Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Understand

I haven't sat down and read blogs for a while. Well, actually... I haven't read many blogs for a very, very, very, very, very, very, long time.

Sorry about that...
Yep... I now have 696 blog posts to read... in all my spare time. Not sure when I'll get back on track with those.

My life is always somewhat crazy... I left town for a few days last week... and then I came back... to my crazy life...

On Sunday afternoon the Stern German said, "Wow. I'm exhausted after spending the morning with your parents."

Yeah, I know the feeling. Except that all he really did was:
  1. Drive to church with the Angsty Teen
  2. Save a row of seats in the back of the sanctuary.
  3. Unload my dad's walker and wheelchair.
  4. Push him into the building.
  5. Drive the Angsty Teen home for a bit. 
  6. Come join us for lunch.
My morning? Well.... I...
  1. Drove to my parents' place.
  2. Unloaded the small transport chair and put it in the entryway.
  3. Ran up to my parents' second floor apartment.
  4. Put used insulin syringes in the sharps container.
  5. Wiped up food from the linoleum.
  6. Helped my mom on with her jacket.
  7. Made sure my mom had her hearing aid.
  8. Helped my mom unload her walker with all the things she wouldn't need at church.
  9. Got my dad to the hallway.
  10. Put my bag on the back of his chair.
  11. Folded and handed him his walker.
  12. Wheeled him to the elevator.
  13. Wheeled him to the car.
  14. Unlocked the car.
  15. Moved the passenger side front seat forward so my dad had room to get into the car.
  16. Got his walker set up and got him in the car.
  17. Moved the passenger side front seat forward so my mom had room to get into the car.
  18. This included helping him push/twist/bend his legs/feet so he could get into the back seat.
  19. Got my Lands End diaper bag off of the back of his wheelchair.
  20. Manhandled his 40 pound wheelchair into the trunk.
  21. Folded his walker and creatively fit it into the trunk.
  22. Quickly slammed trunk closed so nothing could fall out.
  23. Helped my mom get into the front seat.
  24. Folder her rolling walker and got it into the car next to my dad.
  25. Got into the car, buckled up, proceeded out of the parking lot with caution.
  26. Drove to church.
  27. Nabbed the last available handicapped parking space at church.
  28. Got my mom's walker out of the car.
  29. Got my mom out of the car.
  30. At this point the Stern German unloaded my dad's walker and wheelchair. (See #3 on his list.)
  31. Moved the front passenger side seat forward so my dad had room to get out of the car.
  32. Got my bag on the back of the wheelchair.
  33. Locked the car.
  34. At this point I had to race my dad to the bathroom... He was acting like it was an emergency.
  35. Maneuvered the wheelchair through the door and into the handicapped stall in the women's bathroom.
  36. Made it! No arse wiping required... Bonus!
  37. Got him back in the chair.
  38. Maneuvered him out the door.
  39. Hand-gelled him up.
  40. Hand-gelled myself up as well.
  41. Pushed him to the sanctuary.
  42. Attended church.
  43. Said "hi" to a couple of people as they walked out.
  44. Looked for the Stern German who had gone off to talk to someone.
  45. Went looking for my mom's walker that the Stern German had stashed somewhere...
  46. It wasn't where he usually stashed it... so I kept looking.
  47. Finally found the walker.
  48. Took the walker in to my mom... Everyone else was leaving the sanctuary... kind of tricky.
  49. Got my bag on the back of the wheelchair.
  50. Checked with everyone over the age of 80 who was in my presence to see if they needed to stop at a bathroom on our way out.
  51. Convinced the elderly lady behind my dad that I wasn't asking her...
  52. Kept looking for the Stern German.
  53. Wheeled my dad out into the crowded foyer.
  54. Greeted the senior pastor and he chatted with my dad for a few minutes.
  55. Lost my mom.
  56. Found my mom out by the door.
  57. Asked if either of my parents needed to use the bathroom before we left. They assured me they didn't.
  58. Wheeled my dad to the car... slowly... so my mom could keep up.
  59. Unlocked the car. 
  60. Moved the passenger side front seat forward so my dad had more room to get into the car.
  61. Got out my dad's walker.
  62. Helped my dad into the car.
  63. This included helping him push/twist/bend his legs/feet so he could get into the back seat.
  64. Moved the passenger side front seat back so my mom had room to get into the car.
  65. Got my mom in the car.
  66. Put my bag in the car.
  67. Loaded my dad's 40 lb. wheelchair into the trunk.
  68. Folded his walker and creatively fit it into the trunk.
  69. Quickly slammed trunk closed so nothing could fall out.
  70. Helped my mom get into the front seat.
  71. Folder her rolling walker and got it into the car next to my dad.
  72. Got into the car, buckled up, proceeded out of the parking lot with caution.
  73. Since no one had needed to go to the bathroom ten minutes earlier, I suggested going for a drive.
  74. Was told everyone now needed to go to the bathroom... urgently, no less.
  75. Drove back to my parents' place.
  76. Got out my dad's walker.
  77. Lifted the 40 lb. wheelchair out of the trunk.
  78. Got my dad out of the backseat of the car... no small feat.
  79. Got my mom her walker.
  80. Got my bag out of the car and onto the back of the wheelchair.
  81. Shut all the doors and the trunk.
  82. Raced my dad in to go to the bathroom.
  83. He needed an arse wiping, but since we were back at his assisted living place, I got help for this!!
  84. Got him back into the wheelchair.
  85. Kept looking for the Angsty Teen and the Stern German.
  86. Took my dad outside to look at or garden while my mom went up to the apartment to get my dad's testing kit and insulin.
  87. The Angsty Teen and the Stern German joined us.
  88. We sat out on the front porch for a few minutes before lunch.
  89. We all sat down for lunch.
  90. I cleanup up the cherry pie filling all over my dad's hands... and his coffee cup... and his fork handle with at least three different wet wipes. He eats his dessert ASAP...
  91. Cut up my dad's food.
  92. Put creamer in my dad's coffee.
  93. Got up and got him a new cloth napkin... one that wasn't covered in what looked like blood.
  94. Got to eat my own lunch.
  95. Put my bag on the back of the wheelchair.
  96. Wheeled my dad back up to the elevator after lunch.
  97. Got him back to their apartment.
  98. Eventually left my parents' apartment.
  99. Grabbed my bag.
  100. Drove home.*
So, yeah... I can see why the Stern German was exhausted...

