Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for Friday

Here in Minnesota this is the last weekend before school starts. It's been a pretty good week.

Here are the five highlights of the week and upcoming weekend:

1. I have this guy for over 24 hours starting today at noon... hopefully... it will go well...
I'm pretty sure one or both of us won't get much sleep.

2. The Angsty Teen doesn't have band all weekend... so she can help with The Grand Boy...
 and drive me places... 
... hopefully... not crazy...

3. In this hot, humid weather we made milkshakes a few times...
                                       ... and... yes, it brought all the boys to the yard.
The nunchucks are a nice touch...
4. I had a fantastic margarita and a new Mexican restaurant in a neighboring town:

AND I got a pedicure... finally! Been trying to do that for a couple of months.

5. Someone gave us gorgeous tomatoes from their garden... BLTs, anyone?
Once I survive having that baby here... I don't have much as far as plans for the weekend. I'm sure I'll be busy just doing life... and trying to recover.

Hope you get to spend the weekend doing things you enjoy with people you like!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday: She's Back

Do you remember my Throwback Thursday post from last week? Click here to read it...
She was all up in my business while I was going to the bathroom  yesterday....
Anyway... I shared this collage of pictures of the facial expressions the Angsty Teen could make before she had the lump removed from above her eyebrow...
Her procedure was a little over a week ago... and she hasn't been able to be too expressive with her facial features since then... and now... Sheeeeee's baaaaaack!

When I told her I was going to make shakes... milkshakes for supper tonight she put on her high pitched Ermegherd voice and started yelling. "No! No! I don't want all the boys to come to my yard. I don't. I don't. I don't want them to come to my yard, Sally." 

She kept saying things like this over and over as she nuzzled my neck... until it was uncomfortable... which was actually right away...
Then when I tried to get a picture of her standing up yelling at me in that voice all she could scream in that high pitched squealing voice was "Nooooooo!"

That definitely made for an attractive picture.

Moral of the story? She's back. oh, yay. There may not be enough vodka in the house for this business.

Also, you'd think she would want me to make her a milkshake... she doesn't know how to do it. I could teach her, but I'd have to charge...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Things I Despise

Yep, tying your shoes is a great idea...
After riding my bike around one of our two lakes this morning... this one is Clear Lake... or as we like to call it "Not-So-Clear Lake"... I have five things I'd like to share that tick me off on the bike trail:

1. Acorns. So glad I wasn't on Rollerblades. And when those suckers pelt you from the tree or maybe from the rotten youths throwing them at those passing by... they kind of hurt.

2. Walnuts. There's just a few but more are coming... Can't wait to get hit with one of those.

3. People who pass you silently. Always startles me. Just holla "On the left." or "On the right."... whatever your political persuasion might be...

4. People who walk side-by-side even when they know you are trying to go around them. Excuse me, did you not here me say, "On the right."??? Move... get out the way!

5. Canadian Geese. Hate. them. so. much. So much waddling and hissing... wait... that might've been me. 
Anyway... geese freak me out... especially when they have goslings with them (Ryan?). Mean... geese are so mean.
Maybe I need to bring an umbrella along next time. Pretty sure I'm not skilled enough to manage an umbrella on a bicycle...

Oh... and if there was a 5b? Poop on the trail. Dog... really? Pick that stuff up. Goose? Does this look like a bathroom? Well, I mean... apparently it does... Stupid geese...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not By the Hair of My...

When we were at the state fair on Sunday... the heat index (and I'm not exactly sure what that even is...) was 110 degrees. Wait... I do know what that means... It means it was damn hot... that's what it means.

Anyway, there were a lot of interesting folks at the fair... strange clothes... strange tattoos... strange haircuts.... Just a lot of strangeness in general.

I didn't snap any pictures any of the strangeness... because I didn't want to get pummeled. Plus, I see strange things right here in my hometown all the time.

Last week when I had the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy at Walmart... I saw this:
These two brothers were shopping with their mom and little sister... and they had interesting... ah... unique... ah... odd? haircuts.

Okay... so the little guy just had a wide, short Mohawk... his brother? His brother's hair cut just had strips on each side of where a Mohawk would've gone.
  1. I asked their mom if I could take their picture... she agreed.
  2. I asked the boys if they liked their haircuts... they did.
  3. I asked the mom if she got both haircuts for the price of one... she didn't.
  4. I wondered if the little sister had a unique, weird, odd haircut... she didn't.
Later in the week I saw this on Twitter:
Okay... those are freaking awful... wow... I actually have nothing else to say about that bowl-cut mullet.

Monday, August 26, 2013

State Fair By The Numbers

We spent most of yesterday going to/from and being at the Minnesota State Fair. The Angsty Teen's marching band was in the parade. It was a hot, hot, hot, humid day... but a fine time was had by all.
Here's a brief breakdown of our day at the fair:

FIVE... people in this picture.
The Angsty Teen was not pleased with her father when she saw he bombed her photo...

