57 Angsty Teen comes out to ask me questions.
2:58 Weed sprayer guy drives up. Seriously? I just want to sit quietly alone on my porch.
2:59 Ask weed sprayer guy if he has to spray today. He says he does. That's a pisser...
3:00  I leave the house and drive to a bench on a quiet spot on a lake.
3:02 Finally alone again. Just me and the pelicans... The other day someone said they were storks... ah, no. I wouldn't hang out with storks... they bring babies. Don't need that right now...
3:05 Three loud teens come down the path with fishing poles... Stop 20 feet from me.
3:06 So much screaming and laughing and... noise.
3:07 I'm able to block out the noise... somewhat
3:08 Know-it-all Homeschooling Mom brings two of her kids to fish right in front of me.
3:09 Decide it is too much work to try to have a little peace and quiet... so, I head home.

Well, there you have it... yesterday it felt like I couldn't catch a break. Wonder why I thought that...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Not Your Mother

FFF (Forced Family Fun) watching Duck Dynasty in the Man Cave
So, last Sunday was Father's Day... and in light of the spirit that has been pervading our home for the past two years on Mother's Day... I didn't really plan anything.

I wasn't really being ornery... just weary... and... well, maybe a little ornery... but mostly weary.

Here's how the day went:
Good food and more good food was consumed.
The Angsty Teen backed the Stern German's truck out of the garage
 so we could bond over Duck Dynast.y
We grilled and had supper with my parents. 

This year, just before Mother's Day, the Angsty Teen decided it would be a nice thing for her to try to save her dad from his... um... last of preparedness. The prior year was a disaster on his part.

She mentioned that Mother's Day was coming up... and was making sure he had a plan. "She's not my mother," said the Stern German.

This is true... and really, Kati and the Angsty Teen are capable enough to figure something out for me without their stepdad/dad, respectively, needing to help them.

But then... when the Angsty Teen pressed the matter a little more, she was told by the Stern German,"That's what she told me a couple years ago... that 'I'm not your mother!'"

Okay. That actually may have been something I uttered. But, I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the context of whether or not he needed to put effort into planning something for me for Mother's Day. It didn't have to be anything grandiose... just... well, something.

I'm thinking that sentence "I'm not your mother!" was probably uttered after something like this...

"Pick up your dirty underwear... after all..." ("I'm not your mother!")

Actually, in 17+ years of marriage to that man, I'm not sure I've ever had to pick up his dirty underwear. He's kind of good at taking care of his own things.

So, as I'm sitting here drawing a blank on why I would've uttered that sentence... I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Like I said... I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with the Stern German not having to do something for me to show his appreciation for all the parenting/step-parenting/grandparenting I do that enables him to have relationships with his children and grand children!

Any thoughts? What on earth would have preceded that statement of: "I'm not your mother!"?

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The weekend is over... I'm linking up with Kati and Kate to bring you:
Incorporating Color

The Good: The Angsty Teen woke up headache-free after a terrible headache/ER visit on Friday.

The Bad: The marching band had a parade competition after only three half days of practice with 20 new freshmen... not much time to learn to play AND march.
She figured out how to do the Band Hat Braid on herself...
Looking like a little Amish girl...
The Ugly: The Angsty Teen had to step out after marching two blocks. Those damn headaches...

Here's a few more things about my weekend.

The Good:  The Stern German and I survived planting nearly 40 hosta plants our neighbor gave us.
I love free stuff!
The Bad: Apparently these lines aren't as clear as they looked...
Maybe their handicapped tags are for mental handicaps...
The Ugly: This haircut. It's an older guy with a really long, curly mohawk. Not a good look.

We had a nice day on Father's Day... I'll tell you about that another time.

Hope your Monday is great. What am I saying? I hope my Monday is great!

Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five for Friday

I'm writing this late on Thursday night... I'm exhausted... I have heartburn... I may have had too many margaritas which cause the heartburn... and I'm glad I'm not traveling with my geriatric parents!

Hope your week has been good. Here are the best parts of my week...

1. The Angsty Teen discovered if she puts her ear buds in her nose sound comes out her mouth.
Probably not a skill that will earn her money in life... but who knows.

2. I made salsa with my salsa-making friend.

After the salsa was made...and the Angsty Teen and I were getting ready to leave...her friend decided to show off just how limber she is. Pretty sure the Angsty Teen's fingers are more limber than her friend's are just from eating snacks...

3. It was the Stern German's birthday and I didn't forget. (That's not the norm!)

June is just an odd time for a birthday in this family... because it''s soooo busy! But the Angsty Teen and the oldest Grand Boy decorated a chocolate cake spectacularly!  

4. My geriatric father's garden is growing... in spite of lousy weather!
We've averaged one day of sunshine each of the last three weeks...

5. The Angsty Teen was a great flag for her friend to use as a guide for her parallel parking!
                She was brave.                                    She was flipping me off..                          She directed a lost driver...
Oh, this girl can be so hilarious!