*Unfortunately this is by no means an exhaustive list... just an exhausting one.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Fine Day

Yesterday I got the Angsty Teen to marching band... on her crutches... I took my dad to work out and we did a little gardening together... then I continued to get ready for Kati and That Guy to visit!

The Angsty Teen got home from her morning of band and she did a lot of this:
 She did a little of this:
Icing the injured knee
The Stern German got home from work and did quite a bit of this:
And... I kept plugging away at what needed to be done:

  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap out of the kitchen
  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap out of the dining room  
  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap out of the living room
  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap away from the front door
Are you sensing a theme here? 

Then I got to make Spinach Artichoke Dip... and get the other snacks ready.

"We" were ready for Kati and That Guy when they got here.

We had Happy Hour on the porch... drinks and snacks. I think I forgot to take a picture of that...

Then we ran out to the oldest Grand Boy's Tball game... only the game didn't exist.
But everyone had fun taking turns racing with the Angsty Teen's crutches.

Then we went to supper at the best (read: only) good place in town.

The Angsty Teen likes her ketchup... so That Guy raced to all the nearby tables and gathered up extra supplies for her.
Yes, she gets American food here...
Then he raced to the not-so-nearby tables to gather more backup bottles.
She didn't run out of ketchup, so that's always a good thing...

We told the waiter that it was That Guy's birthday:
Sorry, Kati. I know you don't like to be photographed on that side.
It's the only picture I had of the sombrero... and Mike... and his bff Juan.
When we got home the Angsty Teen (I'm sure) impressed That Guy with her wrestling mask. I was just impressed that she could find it in her room...

Then Kati and That Guy left to go to his parents' home about 45 minutes away. I enjoyed having them here.

Here's some things I liked about him:

  • He ate my spinach artichoke dip and the Stern German's antelope sausage... without balking.
  • He drank the Stern German's beer... happily.
  • He was super engaging with the Angsty Teen... Things that she does/says that Kati would just roll her eyes at? He had fun with all that.
  • He, willingly, met the dog and didn't back down when the dog was a little cray cray.
So, in summation:
  • He plays well with others.
  • He appears to be housebroken.
  • He didn't jump up on anybody.
  • He likes treats.

Wait, maybe that's the dog...

All in all, a fine time was had by all... I think.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Advice for That Guy

Monday is a big day around here. We get to see Kati! Oh, and she's bringing The that what she calls him on her blog?... The Boy?... The Dude... Hmmmm... I'll have to check on this with her...