FOUR... people who were supposed to be in this picture!

So we retook the picture.
            ... and the number of beers in my flight.
Minnesota Brewers at their best.
THREE... is the number of times our band played their song along the parade route.
The Angsty Teen is the second one in... the one with the knee brace!
TWO... very delicious gyros.
I love gyros.
ONE... very long, hot day.
The Stern German's trying to look cheerful in spite of the heat and humidity. He looks like he's in pain
ZERO... the number of band members that passed out. They were able to wear shorts... no hot uniforms.

           ... and the number of times the Angsty Teen had to drop out of the parade!!!!
She did it... in spite of her concussed-ness and her knee. Yay!
Such a long, hot, sweaty day... but it was a good day.

Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Friday

Well, it's definitely been an interesting week. Here are the good/bad things that have happened:

Good: I did my Turbo Jam workout four times this week!
Bad: Sometimes I get really confused which remote/controller does what...
I thought I knew which one shut the tv off... I was wrong.
 I just left it on all morning and asked the Angsty Teen to shut it off when she woke up.
Good: The Angsty Teen's marching band had their fall preview last night.
Bad: The Stern German tried to be fun/funny... epic FAIL.
The Angsty Teen was not amused.
 But, the Angsty Teen was happy again.... just in time for a family photo op.
I look so short!
Good: I got to go up to the Twin Cities to my monthly cooking class!

Bad: My vehicle got rear-ended in rush hour traffic. Damn.
The damage was minimal... and I was still able to go to the class... so, that's good.

Good: The Angsty Teen survived her lump removal and went to band each night.
Bad Hilarious: These boys were standing on the corner doing the hula when I went to pick the Angsty Teen up from band one night.
When I pulled my car over and asked them if I could take a picture...
one of the boys said, "Do you know my parents?"
When I pulled my car over and asked if I could take a picture of them, one of the boys said, "Do you know my parents?"
I wanted to say, "Hey, dummy. It's a small town... Everyone knows everybody." But I just said, "I don't think so..."

Good: I made salsa and refrigerator pickles this week.
Bad: There's nothing bad about this.

That's what I did this week. What did you do that was good... and bad?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Angsty Teen Style

In the past few days I haven't quite finished the story of the Angsty Teen's eyebrow-area lump removal... and the rest of the story is pretty good... but I'll get to that another time.
Kind of a frightening picture... but do you like m orange paint swatch???
In honor of both Throwback Thursday and the Angsty Teen I am going to share with you facial expressions of hers from days gone by... well, from last week...

See, with her skin stitched up... she can't make any facial expressions other than... other than... basically no expression. It's kind of hilarious...

  • She can't do meaningful SnapChats with her friends 
  • She can't raise her eyebrows towards her marching band section leader in anger
  • She can't scowl at the Stern German... AND...
  • She can't even roll her eyes at me... not that she'd ever want to... okay, maybe...

Anyway, I digress...

Here's a collage of photos of the Angsty Teen from the week prior to her procedure. It's been pretty quiet around here this week... almost... dare I say... boring???
Needless to say... it is pretty hard to find a "normal" picture of this child...

And as Kati would say... the Angsty Teen's kind of nuckin' futz...

She can be quite entertaining though... as you can obviously see...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Rest of the Story

Yesterday I told you about taking the Angsty Teen in for a consultation for the lump above her eye.
She's had that thing since she was less than a year old... but she has always loved it... or something.

She's made comments like:
"No one is cutting into my face." Yeah, that does sound kind of awful.
"That lump is my friend." No, you always had your two imaginary friends to play with... remember?
"It shades my eye." What?
"I like it." Why?
"No one notices it." Wrong... Teachers have called me because they think you have a tumor.
"I don't want to look like Uncle Mark." Yeah, well... I can understand that one. 

The Stern German's brother had a lump removed from the top of his balding head by a doctor that wasn't a specialist... he now has a large divot in his head. So, that's unfortunate.
Ever have the feeling that you married the right brother?
The Angsty Teen has fought me on this lump removal for years and years and years... Well, I rarely brought it up the past few years because I knew what her reaction would be like.

Our family doctor thought we should go in for a consultation. At the beginning of the appointment the nurse was making small talk with the Angsty Teen... and the nurse said, "Have you had driver's training yet?"

The Angsty Teen hesitated for a few seconds and replied tentatively, "No?"
I looked at the teen and said, "She asked if you'd had driver's training yet."
"Oh," replied the Angsty Teen, "yes!"

Later I asked her what she thought the nurse had asked her... She thought she'd been asked if she'd had drug training yet. Right... because that's a real thing.

The Angsty Teen said- and when you read this... read it fast and kind of spastic... that's a lot how she speaks, "
I just didn't know what she was asking me. I thought she had said drug training... and I thought... well, I had DARE back in 5th grade... is she talking about DARE? I don't think she is... because that was a long time ago. I didn't know what she was asking me... I thought I'd better just say no."