Hope your week was good enough...

Join me on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate to bring you:
Incorporating Color

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Back when I was in junior high... and on into high school...  I listened to my local FM radio station on my dad's old college radio... (You read about that last week on my Throwback Thursday post...)

The local radio station used to have prizes to give away... sometimes tickets, sometimes poinsettias -yeah, that was weird, and sometimes albums. If you are too young to know about such things... albums looked like this:
The only things I've used albums for the past 20 years is to decorate the library for the summer reading program. I hung them on bulletin boards and made bowls like this out of them to hold bookmarks:
When the DJ announced a prize for the tenth caller? I was running to the phone as fast as I could go.

I was pretty good at this business. I could dial, get a busy signal, hang up, dial again, be told I was the fourth caller, hang up, dial again... and be CALLER NUMBER 10!

One of the first albums I won was by KC and the Sunshine Band. I don't even think I had a way to play it until I bought a stereo to take to college.

Such great music... makes you want to dance... definitely good party music. (See, Stephanie, how I worked that in?)

Here are a couple songs from that album:

You've got to listen to this one for a bit... you'll probably recognize the song... but you've got to see the great costumes/suits that KC and his trumpeters are wearing.

And this one is pretty great (It's from Soul Train... I was never allowed to watch that business.):

As I was writing this post, I came across this version of "That's the Way... I Like It".

Watching this version.. it's a newer version... made me grimace. Poor KC... he's so old... and those dancers? Probably not even born yet when this song first came out!

These were always some fun songs... I'm thinking I'll create a KC & the Sunshine Band Pandora station to listen to while I clean up my kitchen... maybe it'll seem like a party...


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Smart Call

This isn't usually how I roll... - It's never too late to give up.

As humorous as the tweets were from yesterday's post... I realized that for the past week I haven't been sleeping well because I wake up thinking about this road trip with my geriatric parents.

I keep thinking of things we need to have with us... and I keep trying to plan out bathroom stops for about every 30 minutes of driving time...

Once you get to northern Minnesota it's normal to go an hour or more without finding any gas stations or civilization at all. But there are trees... lots and lots of trees...

I picture my geriatric father needing to use a bathroom... and there being none around. He's too old to stand and pee by the side of the road... and, besides, he would just get it all over his walker...

My mother would have to help him, because even though I can do a lot of things with gloves on... I don't want to have to put his ding dong in the jar...  Nasty business. Not touching the ding dong.

With my mom's unsteadiness and inability to stand for extended periods of time coupled with my dad's weakness in his legs along and his inability to see... I pictured trying to stop the car along the road, trying to find a level spot to get out, and having my mother try to assist me while I assist my dad...

I kind of visualize one or both of them tumbling into the ditch. (No pushing was involved, I swear.)

And then again, maybe my geriatric father needing to pee wouldn't have been the worse imaginable thing... - It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.

Also, I woke up in the night and said, "Bed rails."

My father has been totally dependent on a bed rail to get in and, especially, out of bed ever since his stroke. There was no way to bring a bed rail along...

So, after talking it out with the Stern German... I heeded the advice that Kati has been giving me for a few weeks.

I sat my parents down... and cancelled the trip.

I feel bad.

But I feel more relieved than anything.

After I told my parents, my dad got up and had to go to the bathroom. When he came back, we all talked about it for about  20 minutes... then he got up and had to go to the bathroom again.

Then we went to the clinic so he could work out in the physical therapy department... it's about a mile from their place... and as soon as we got there... he had to go to the bathroom AGAIN.

Three times in less than an hour. Made me realize that I probably made the right choice.

And I think my mom is somewhat glad to stay put. At some point in life, it's just a lot simpler to stay at home.

So, even though I won't have any good stories to tell you... or funny things to write about from a road trip with my geriatric parents... I will still have my sanity... well, as much as I ever had, anyway...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All Atwitter

The trip I've been planning on taking with my parents later this week is a major undertaking. It's about nine hours of driving time each way.... with lots of bathroom stops, miscommunication, and togetherness.