Anyway, That Guy is coming along with her... but really? I'm really excited to see Kati...

Don't get me wrong... it will be nice to meet That Guy... But, there are a few things he might need to know before he arrives on the scene... Except, I don't think he's a reader of this fine blog... but I'm okay with that...
1. Don't comment on my hair.
I already know it looks like poop... apparently. Yesterday my geriatric mother asked me how I was planning on wearing my hair when I met this guy.. I said, "Like this." pointing to my ponytail. She looked devastated. Her shoulders visibly slumped and her head dropped in disappointment.

Even at age 50 you can disappoint your mom.

She then went on to ask me if I was going to wear a little makeup... Thanks, mom.

2. Don't approach the old dog...
It's that whole "Let sleeping dogs lie.." thing. He's testy, kind of ornery, and he might bite... or maybe that's the Stern German. Sometimes I get those two confused.
3. Don't use the upstairs bathroom. 
Well, That Guy may use the bathroom, but he should always sit down... this is a girl house and, for whatever reason, the toilet seat won't stay up... I don't want him crushing his ding dong... I'm not ready to hear a pastor swear.

4. Keep the dining room curtains closed...
This is very important. (We have a Neighbor Who Watches Us... 'nuff said.)

5. Don't leave dirty underwear on the bathroom floor... 
Wait, that's advice for the Angsty Teen... But, it would probably apply here as well...

6. Don't open any closed doors...
There's probably a reason why they're closed... junk piles... dead bodies... I've heard it both ways.

7. The Stern German adds: Don't tick off the cook.
Clearly, The Stern German's a pro at this... Not at the not doing this... but at the doing this. Do as he says, not as he does.

8. And The Stern German adds this one: Compliment the cook.
If we eat out, he should just compliment me on my choice of restaurant... or on my great hair. Wait... no.

9. Don't make the Angsty Teen cry... 
Well, actually, I don't care so much about that... just don't do anything that causes her to injure herself more. This is turning out to be the year of astronomical medical bills... and we're not done yet... dang.
10. Don't forget to laugh at my witty repartee. 
I'm kind of funny...

At the moment... that's all I've got.  Kati and That Guy are only going to be here about three hours... so all should go well... I mean... seriously, what's not to like about this family?

Wish us luck... but, most importantly, wish That Guy luck...

Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It's sad... but I'm back home again. All good things must come to an end... Dang.

Here are the five highlights of my week:

1. I drove up to visit one of my very best friends at her camper at The Lake. 

2. I didn't wipe anyone's arse but my own for four whole days!
I think he thinks he's smiling... but he looks pained.
3. The Stern German got the stairway painted that leads up to the Angsty Teen's room. 
The walls/trim were already Mango Tango/Razzamatazzberry...
Now the stairs match all that.
I think we'd thought of painting the stairway about nine years ago... but... oops... kind of forgot over time. Plus, there's no way to paint it when the Angsty Teen is around... she would forget and walk all over that business.

4. I had my share of Jennies.

Raspberry vodka/7-up/lime wedges
Mix together in a tall glass with lots of ice. Delicious.

5. I learned how to pop a squat off the end of a boat... & how to swish afterwards...
very convenient...

Today is the last full day of having the Angsty Teen gone... she gets back Saturday evening. There's still been plenty of angst to go around... 

The Angsty Teen (aka The Concussed One) is coming home on crutches... from having injured her knee and she thinks she may have concussed her self again...

I need a Jenny.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

At the Lake

I am up at a friend's lake place. I might never come home. I was going to say, "Just kidding!"...but I'm not sure that I am...

Top 10 things about being here;
1. No one needs me.
2. I didn't even bring The Kit.
3. I get to spend time with a good friend.
4. There's lots of water and sunshine.
5. It's Happy Hour quite often...
6. See #5.
7. See #6.
8. See #7.
9. See #8.
10. See #9.

I'll include a couple pictures....and that is all I've got to say today!

...except for the fact that one of those pictures might be sideways...sorry!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Angsty Teen is out of town for a week on a missions trip through our church. (Not exactly sure how to punctuate that... missions? mission's? missions'?)
The Yellow House
The house actually looks kind of awful now... They repainted it... but the yellow they chose is more like mustard... and the green trim looks like pickle relish... Kind of unattractive.

The group flew out of Minneapolis on Saturday morning and had a two hour layover in Atlanta... which turned into a three hour layover due to a delayed flight... which turned into a four hour layover once the flight had been delayed again.

