Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Go, Gophers


I am a mega-fan of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

I didn't know that I was such a great fan… but… apparently, I am.

How did I discover this little-known fact?

Well, let me tell you… as succinctly as I can...

Yesterday I did something I've never done before. No, I didn't purchase Gopher clothing… or a Gopher window sticker for my car…

I done got my hair colored.

It's been colored before… but only by me. But I am going on a trip this weekend… and I wanted to look better than normal. (As if that is even possible… apparently…)

I went to a stylist whose work I've seen and liked. (That that was a good idea.) I had her color my hair all over and then do some subtle highlights.

Anyway, when she got done I thought everything looked great. I headed home. When I looked in the mirror in my bathroom… which had much better lighting… I was surprised at how purple-y, brown my hair was... and at how golden the highlights were.

I made a cocktail… and sat on the porch with the Stern German. He said it didn't look purple-y… and that the highlights weren't too golden… that it looked good. (But remember… he's the guy that says I look beautiful in the dim light… so…)

Then the Angsty Teen got home and joined us on the porch. Her first comment? Are you a Minnesota Vikings fan or a Minnesota Gophers fan?

Purple and gold??? Maroon and gold??? Upon closer inspection I'm going with maroon and gold.

Go, Gophers.

I'm going to go on Amazon and buy one of these to wear for the next few weeks...