Friday, February 28, 2014

High Five for Friday

This isn't really a "High Five for Friday" post. It's been a chaotic week between the weather, life with my girls, and life with my geriatric parents.
View from my front door a week ago.
Yes, I love my mailbox!
I'm kind of tired… but not doing badly… just tired. Caught a little cold from one of my girls.. either Kati or the Angsty Teen… not sure which on. So glad I taught them how to share.

But, I found this poem on Pinterest… and it is pretty great. We, as women, have probably all been in relationships where we tried to change to please someone else...

So, to all the single ladies… You are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful.

Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five for Friday

It's been a good week… here are my five highlights:

1. We've watched a lot of the Winter Olympics.
Such grace, such style… but, Angsty Teen? You don't skate. In fact, just doing this… the Angsty Teen fell down… so pretty sure doing this on ice would causes permanent injury!

2. I was able to attend my monthly cooking class!
This is always one of the best parts of my month. One of the things we made was Spaghetti Carbonara.   
So good!

3. Presidents Day + a Snow Day + a 2 Hour Late Start= A Short, Short School Week
Who knows? Maybe school will be called off today too. There's a blizzard out there as I write this… so, maybe...
4. We've eaten some great food.
This Cheesy/Potato/Chicken/Bacon bake was delicious! We made it at my cooking class on Wednesday… and I made it for my family for supper on Thursday night.
The Stern German and the Angsty Teen DEVOURED this
5. The Stern German and I had a hot date at the boys' basketball game to watch the pep band!
I wrote about that earlier this week. (Read it here.) It was loud and it was fun.

Every time I look at this picture and see the height of the Angsty Teen compared to the height… or lack, thereof, of the junior high boy next to her… I just laugh out loud.

That's my week in review. Hope you had a good week, too. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow Day!

For two days we've had GORGEOUS weather. Well, gorgeous for Minnesota in February… 40 degrees… ABOVE ZERO! It's kind of a big deal.
This was the Angsty Teen when we had a sub-zero day and school was cancelled.
But for these same two days there's been murmuring and whispering about a HUGE storm headed this way. This storm is supposed to hit on Thursday… See?

It's not going to be super cold…  but, apparently the threat of the 5-8 inches of snow (which is preceded  with three hours of rain/sleet - also known as "wintry mix". "Wintry mix" is what stranded me overnight in Iowa last March… so, I'm definitely not a fan...) is enough to make the school districts in the area play it safe.

So… Thursday has been declared a Snow Day.

It'll be just me and the Angsty Teen…  together… all day… except for she doesn't really want to do anything with me. She just wants to veg on the couch in the basement and watch One Tree Hill.

I envisioned the two of us hanging out in the kitchen with our adorable aprons baking cookies together.

That is so not going to happen. Every time I try to get her in the kitchen to bake cookies, the Angsty Teen says, "I don't want to make the cookies. I just want to eat them."

Well, I definitely haven't raised her to allow anyone to force her to do something that she doesn't want to do.  I'd like to think that will be beneficial to her in life.

But for now, all my idealistic plans of spending quality mother/daughter time in the kitchen are not going to happen…

I'll let you know how the cookies turn out.
Obviously MARvelous

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Turn That Down

Last night was a home boys' basketball game… with our wonderful pep band playing:

There were some junior high band kids in the mix… so it was a really big band night.

Also, can you believe all the moving around? Didn't they know I was trying to take their picture from across the gym??
Oh, and the arrow on the right? That's how tall the Angsty Teen is. Compare that to the arrow on the left… that's how tall the little junior high boy is next to her!! Kind of hilarious.

Anyway… since there were quite a few extra kids in the band… they had a great sound.

Well… I thought they had a great sound.

This guy?

Not so much.

His wife wasn't impressed either…
But… they did make a cute couple:
 And… we won the game… in spite of having almost no one in the student section...
Guess they were all in the band!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Always Something

We've gotten quite a bit of snow in the past few days… probably 10 inches? Not sure… but a lot!

Today is supposed to be balmy… upwards of 40 degrees. So it's a great day to get the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy out of his building…

…except this is what their car looks like at the moment.
It's not terrible… but looks like more work than I want to be doing.

The guy that plows the driveway where my parents live does a terrible job. I'm surprised one of the geriatric residents hasn't fallen and broken a hip and sued them by now.

When my parents moved into the building they were told that someone would clean off the cars and move them when the guy plows… except that rarely happens.

Maybe, the "someone" they were referring to… was me! Damn. I should probably be getting paid for this… especially with how wet and heavy this snow is.