By the end of the trip... the layover had turned into a two hour layover plus a five hour delay due to a delayed/cancelled flight. Eventually, the group made it to New Orleans, LA (NOLA).

Since we are dealing with a lot of headaches due to her concussed state... I sent her a text on Sunday and asked her how her head was doing.

Here is her reply:

"I got no sleep. Someone is keeping a log of my meds for my headaches for me. I'm not allowed to have my phone. My tendonitis is really acting up and I can barely put weight on my knee.  I'm probably going to need to get some crutches."

Drama Queen. Really...

So, let's analyze this text, shall we?

"I got no sleep." Well, child of mine, that is a double negative... or as they said in Pitch Perfect... "That's a lot of negatives." So, I guess that means got a lot of sleep???

"Someone is keeping a log of my meds for my headaches for me." That is good news... that child pops ibuprofin and acetaminophen like candy... good to keep tabs on that business.

"I'm not allowed to have my phone." THANK YOU, JESUS!!!! I won't hear from her too much then...

"My tendonitis is really acting up." Huh, not even sure I knew you had tendonitis...

"I can barely put weight on my knee." Seriously? You were fine when you left home a day earlier...

"I'm probably going to need to get some crutches." That won't draw attention to you... much...

So. much. damn. drama. Always. Wherever she is... Whatever she does... It's kind of nice to have a mini-break from that...

But by the time you read this post... I will be out of town for a couple of days to visit a friend. And, apparently, I don't have to worry about whether or not I get cell phone reception... that girl isn't supposed to call me!

It's an answer to prayer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Can't Buy Me Love

The oldest two of The Grand Boys are having birthdays in a couple of weeks... on the same day. Guess my stepdaughter and her husband are good at celebrating getting done with harvest...

Anyway, the tricky thing about this is that the other two sets of grandparents buy those boys practically anything and everything. I never know what to give them... because they already have nearly everything... and I pretty much know that whatever I do get them won't be very impressive... compared to their other gifts.

Last year I gave the one that was turning three Stomp Rockets:

I thought they were pretty sweet... but the day of the actual birthday party... they weren't a hit.

Why? Well, probably because one of the other g-mas outspent us over 20:1... This is what she gave the oldest boy...

A perfect gift for a three year old... The boys do love their damn gator... and over time, the oldest boy seems to like his Stomp Rockets.

We just can't compete with those other grandparents.

Well, I guess we could compete... We would just rack up huge Visa bills in the process. So, I guess a more accurate statement would be that we are choosing not to compete with the other grandparents.

Now we are coming up to another birthday party for the two oldest of The Grand Boys. I may have figured out what to get them... but would welcome thoughts and suggestions...

The oldest boy will be four. I think we will get him this:
Perplexus Rookie
Have you ever seen a Perplexus? They are a circular maze... and you have to try to keep the ball rolling on the track and in the process you keep turning and spinning the ball.

Hey, Stephanie, there are harder ones... might be fun to do at a party sometime...

We had a Perplexus at the public library a few years ago... It was great for hand/eye coordination... and it kept kids quiet. 

For the boy who is turning two? I'm thinking of this from Melissa and Doug...
Latches Board
It's a Latches Board... all kinds of hinges and latches and clasps. I think it looks like a great choice... lots of fun... and it'll be a great quiet toy.

Here are a couple of other top contenders:


Melissa and Doug's Farm Sounds Blocks
There were a few other ideas I'd been keeping tabs on... but I think I will go with the two that I mentioned.

Even though these toys won't be appreciated much on the day of the party... I'd like to think that over the course of the next year... these gifts will eventually be played with and loved... I'm kind of a dreamer, apparently.

I would love to hear any thoughts you have about gifts for a two and four year old boy!

Oh, and The Grand Boy who is the youngest will turn one about a month later... Dang... now I've got to come up with a gift for him, too.

Friday, July 19, 2013

High Five for Friday

It's FRIday, FRIday... gotta get down on FRIday. Sorry... sometimes that song just pops into my head. But, it is Friday and that means I get to focus on five of the highlights of my week...

1. I made it out of town to my cooking class!
Delicious food, great conversation, and lots of laughter.
2. Training these junior graffiti artists was a lot of fun.

3. The Angsty Teen got an encouraging report from a neurologist about her headaches...
 and is still able to leave town for a week to go on a mission trip... yay!
He was so short... he really had to stretch to look in her eyes with the light... haha...
4. I think I found a shade of orange paint for my hallway... Harvest Moon from Benjamin Moore.
As I was writing down the name/maker... I was going to abbreviate Benjamin Moore... Those are some unfortunately initials...
I might buy the sample size jar if it's available or just a quart to make sure it works...
5. We have a quiet weekend in store... maybe... perhaps... never mind... forget I said that... I don't want to jinx it...