Yeah...  "Just say 'NO!'"
Maybe that's enough of the story for today. Tomorrow? Throwback Thursday... Angsty Teen style.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crazy Day

Yesterday was an absolutely crazy day...
Between actually getting in a Turbo Jam workout... yay, me... (and if you've ever done one of these... you know how proud Chalene is of you!)

and getting the Angsty Teen to volleyball (No, she's not playing... between the concussed state and the knee injury from a few weeks ago... she's using her talents to help the team as their manager...)

and spending several hours with my diabetic, geriatric, bariatric dad who was kind of driving me nuts...

and making some chicken recipe that wasn't nearly as good as it was promised to be....

and baking a pan of brownies...

and doing dishes...

and doing a laundry

and picking up the house...

and pulling out toys for The Grand Boys

and getting the booster seats ready for the boys

and having The Grand Boys for a few hours...

and getting The Angsty Teen to marching band...

and feeding The Grand Boys...

and playing with them...

and reading to them...

and changing some diapers...

and cleaning up the table, chairs, boosters, high chair, and floor....

and the kitchen...

and making a few phone calls...

and picking The Angsty Teen up from band...

and taking her friend home...

and getting The Angsty Teen home...

the Angsty Teen had a doctor's appointment out of town. It was a consultation for her lump. Her lump. Her lovely... never mind.

But she has this lump.. above her left eyebrow... sometimes it's noticeable in pictures... sometimes not.

Sometimes it's there but unless you are looking for it, it goes unnoticed.

Yesterday I put up this picture of The Angsty Teen:
Whomp, there it is!

So, how did the consultation go? Well, fine... except they didn't think the appointment was for a consultation... they had a room ready to lop that sucker off.

The Angsty Teen wasn't quite ready to jump on that plan.

Tomorrow I'll tell you the rest of the story...

Monday, August 19, 2013

This Weekend...

What did I do this weekend? Well, I...

Made some good food...
Slow cooker chicken with as Asian cherry/apricot sauce and rice pilaf...
Had some great drinks and spent time on my porch...
  • Lime-a-Ritas
  • Jennys
Captain America looks kind of angry... The Stern German chose that glass...
Got some work done around here...
This is actually the Stern German's patio project... I got stuff done too... but didn't take any pictures!

And laughed a little bit!
The Angsty Teen was pretty hilarious this weekend... except for when she wasn't... but, on the whole, it was a nice weekend at our house.

Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Here are my five highlights of the week:

1. I donated a bunch of stuff to the band garage sale...
A. The Angsty Teen was somewhat helpful!
 B. When someone at the sale tried to sell me this... I resisted.
Them: How old is your youngest? She might like this piñata kit!
Me: Well, she never liked it enough in the last eight years to make it... that's why I donated it!

2. I spent a couple extra hours with the oldest and youngest of The Grand Boys yesterday.
They came in PJs while their mom took the middle boy to urgent care. I felt safe and protected...
Yes, his turtle shell is made out of a painted aluminum roaster.
3. I downloaded Candy Crush... 
... (I listened to Kati) on the tablet I bought (I listened to That Guy's advice to Kati)...
It's kind of a fun game...
It took me quite a while to figure out what the "jelly" was...
Old dog, new tricks, I guess...
4. I got to sit in a boat with some friends and watch this beautiful sunset the other night.
No, the boat's motor didn't work... we just tied the boat up to the dock and floated nearby.
So relaxing...
5. Kati has BIG news! 
Hint: It involves a guy...
Go to her blog to read about it... click here.


Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PT Cruising

So... a few weeks ago while the Angsty Teen was on a mission trip to New Orleans.. she hurt her knee. Not a big surprise. That girl gets hurt doing almost nothing.

And if I say that she is really good at doing almost nothing... you're able to figure out how this goes.

She didn't really seem to know how she got hurt... but mid-week I received a text from her that said we owed our church $45 for crutches. Either way I guess it will be tax deductible... under medical expenses or charitable donations.

Anyway, we finally got her in to see the knee doctor that she saw earlier this year when she hurt something-or-another in the same knee. After doing x-rays he was able to tell what was wrong with her... well, what was wrong with her knee... She has a tilted kneecap.

Not an uncommon thing in young folks... especially females... that's what he said. He gave the Angsty Teen an order for PT (physical therapy), and Monday she had her appointment.

This is the Angsty Teen walking down the hallway...
Point those toes out!
 and not walking down the hallway...
 This is her unamused face... you probably remember seeing that face on here before...
At home the Stern German rigged up a three pound weight for her... It was a big, old work boot of his with a bag of BBs wrapped in bubble wrap and strapped to the boot with duct tape.

Ankle weights... redneck style. And, yes, he even weighed it out... that's how he rolls.

Clearly, the Angsty Teen was impressed...
One little look can convey so much emotion....
Hey, Angsty Teen, you probably shouldn't ever play poker.

I think I'll work on my arm lifts while she does her exercises every day...

I will survive... right?