Well, I'm gonna get my tall winter boots on and start clearing a path to the driver's door… Hope I don't fall.

On the plus side, if I slip and fall and can't get up… there's always someone looking out their windows watching for something exciting to happen who could call for help.

Not really joking about that.

Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Hope you've had a good week… here are my highlights:

1. It's Valentine's Day and the Angsty Teen is home… no school.
Pretty sure she'll want to hang out with me… oh, wait…
Not even sure I remember what she was doing on the floor… She's a little crazy.
2. Got a rental car for $69 for a week… through Thrifty.  (They don't know I exist…)
I'd already booked it for $196… for a compact car. But rebooked it… I just saved over $125!!

3.  Really? Guys are skiing BACKWARDS!!! 
This Olympic event was crazy to watch… the mens' free slope? or free style? I don't know what it's called… but it was bizarre to watch. I didn't know that was possible...

Just heard them say "Men's Ski Slope Style"… whatever...

4. We had an amazing supper last night….
except maybe Chicken Caesar Salad isn't really a "man's meal"… again… whatever...
Oh, wahhhh.
This is the bread I made:
It was delicious.
5. I was able to talk to Kati a bunch yesterday. 
Always fun to get to chat with that girl.

Anyway… Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your day is special. Hope my day is special… don't think the Stern German has done a good job of getting ready for this day… but… I could be (would like to be) wrong.

Have a great day/weekend!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You Don't Need a Girlfriend

Last week I took my dad to the clinic. The person he doctors with thought that since my dad had been acting a little off… and not feeling all that great… and since his blood work/urinalysis came back fine… maybe the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy might have had a small stroke.

So… I took my dad in for a CT scan today. We drove to a town about 20 minutes away for his scan. 

(When you are traveling 20 minutes… getting a wheelchair… unloading the guy… getting him inside… parking the car… and racing back inside the hospital… that's a long time between bathrooms for a guy who has to pee every 20 minutes.)

Plus, before we left… he refused to go to the bathroom… "I don't have to go!" he angrily told my mom. Yeah, well… guess what? If you wait three minutes… that'll change...

We made it there and raced inside to the bathroom… and made it without incident. So, that was good… except there was an arse-wiping… so that's unfortunate...

We had some good… or... humorous conversation in the car.

These are the questions he asked me...

"Where are we going?"  "We're going to the hospital for an x-ray."

"Who are we going to see?" "We'll be seeing someone in radiology."

"What are they doing to me today?" "They are doing a CT scan of your head."

"What's a CT scan?" "It's an x-ray of your brain, kind of."

"Are they doing a scan of my brain to see if I still have any of it left?"

Okay, that was pretty funny.

On the drive back to his place we started talking about  a friend of his from a long, long time ago.  I went out with this guy's son in high school (ONCE) to a work Christmas dinner. 

The kid's name was Stan. My dad had always called him Stan the Man… and since about 1980 he has also called this guy Stepladder Stan… but that's another story.

Apparently, this friend of my dad's wife died a few years ago… and this is the conversation my dad and I had…

"I heard he has a girlfriend." "Really? When did his wife die?"

"I don't know exactly…. but, I think every guy needs a girlfriend." "I'm pretty sure you don't."

"Why not? He's older than I am!!!" my dad said indignantly.

My reply? "Well, I was kind of thinking you didn't need a girlfriend… BECAUSE YOU HAVE A WIFE!!!!"

"Oh, yeah…" he says sheepishly, "I forgot about her."

This is my life. This is why I drink. In fact, just writing this down has made me a little thirsty...

Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five for Friday

This week went by quickly. In fact, I haven't taken time to blog all week. Oh well… here are my high points:

1. The diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy helped me make Moroccan Lentil Soup.
The soup was delicious… but he didn't listen very well when I told him that I had put a clove of garlic on his cutting board for him to smell… I turned my back and next thing you know the garlic was gone!

2. It was Snow Week at our high school and the Angsty Teen had dress-up days all week.
On Monday a bunch of her friends along with the Angsty Teen all dressed up like puppies from 101 Dalmatians. (No, there weren't 101 of them… bummer.)
3. The Stern German and the Angsty Teen had their moments this week…
4. I took my mother to Walmart. 
She forgot her hearing aid… and she took off without me. It was an adventure.

5. We survived a couple different Forced Family Fun times.
Although the Angsty Teen just watched the Super Bowl commercials and spent the rest of the time on her phone… 
Can't blame her… awful game to watch!
Hope you are surviving your week! Have a great weekend.