The Angsty Teen is leaving early Saturday to go to NOLA... to the place Kati wrote about yesterday.
This was a spring break trip with Kati... It's not Mardi Gras now.
I hope you have a great weekend. I haven't done any laundry since camp... so I have to get started on that... and I haven't gotten everything unpacked yet, either. That'll keep me busy for a while.

See you back here on Monday!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So Many Winners

Just perusing the news... and am impressed that there are so many winners out there.

No, not lottery winners... just winners... in the game of life. (Not to be confused with the game of Life... I always liked playing that game growing up... except I'm pretty sure my brother cheated...)
And, no, that's not my brother... but there is a resemblance.

Here are three examples of winning news stories:
1. "Man Accidentally Shoots Girlfriend While Aiming at Ex"
Yep, this guy sounds like a winner... well, maybe all the parties involved do...

Here's a portion of the article:
Police said the man's ex-girlfriend unexpectedly showed up at his house early Monday morning. The two argued and he grabbed a shotgun. But his current girlfriend got between them and was unintentionally shot in the chest.

Read more:

Moral of the story: If you date a loser... and he tries to shoot his ex-girlfriend... just let him.

2. "Woman Holding Baby Joins in Chuck E. Cheese Brawl"
Here's a bit of that story:
Video posted on YouTube recently shows moms at one Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Long Island fighting with the song, "Happy Birthday" playing in the background.  It shockingly shows one woman throwing punches while holding a baby.

Read more:

You could also watch a video of the brawl... but why on earth would you want to do that? Unless, of course, you know a lot of idiots in Long Island...

Because if that's the case, the police would probably like help to identify the involved parties. I don't know anyone in Long Island... If the story had taken place in Dallas? I'd probably know, heck, probably be related to some of the involved parties...

3. A not-so-interesting story about Anthony Weiner. 
Remember him? He's the guy who resigned from Congress because of a sexting scandal. I think he Tweeted photos of himself in his underwear... and then denied he did it. Eventually, he admitted to the deed. Pretty sure someone, somewhere recognized those tidy whities.

Now he's running for another political office... Mayor of NYC.

That's not what I expected... I thought he would run for president in 2016 along with Eric Holder who is the current Attorney General of the United States.

They would have a catchy name.... They would be the Weiner-Holder ticket... 'nuf said.


Obviously MARvelous

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Things

As I sit here on Tuesday morning, here are five things I'm looking forward to for Wednesday:

1. Having no doctors' appointments... for either the Angsty Teen or my geriatric parents.

2. Going to COOKING CLASS!
I had to miss last month... first one I've missed since I started going in January. Dang.

The product of the month is Wildtree Rodeo Rub... sounds like an affliction you get from sitting in the saddle too long... but I'm sure it will be delicious.

I've really liked all the other products we've cooked with over the past months.
3. Using a Groupon and/or Living Social deal.
Either picking up some steaks at a meat place south of Minneapolis and/or going... paddle boarding!!!
(I just think that sounds like fun... so I bought a deal to try it out.)

4. Getting a pedicure.
After spending hours and hours on my feet at camp... and acquiring nastified feet... (huh, apparently that's not a real word...) I plan on getting a pedicure up in the Twin Cities on my way to the class.

5. Stopping at _______. 
You could pretty much fill in the blank with any fun store: TJMaxx, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods... pretty much anything but Walmart... well, that's not true, but you get the idea.

Now it's Tuesday evening. 
Things sure can change in a few hours... here's the new, not-so-improved, list of things I get to do on Wednesday:

  • Spend the morning with my bariatric, geriatric, diabetic, blind dad... I was going to do that anyway...
  • Pick up the Angsty Teen just before lunch.
  • Eat lunch with the Angsty Teen and my parents.
  • Drop the Angsty Teen off at home.
  • Take my mother to a doctor's appointment in a neighboring town.
  • Get my mom back home.
  • Head out of town to the cooking class... about four hours later than originally planned.
  • Get stuck in major rush hour traffic... bummer.

Sometimes I don't love my life so much.

If you're a mom, you probably don't really get to make plans much either... There are just too many people depending on you... and plans are always needing to be changed.