This is what I pictured my tweets being like if I could tweet while driving my parents up to northern Minnesota... 
  • Took my mom to afternoon dr appt. Got back to their place. Loaded car/people. #roadtrip #latestart #andtheyreoff
  • Wheelchair/2 walker/ suitcases, CPAP/H2O, snacks/meds, #TheKit w/extras, & perhaps a bit of vodka. #forgothearingaid #thisiswhyIdrink
  • Just left parents' place. Got hearing aid & lots of batteries. No wet pants yet. 1/180th of the way there. #almostthere #roadtrip #geriatricparents
  • Out of town! Travelled 5 minutes. 1/36 of the way there! #sofarsogood #arewethereyet 
  • Only doing 3 hours of drive time today... So, basically, we are 1/10 done for the day. #almostthere #yeahright
  • But for every 30-40 min of driving, we will be stopping for 20-30 minutes. #nevergettingthere
  • Two more miles down w/out incident. Now 1/9 of the way there! #noshattingyet #geriatricparents
  • Father remembers pocket of candy he nabbed as he wheeled through entryway where they live. After 2 min of futility he tries pulling it out w/teeth. #determination
  • Asks for help. Wrapper wet from saliva. #really? #nasty #yourediabetic #justsayno
  • Mom asked where friend of hers lived. Explained where from here. Had to repeat 3X. #whatsthatyousay #isithappyhour
  • Going through town where Kati & I always mock someone who lives there & is very #craycray. Now 1/6 way to our hotel. #almostthere
  • Been on road for 30 minutes. Time to stop... soon. The first planned stop is in 10 min. #canwemakeit #roadtrip
  • My dad asks how long til we r stopping... #notagoodsign Rethink plan. Can't back up on interstate, right? #wetterisnotbetter #damn
  • Zip off at exit I'm nearly past- cuz 10 min or 15 by time we stop car & get in...#mightbetoolate #crossyourlegs #ihatemylife
  • Raining now... stop at fast food place for bathrooms. Wheelchair/walkers unearthed. #TheKit at the ready. #racing #holdeverything 
  • Still only 1/6 of way to hotel. Already tired. Been on road for 30 min...#seemslikeforever #roadtrip
  • Dang. Bathroom assistance required. #glovingup #dreamvacay #wheresmyflask #butreally
  • Back to car. Loaded up chair/walkers. Still raining. Wet hair/shoulders/back... but dry pants 4 all. #winning #sofarsogood
  • Drive 10 more min. Talk about scenery/business/weather. Repeat most things.  Almost 1/4 of way for the day. #thatsall #nevergonnagetthere
  • Coming to town where my father bought numerous canoes over 50 years ago. He tells the story... again & remembers most details. #reminisce 
  • The stroke my dad had 1 1/2 years ago has def left its mark. Nice when he remembers his stories... even tho I've heard them #countlesstimes
  • Close to planned supper stop. Avoiding #rushhour. Nearly 1/3 of the way to hotel. #yay #longestdayever
  • Supper stop. Unload wheelchair/walkers & #TheKit. Bathroom stops 4 all. Food ordered/pop spilled. #stickysituation #wetpants #dang
  • Terse words spoken between parents. #bekind Wish Culver's had a bar. #dang #arewethereyet

Well, I think you get the picture. All of these situations happen on a scale of "occasionally" to "really, too often"...  Honestly.

Actually these tweets would probably be from a Best Case Scenario kind of trip... Well, from only the first 60 miles of a Best Case Scenario kind of trip, actually... Not sure we will ever get there...

I'm already tired. #dang

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It's Monday... time for me to line up with Kati and Kate to bring you the highlights and the low points of my weekend in:
Incorporating Color
So, let's get started:
The Good: The Angsty Teen figured out she didn't like spray whipped topping as much as she thought.
The Bad: She figured this out by letting me squirt it in her mouth...
The Ugly: She showed me the whipped cream... pretty sure the last picture is a more accurate depiction of her emotional state at the time of the aforementioned whipped cream activity...

The Good: I created a delicious Saturday brunch drink... (OJ, Mango Sorbet Vodka, & Diet Dew).
                  The Stern German and I did a landscaping project together and didn't kill each other.
                   I made delicious BBQ ribs for supper.
The Bad: We had a handbell choir at church on Sunday.
(Handbells are not my favorite things... but this was done by kids from our church so it was kind of cute.)
The Ugly: One little girl had a bell that wouldn't ring... but she kept trying.... Bonus points for perseverance.

That pretty much sums up my weekend...

I'm trying to figure out this trip I'm taking my parents on later this week... It seems overwhelming right now... and it will probably seem overwhelming the whole time we are gone... Dang...

Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I'm going to tell you the five highlights of my week... in no particular order:

1. The Stern German's been gone... so no big meals were cooked... thus, the kitchen has stayed a lot cleaner than normal.
  • Unfortunately, my geriatric parents and the Stern German's dog have all been a little more needy this week... 
  • One of those above-mentioned needy ones shat all over the garage floor...
2. The Angsty Teen had a quiet week... 

  • Except she's not really ever all that quiet...

  • Getting her motivated to help pick up stuff is so exhausting.
3. I didn't look as bad on Wednesday at 3:30 pm as I thought I would look.
  • I looked pretty bad all day... so at 3:30 when I took this picture... it was way better than expected.
4. Having the The Grand Boys here on Monday without the Stern German was pretty easy.
  1. This guy loves playing with his Spidey action figures.
  2. The Angsty Teen was on her game... It was great to tag-team those boys with her.
  3. Pretty sure this guy's practicing to lie on the beach and model something someday...
5. I was able to spend some time with friends this week!
  • Made Kashmiri Chicken with a friend...
  • Met another friend at my favorite place last night for some relaxing conversation...
That was my week! Hope you had a good week. Join me on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color