Guess I should just tell my self to "Suck it up, Buttercup." and stop whining... But I could really use a pedicure... Oh, well...

Maybe if I just rub my rough, dry feet together they can exfoliate each other.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Junior Graffiti Artists

Oh, Pinterest... I love the way you showcase people's talents and skills.
I do not, however, love the way my stuff turns out.

Most anything I try to do that is crafty... fails. Even things that look pretty simple on Pinterest.

It's not that I'm not crafty... well, okay, maybe it is... I'd like to think that I'm creative, but not artistic.

Yesterday I saw a "pin" for homemade sidewalk paint. It looked great... easy... fun... plus, I had all the ingredients. I thought The Grand Boys would have fun with this when they were with us last night.

To read the post where I found this, click here.

Our paint was a little runny... both boys wanted to add in lots of water...  and our color wasn't very vibrant... but it kind of looked like paint.

There were too many mosquitoes in our yard so we went across the street to the school building.
Yep, the paint was a flyin'... all over hands, shirts, faces, hair, and... the school building. (Do you sense a little attitude in that last picture?)

I can just hear them when they are teens... "But, officer, our Gma let us paint buildings all the time!"

Hypothetical question: If your grand kids go to juvie  for something you've taught them... can you still get the Grandmother of the Year Award?

I probably shouldn't work on my acceptance speech yet.

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Happy Place

Saturday night was wonderful.

The Angsty Teen had plans and was gone for about six hours. In my head I had planned on going out for dinner with the Stern German... or going somewhere and doing something. I had all kinds of ideas... bike rides, movie, paddle boarding, canoeing...

But it turned out the Stern German had to work for four hours. So much for the hot date night.

Okay, now it was time for Plan B... After all, I would have about five hours to myself!

Wasn't sure what to do... there were so many options... almost too many options. Bike ride, movie, house project, house cleaning, shopping, pedicure, manicure...

I ended up spending the first two hours with my parents... It was fine, but now I only had three hours left.

I stopped at the store to pick up the ingredients for Spinach Artichoke Dip and I grabbed a movie.

The first thing I did after I got home was grab a glass of wine, my computer, and sit on my porch.

I was in my Happy Place.
It was a beautiful evening. Slightly breezy, so there weren't any mosquitoes.

And, it was peaceful... for the most part.

The kid on the bike, well, he's probably out of high school... so, he's not a kid, rode by the other direction by himself... singing... loudly... a show tune... and doing choreography with one arm as he steered his bike with his other arm...
He was pretty good. Clearly, he didn't see my on my porch.

A few minutes later he rode by the other direction with this kid. Apparently Bike Boy isn't as uninhibited when he is with his stocking-capped friend, Goth-like friend.

No more singing... bummer.

Then I went in the house, made the Spinach Artichoke Dip, and grabbed another glass of wine.
It was perfect.

A little later this girl walked by... she obviously didn't know that I was on my porch right behind her. She stood there for about five minutes talking on her phone.
Dusk was settling in on my Happy Place.
I turned on my pretty porch lights...
And stayed out there until 10:30 when the Stern German got home.

I never watched the movie... oh, dang... I still have to return that thing... I didn't accomplish any great home project or cleaning of any type... it was great.

It was a perfect evening in my Happy Place.

But then.. when I got up to go in the house, I knocked my pretty glass off the arm of the chair... and decided to wait until the light of day to clean it up.
Dang, it wasn't even the glass with the peeling paint...
Well, it was almost a perfect evening...

Friday, July 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

The Angsty Teen (aka The REALLY Angsty Teen by the time we finally got home...) and I got home from camp last night. The car is unpacked... but now the house is cluttered with our stuff that we will deal later today.

Here are the top five things I can think of that were great about my week:

1. The camp kitchen is air conditioned.
Pretty sure the meals wouldn't be too great if the kitchen didn't have AC!
2. I had good kitchen help.
Kati and I always do well together. Things went so smoothly!
3. I survived a visit from the state health inspector.
In the 13 years I've been at camp, he's never shown up when I've been there!
4. None of the camp meals made anyone sick... that's always a fleeting thought in the back of my mind.
5. I'm extremely grateful that we weren't in this accident on the way home.
That first semi is a FEDEX truck... lots of broken packages in there, I think...
We were just a couple miles behind it. Traffic was a little crazy while they got things sorted out. Two semis were involved... but not sure what happened. (Couldn't find anything out online either)

Those are some of the highlights of my week. Today I jump back into the real world. Dang.

I hope you have a great weekend... Hope I do too!